Sunshine Coast Rehab is an advanced healthy facility catering to working men, allowing them to reconsider their drug use or drinking problem. The facility also gives them a platform to build camaraderie with other men experiencing similar issues and use this shared experience to gain more therapeutic value.

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The rehab strongly believes in dignity, excellence, transparency, and connection and uses these principles to provide treatment at all levels of care.

Why Choose Drug Rehab Sunshine Coast

The rehab provides plenty of reasons for individuals fighting substance use disorder to choose it over other similar treatment centers. These reasons include the following:

A Highly-Skilled Team

The rehab believes every client deserves treatment from a compassionate, curious, and highly skilled team of professionals. The treatment team at Sunshine Coast uses a different range of healthcare therapies to benefit the clients, such as Somatic Therapy, EMDR, and Hypnotherapy. Using its expertise and knowledge, the treatment team offers the services of a more extensive treatment center’s services while maintaining a small one’s attention and privacy.

Advanced and Specialized Care

Ever since 2004, the year Sunshine Coast Rehab came into being, its founders have been striving to provide specialized and advanced care to men. As a licensed addiction and mental health treatment center, its program has been accredited since 2012 and was added to the certified B Corp list in 2018. Its philosophy is based on the 12-step approach that interconnects all services, such as anger management, medical withdrawal, PTSD treatment, and trauma therapy.

Compassionate Care

Every member of the staff team at Sunshine Coast Rehab aims to treat human beings, not their addiction. The staff members believe it is impossible to reduce a person with an addiction to mere feelings, thoughts, or behaviors. The staff members also recognize that pathologizing addiction only leads to reinforcement of the stigma attached to it while disrupting the relationship with clients. Hence, they refuse to treat clients any differently than how they expect to get treatment.

Treatment Approach at Drug and Alcohol Rehab Sunshine Coast

The treatment approach at Sunshine Coast Rehab focuses on four different elements: physical, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects. It provides the following services that cover these aspects.

Medical and Psychiatry

Psychiatric and medical services include assessment, diagnosis, medication management, withdrawal management, ongoing monitoring, psychotropic drug therapy, and more. It also includes detailed assessments based on which experts develop individualized treatment plans.

Counseling Therapies

The counseling therapies at Sunshine Coast treatment facility help clients explore their perception of the world and how they fit into it. It also helps them set goals for personal growth and healing. The staff members delivering these therapies are well-versed in various techniques, like cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy.

Integrated Health

The Integrated Health team in Sunshine coast includes nutrition and fitness consultants for all clients and aims to closely work with them to create personalized treatment plans. As a part of integrated health plans, clients can also connect with occupational therapists and massage therapists as needed.

Community Connection

All clients at Sunshine Coast Rehab regularly go into the community with staff to engage in different activities, like attending movies, shopping, and enjoying annual events. This community connection also plays a role in long-term recovery.

Recreation Services

At Sunshine rehab, recreational services form an important part of treatment that encourage clients to focus on social and physical health side by side. Recreation also helps develop a long-term recovery plan.

Spiritual Support

Unlike most rehabs, Sunshine Coast does not believe in enforcing spiritual exploration. While the program can be beneficial, insisting it can only lead to client frustration. Hence, all spiritual activities are strictly voluntary and include one-to-one counseling, discussion groups, and transportation for local church attending.


Why does the treatment program at Sunshine Coast Rehab only accept men?

Many popular rehab centers run programs for both men and women together. While this may not be an issue for many, some males are particularly searching for gender-specific programs where they can open up and seek help with the presence of the opposite gender. Sunshine Coast Rehab aims to help such people get what they are looking for.

What does the non-12-step programming include?

The 12-step programs have been popular for a long time in treating addiction. Based on the Alcoholics Anonymous program, this twelve-step facilitation or TSF has been the only type of program available at addiction treatment centers. However, during the past two decades, growing evidence has revealed that TSF may not be effective for most addiction treatment seekers. Hence, Sunshine Coast Rehab uses a non-12-step approach different from TSF to help clients achieve recovery.

Does Sunshine Coast Rehab allow dogs?

Clients can bring their dogs along as long as they are registered service animals. The permission also depends on the availability of the pet-friendly apartment at the rehab, and additional cleaning charges will apply. All owners will be responsible for any injury or damage caused by their pets and will have to submit a deposit beforehand. The rehab reserves the right to deny the entry of any animal or pet on the premises and demand them to be removed from the unit if they cause any problems.

How long is the treatment plan at Sunshine Coast Rehab?

Once you are done with the detox process and are ready to start rehabilitation, Sunshine Coast Rehab encourages seeking treatment for at least 30 days. Research suggests that longer treatments yield better results; however, it may not be feasible for every client. Hence, clients can decide how long they can stay in a treatment program based on their family and work demands. If a client cannot stay beyond 30 days in treatment, the rehab strongly recommends continuing treatment on an outpatient basis for sustained results and recovery.

What will happen once I leave drug rehab Sunshine Coast?

The founders of Sunshine Coast understand how important it is for each client to engage in ongoing care, even after they return home after attending treatment. Hence, it offers an aftercare program with in-person coaching available through Zoom and phone. Additionally, it regularly conducts alumni events, arranges weekly support groups, and provides 24/7 support to everyone through text or phone. The cost of these aftercare services is already included in the cost of treatment.

What kind of recreational activities are available at alcohol and drug rehab Sunshine Coast?

Sunshine Coast Rehab offers a fitness and recreation schedule every afternoon and on the weekends. The schedule includes activities based on what most of the clients wish to participate in. For example, they may participate in yoga, pickleball, fishing, mountain biking, gym, cooking, sightseeing, or art classes.

  • Address 2174 Fleury Rd,
    Powell River, BC V8A 0H8