Freeman House Armidale is a platform catering to people suffering from the problems of addiction and homelessness. The program provides them with community-based and residential treatment and care depending on their circumstances. The services available at Freeman House can help these people before and after a crisis. Operated by St. Vincent de Paul Society, the facility is committed to providing treatment services of the highest quality that promote positivity and healthy changes in the lives of the people it treats.

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The common services available at the facility include creative programming, evidence-based case management, counseling, and other therapeutic interventions. Regardless of the type of these interventions, all of them aim to provide an environment conducive to healing and allow people to be in charge of their destinies.

Programs Available at Freeman House Armidale NSW

Mentioned below is a brief overview of all Armidale adult service programs:

Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation

The alcohol and drug rehabilitation program at Freeman House Armidale runs for varying time durations, depending on individual circumstances and the intensity of addictions. The minimum tenure is three months, whereas the maximum duration goes up to a year. Throughout the duration a client spends in this rehabilitative program, they reside onsite in special accommodations and fully and actively participate in various compulsive elements of their daily schedule. The schedule of this substance rehabilitation program comprises various features, such as the following:

  • Individual counseling
  • Case management
  • Mindfulness and meditation sessions
  • Music and art therapy
  • Group counseling
  • Physical activities, such as yoga, gym, and outings to local parks

Freeman House also holds multiple therapeutic groups, each of which aims to explore the individual feelings, behaviors, and thoughts of clients. Additionally, these programs provide education and support clients to develop various personal living skills. It is also a perfect opportunity to utilize for personal development and self-reflection. More recently, Freeman House Armidale has collaborated with the University of New England School of Rural Medicine and School of Health and Social Work to expand this drug and alcohol program along with its functioning capacity. The rehab also added new detox beds in the facility a few years back to cater to more clients at the same time.

Treatment for People Who are Homeless or at Risk of Homelessness

In addition to helping people break the cycle of addiction and adopt healthy life patterns, Freeman House Armidale also works with people who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless in the near future. For such people, the rehab has outreach case management programs available in the Armidale-Dumaresq, Local Government Area, specifically targeting men and men with accompanying children. For such people, Freeman rehab provides different services, such as assistance with advocacy and support, saving tenancies, or finding new ones.

Community-Based Support Programs

The case management programs at Freeman House Armidale also support people at risk of homelessness and give them a chance to keep their homes in the community. As a part of this service, the case managers employed by the rehab work with these people in a community setting to best support their financial, social, physical, and emotional needs. The drug and alcohol community support service offered by Freeman treatment center also provides all clients counseling, case management, advocacy, and an opportunity to participate in education groups and life skills. This service aims to extend clients’ support so that they can become more self-sufficient in addition to helping them seek education, find employment, improve confidence, and reconcile with all past issues. The ultimate goal is complete abstinence with a special emphasis on harm minimization.


This service is available at the Freeman detoxification unit, which includes four beds and accepts patients who admit themselves voluntarily to achieve recovery. The service is available for those wishing to detox from alcohol, amphetamines, opiates, benzodiazepines, cannabis or marijuana, and more. The detox unit is entirely smoke-free and provides assistance with nicotine addiction and patients who require it as they withdraw from other substances. However, keep in mind that this nicotine addiction assistance is not offered as a standalone program.

Mentioned below are some salient features of a detox program at Freeman House Armidale NSW:

  • Inpatient private accommodation that comes with a private bathroom, single bed with lining, balcony, air conditioning, television, desk and chair, and a wardrobe
  • Medically-supervised detox services, available from Monday to Friday
  • The availability of medical doctors to overlook the treatment process
  • Integration of clients into group programs as needed
  • Supervision of the entire treatment program by trained nurses with round-the-clock care
  • Referral to Freeman House rehab along with other appropriate rehabilitation programs upon completion

Who Can Join Freeman House Armidale?

Freeman Adult service is readily accessible for people at least 18 years old or above and experiencing drug or alcohol dependency, with or without the risk of homelessness. The treatment programs available to clients are both residential and community-based and target the following:

  • People experiencing severe drug and alcohol use issues
  • People whose home environments or social circumstances do not support their non-residential treatment attempts
  • People who have failed to recover from addiction through short-term treatments or non-residential programs
  • People who are leaving custodial settings
  • Aboriginal people who wish to remain in their locality to seek treatment instead of traveling to a different place
  • People who are currently homeless or are at risk of losing their home in the near future
  • People who are experiencing co-morbid mental health issues of substance use disorder


Where is Freeman House located?

Freeman House is currently working from Armidale in the New England region of NSW. It accepts clients from all parts of NSW and allows them to seek residential rehabilitation services. Those seeking community support mainly come from the local New England area.

Who can benefit the most from the services available at Freeman House Armidale?

Clients who enroll in the Freeman House programs report experiencing multiple benefits using its strength-based programs. The rehab reports that its services have helped reduce the number of people dependent on alcohol and drugs improved their psychosocial outcomes, and positively enhanced their connections within the community.

Can people volunteer at Freeman House Armidale?

Yes, Freeman House Armidale welcomes volunteers to participate in different aspects of the treatment center to make the client experience more pleasant and memorable.

What is the five-prong approach of Freeman House Armidale?

The five-prong approach helps clients who join Freeman House to overcome their alcohol and drug addictions. The five components of this approach include the following:

  • Individual treatment and case management
  • Cultural community reintegration
  • Living and recreation skills
  • Holistic healthcare
  • Group-based care and treatment

Do I need to have some kind of support once I finish detox at Freeman House?

Yes, having a support post-detox process is a requirement for entering this program. This support can be in the form of community-based counseling or rehabilitation programs.