Pacific Grove Hospital is a California-based acuter psychiatric and chemical dependency treatment provider. Operating from a 68-bed facility covering a 4.5-acre area in the heart of Riverside, this private hospital provides treatment to all individuals who seek admission voluntarily against their underlying chemical dependencies and mental health issues. All units under this hospital are self-contained and come with laundry facilities, private courtyards, semi-private rooms, and patient lounges.

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As a recipient of Federal financial assistance, Pacific Grove rehab does not deny benefits, exclude, or discriminate against any individual based on color, race, age, disability, or national origin. It extends all services and benefits to all individuals in supportive, nonjudgmental, and trigger-free environments to give patients the best shot at recovering and restarting a healthier and happier life from scratch.

Why Choose Pacific Grove Hospital Riverside?

Some key features of Pacific Grove Riverside mental health hospital may tempt people to join it.

A Whole-Person Approach

The team of experts at Pacific Grove Hospital provides a Whole Person Approach to every patient, enabling them to help them find healing and balance in all aspects of life. This approach also significantly increases the chances of long-term success by equipping all clients with the right tools to practice ongoing recovery.

Defined Goals and Missions

Pacific Grove Healthcare Center understands how courageous it is to enter treatment. Hence, it considers itself privileged when someone contacts them to be a facilitator of their healing process. With its 68-bed facility, it provides effective and comprehensive treatment for several issues, such as bipolar disorder, depression, addiction, and more. The rehab’s mission and goals are clear: to make its name as a treatment center that provides high-quality, compassionate, innovative care to all its patients and community members. To fulfill this mission, it helps all patients restore their health, renew their spirits, and acquire the necessary skills to live a better life.

Quality Care

All patients who enter Pacific Grove Hospital undergo life-transforming experiences due to the high quality of care the staff provides them. Moreover, the rehab also has many ongoing support programs that never make anyone feel alone or isolated. Even after the treatment ends, Pacific Grove keeps their clients close by offering them Alumni services for continued healing.

Pacific Grove Programs Overview

Pacific Grove psychiatric hospital in Riverside CA provides the following types of programs to its patients:

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

As a part of outpatient programs, PHP at Pacific Grove suits people who have recently finished an inpatient program and need to step down to a lower level of care. This program also serves those with a higher need for support but does not require constant monitoring. As a part of the partial hospitalization programs, clients receive up to six hours of therapy per day for five days a week. At the end of the treatment session, every day, they return to their home or an alternative residence according to their circumstances.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Intensive outpatient programs at Pacific Grove provide four hours of treatment per day for three days a week. Most people who join IOP find that this program’s schedule allows them to practice skills they have been learning about in therapy in real-life settings. The structure of an intensive outpatient program comes with flexibility and is ideal for clients who wish to maintain an independent lifestyle while healing.

Psychiatric Program

The psychiatric programs at Pacific Grove are designed to meet every individual wherever they are on their journey. These programs provide them the tools to achieve faster recovery and involve different levels of care to better adhere to individual needs. Depending on the type and level of care one opts for, a typical psychiatric treatment plan may include the following:

  • Basic medical care
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Medication management services
  • Detoxification services, in case of a co-occurring substance use disorder

Addiction Treatment Program

Pacific Grove Riverside addiction treatment program caters to people struggling with addictions to sedative-hypnotics, alcohol, opioids, and anxiolytics. The program includes different levels of care, including inpatient treatment, an intensive outpatient program, and a partial hospitalization program. The addiction specialists at the rehab usually conduct a pre-admission assessment to determine the most appropriate level of care for each individual.

Trauma- Exposed Professionals Treatment Program

The trauma-exposed professionals’ treatment program uses evidence-based practices to help specific groups, including military men, firemen, police officers, healthcare workers, first responders, and more.  These programs enable these communities to regain power, become more robust, and deal with life’s challenges better.


What are the criteria for admission to Pacific Grove Hospital?

One of the main goals of the admissions process at Pacific Grove is to determine whether it is the right place for anyone who seeks help. For this reason, every admission process involves a detailed assessment to determine the individual needs of every potential client. In general, an individual can benefit from Pacific Grove treatment if they:

  • are at least 18 years or older in age
  • pose a danger to themselves or others
  • suffer from a behavioral health condition or addiction
  • are medically stable and do not need acute medical help
  • are unable to function due to the underlying issue
  • require round-the-clock care to regain emotional stability

What is the process of admission at Pacific Grove?

Unlike many other treatment centers in the US, Pacific Grove Hospital does not overwhelm any client with multiple paperwork and procedures. The admissions specialist strives to collect all necessary documents and data as efficiently and smoothly as possible so the client can quickly begin their healing journey without delays. The staff members are always present to guide clients through the initial paperwork, including gathering demographic information and seeking copies of their identification and insurance. They may briefly enquire about the client’s medical history, current symptoms, and expectations from Pacific Grove. During this process, the client will have ample time and opportunities to ask any questions they have in mind regarding the programs or treatment at the hospital. If the admissions specialists feel like another facility might be more appropriate, they will make a referral to a trusted provider.

What should I bring with me to the Pacific Grove inpatient program?

Below is a list of all items you can bring to Pacific Grove Hospital:

  • All medications you are currently taking
  • At least two to three days of appropriate clothing

The hospital does not permit bringing illegal substances, pillows and blankets, animals, books, inappropriate clothing, weapons of any kind, jewelry, electronics, and any valuables.

  • Address 5900 Brockton Ave, Riverside, CA 92506, USA