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Bicycle Health is an integrated virtual medical and behavioral healthcare center catering to people with opioid addiction. Established in 2017, it runs under Ankit Gupta, who set it up after spending some time in an orthopedic facility to understand the use of opioids for pain management more closely. Ankit realized that opioids are overprescribed and widely under-managed in the United States. Moreover, he also found that the medication for treating opioid use disorder was severely lacking. These factors compelled him to set up Bicycle Health, which started with a single facility in Redwood City, California.

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Soon after establishing the physical treatment center, Ankit realized how his treatment facilities were not widely available to everyone in need. To make this happen, Bicycle Health soon launched its virtual care platform in 2020, in which it delivers affordable, empathetic, and individualized care at different levels. A typical program at this rehab includes medication management, support groups, and behavioral health treatment for comprehensive recovery.

At Bicycle Health, all patients download an app on their smartphones that allows them to connect with their healthcare providers through video conferencing calls. Several health coaches are available to help set up initial appointments with the medical providers and cater to any ongoing technology. This telehealth clinic is now serving over eighteen thousand people from 29 different states of the United States through its carefully managed addiction and detox programs.

Why Choose Bicycle Health Suboxone Clinic?

Following are some of the key highlights of joining the Bicycle Health clinic:

High Success Rate

As claimed by Bicycle Health, its success rate is almost 40 percent higher than that of in-person clinics. The detox programs at this facility typically last for seven days, and up to 95% of clients report having no withdrawal symptoms.

Accessible Care Team

Bicycle Health has employed various clinical support specialists that are available on all weekdays from 9 am to 7 pm to offer encouragement and guidance to all clients through text or phone.

Ease of Communication

With the fast telehealth services at Bicycle Health, clients can easily connect with their medical providers through online chat or video call without any travel or waiting times.

Hassle-Free Prescription Refills

Bicycle Health provides quick prescriptions over email to help clients get refills as soon as possible.

Online Support Groups

Bicycle Health offers online meetings to all its clients, providing a safe space to connect with others in recovery.

Bicycle Health Admission and Treatment Process

The admission and treatment process at Bicycle Health involves the following four steps:

Step One: A Quick Call

The process begins with an individual calling the rehab’s official telephone number. During this call, a representative will ask them about their situation and ensure that the program at Bicycle Health Suboxone Clinic suits their needs. All communications with the care team are completely private and judgment-free. The helpline is available 24/7, and the call is entirely free.

Step Two: Appointment

The next step involves showing up for an appointment with a provider through an online platform. This appointment is extremely convenient as it does not force individuals to take time off from work and travel to a clinic. The expert clinicians at Bicycle Health focus on treating the underlying opioid use disorder through a customized plan specifically directed individual needs of all patients.

Step Three: Beginning of Suboxone Treatment

If an individual and their provider decide suboxone is the appropriate treatment for the underlying addiction, treatment begins right away. The individual can pick up a prescription from a nearby pharmacy and start using it to withdraw and recover from opioid addiction slowly. In addition to suboxone, the rehab prescribes other comfort medications to ease withdrawal.

Step Four: Mind and Body Healing

With suboxone treatment and ongoing support from the medical provider, individuals can completely focus on healing their minds and body. To make the process user-friendly, Bicycle Health provides timely prescription refills, health coaching for improving behavioral health issues, and access to support groups for faster healing.


Where is Bicycle Health Suboxone Clinic operating from?

Bicycle Clinic provides its online services in Arizona, Connecticut, Colorado, Florida, Delaware, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Nebraska, Montana, Nevada, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oregon, North Dakota, Virginia, Vermont, Texas, Washington, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, and Wisconsin.

What will happen before my very first appointment for a medication-assisted treatment?

Before enrolling in the MAT program at Bicycle Health, you will connect with an enrollment coordinator who will answer all your queries and questions about the programs the rehab offers. Moreover, the coordinator will also ask you questions to ensure that the rehab is a good fit for your issue. You may need to work through some required forms for consent to treatment, payment, program policies, and directives for how the rehab handles its clients’ medical records. Following this, the coordinator will work with you to set an appointment on the same day if possible. They will direct you to download the application through which an addiction expert will connect with you for a video visit at the set time.

How long will it take to complete treatment with suboxone at Bicycle Health?

There is no fixed time for suboxone treatment that suits every client. The rehab generally suggests continuing treatment for at least six to nine months to safely manage addiction without a relapse. Others may require it for years before safely stopping it.

Why does Bicycle Health use Suboxone?

Suboxone is the drug of choice for safely getting off opioid addiction because of its high safety profile. The medication also has a lower risk for overdose and sedation than other drugs used in medication-assisted treatments. Moreover, the recommended effective dose for suboxone is well-known, and most clients can safely reach it within one to two days. Lastly, suboxone is easily accessible, and most licensed and trained medical providers can prescribe it in any treatment setting without federal regulations.

Will using suboxone cause addiction?

No, when taken as prescribed, suboxone is very unlikely to cause an addiction. The expert medical personnel at Bicycle Health ensures that each patient receives a safe amount of this replacement drug to effectively break through their opioid addiction without forming a dependence on suboxone.

What are the features of the addiction treatment program at Bicycle Health?

At Bicycle Health, a standard treatment program includes the following:

  • Confidential video and phone calls with a medical provider
  • Access to support groups from the comfort of home
  • Connection with licensed addiction-medicine-trained doctors online

Is Bicycle Health Legit?

Bicycle Health reviews reveal it to be a legit company trying to help people fighting opioid addiction gain quality treatment and care.

  • Address Bicycle Health serve patients all in online platform and its available in:

    Bicycle Health is currently available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.