Laguna Treatment Hospital is a California-based treatment center that uses evidence-based support services to help adults fighting drug addictions and other co-existing mental health disorders. The rehab is close to Los Angeles and San Diego, making it easier for all native Californians to access their treatment programs.

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The care team at Laguna includes experts from different fields who take patient care extremely seriously. The team comprises addiction treatment specialists, detox experts, and other medical and clinical staff who continuously work to ensure the highest quality of care for every client. As a part of the American Addiction Centers (AAC), Laguna rehab benefits from the collective intelligence of all treatment professionals who frequently meet to discuss new research and discuss best practices to serve each patient best.

Any client seeking long-term recovery can get in touch with Laguna beach treatment center, where a team of qualified, compassionate, caring clinicians, psychiatrists, social workers, nurses, psychologists, and therapists will be at their service. Each team member has years of experience in the mental health industry. They combine their expertise with other resources of the rehab to make Laguna Treatment Hospital one of the best premier rehabilitation centers in California.

Levels of Care at Laguna Beach Treatment Center

Laguna Treatment Hospital provides the following levels of care to its clients:


Laguna detox facility includes fully integrated residential treatment to allow all addicts a comprehensive and comfortable continuum of care. As the first licensed chemical dependency recovery hospital in its county, Laguna Treatment Hospital incorporates the following features into its treatment program:

  • Selective detox beds with EarlySense technology provide 24-hour monitoring to all clients
  • Medication-assisted therapy ensures every patient is comfortable and safe throughout the detox process
  • Maintenance medications, such as suboxone for opioid addicts, continue throughout the entire duration of treatment for an easier transition toward recovery.

All patients who enter Laguna Treatment Hospital consult with a medical specialist within 24 hours of joining to plan an individualized treatment plan. The staff members also assess every patient’s mental health and include any potentially beneficial therapies into their treatment plan for comprehensive recovery. The compassionate staff members in the Laguna detox unit have been helping patients manage multiple chronic diseases, such as high cholesterol, syphilis, HIV, diabetes, and more, while providing addiction detox services in the state of California.

Residential Addiction Treatment

The rehab proves the best inpatient treatment Laguna Niguel for clients who present with more severe addictions and require constant supervision for a safer and more comfortable recovery. The residential unit harbors an atmosphere where patients can comfortably immerse themselves in a recovery mindset as they continue to progress in treatment. The round-the-clock provision of staff members provides all guests with living skills and the support they need to handle the mental and physical issues related to their addiction.

Laguna Treatment Hospital also offers evidence-based, well-structured inpatient programs that help individuals address the negative thoughts and behaviors underlying their addictions. Moreover, these programs also teach them various relapse prevention skills and more. The hotel-like facility at Laguna rehab also maintains a calm and soothing environment where clients can focus on their prescribed treatment without distractions. All residents continue to participate in group and individual therapy while attending doctor’s appointments and 12-step meetings. They also get opportunities to participate in supplemental therapies and go through fixed daily schedules that allow them to spend equal time in treatment and recreation.

Aftercare Program

Aftercare or continuing care programs at Laguna Treatment Hospital serve as a step-down for residents who have successfully finished their treatment at the residential unit. These programs continue to provide follow-up care to all clients in a less intensive setting. Most aftercare programs include different elements, like sober living, group meetings, outpatient programming, individual counseling, family therapy, or a combination of all these programs.

Experts at Laguna Treatment Hospital realize how vital an aftercare program is for sustained addiction recovery, especially for clients with a higher risk of relapse and without a sound support system. Hence, it extends the aftercare services to everyone who is about to get discharged so that they can achieve the following benefits:

  • Maintenance of initial treatment
  • Connecting with the community sources and other support sources
  • Increasing self-management and self-confidence
  • Relapse prevention
  • Resolution of family issues arising from the effects of an underlying addiction
  • Addressing recovery issues, such as employment, housing, and learning to find joy in sober activities
  • Goal setting and achievement by identifying and removing any potential barriers
  • Understanding the physiological and psychological roots of addiction


What types of rooms are available at Laguna Treatment Hospital?

Laguna Treatment Hospital offers the following types of rooms to its clients seeking residential treatment: 

  • Standard double rooms with an option to upgrade to single occupancy for privacy. These rooms come with two double beds and a shared bathroom.
  • Fully furnished single room with a queen-sized bed and a private en-suite bathroom, a coffee maker and mini-fridge, and an option to get a TV for a small additional fee

What types of meals are available for residents at Laguna rehab?

Laguna Treatment Hospital has dedicated chefs who prepare daily cuisines in a cafeteria style. All meals are prepared using locally sourced ingredients and under the instructions of a dietitian who meets with all clients individually and help create a meal plan that best supports their recovery. The menu changes weekly as per the instructions of the dietitian and contains delicious and well-balanced meals. The chefs can also accommodate any dietary restrictions or food allergies as per client needs.

What type of recreational amenities are available at Laguna Treatment Hospital?

Laguna Beach Treatment Center provides the following amenities to its clients: 

  • A fitness center present on the first floor opens every day before and after the usual therapy times
  • Outdoor patios with dedicated smoking and non-smoking areas
  • Outdoor pool
  • Basketball court
  • Lounge rooms with games, TV, reading materials, and comfortable seats
  • Art therapy

Am I allowed to bring my laptop and cell phone to Laguna rehab?

Yes, all clients can bring their laptops and cell phones when they arrive for treatment. However, the staff members will take them away for the first five days of treatment. Once this blackout period is over, each client will get their electronics back and can use them during their free time. However, they must comply with the rehab’s cell phone and electronics policy.

Will I have an opportunity to leave the rehab temporarily during treatment?

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the staff team at Laguna Treatment Hospital has withdrawn all opportunities to provide off-site excursions. Clients must remain inside the treatment facility until they finish their treatment. However, those who have to attend mandatory appointments, such as court hearings and medical checkups, can leave with the help of their case managers.

  • Address 24552 Pacific Park Dr, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656, USA