Rehab Center of Beverly Hills is a popular addiction treatment rehabilitation center that effectively treats addictions and other mental health issues. The experts appointed by the rehab use empirically sound treatment modalities in dedicated, compassionate, and committed ways to contribute to lasting recovery for every patient. This California-based rehab aims to put the client’s recovery first and make it a pleasant, lasting, and unique experience.

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The addiction and emotional trauma treatment Beverly Hills follows a curriculum that allows clients to get sober as soon as possible while unearthing their core issues and learning new coping tools to address maladaptive and addictive behaviors. To help clients achieve their objectives, the rehab takes help from licensed staff members who use multiple treatment modalities to manage the client’s needs. Through various evidence-based therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and mindfulness, the residents at the Rehab Center of Beverly Hills can get to the heart of their issues and sort them out for years to come.

Services Available at Beverly Rehabilitation Specialty Care Center

The Rehab Center of Beverly Hills offers the following services to its clientele for easier and faster recovery:


Detoxification at this rehabilitation center Beverly Hills is the first and the most significant part of recovery. It indicates a time when an individual’s body and mind are learning to function without alcohol or drugs in their system. Detox is essential for every client before they can start therapy to quit substance use. The treatment center staff ensures that everyone passes through this stage quickly and as comfortably as possible. They may provide medications and emotional support to every client per their needs.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment at the rehab center of Beverly Hills typically lasts between 3o to 60 days but may extend depending on each client’s needs. During this time, clients stay at the rehab’s luxurious accommodations, where they get all amenities and facilities to make themselves feel at home. The rehab offers a spa-like setting to provide each resident with the best experience so that they can fully focus on therapy and recovery. Throughout a residential treatment program, clients take part in several therapy sessions individually and as a group, in addition to participating in nature-based activities in the beautiful and private landscape of the facility. The individualized therapies available at the rehab focus on addressing the root cause of addictions and on all co-occurring issues, such as depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Aftercare Program

Once clients are ready to leave the residential program, the Rehab Center of Beverly Hills provides them with a comprehensive aftercare program to ensure lasting recovery. The purpose of this program is to give clients extra support as they transition back into the world outside of rehab without risking a relapse. A typical aftercare plan includes outpatient counseling sessions, 12-Step programs, alumni programs, etc. The plan may look different for each client and primarily depends on their needs and requirements. The planning for an aftercare plan begins as soon as an individual enters a treatment program and takes place through collaboration between the patient and their primary therapist.

Sober Living Arrangements

The rehab has multiple sober living arrangements for clients who may not feel ready to live on their own in their private accommodations right after finishing residential treatments. These arrangements allow them to continue living in semi-supportive housing along with other people in recovery. The Beverly Hills sober living arrangements follow a structured approach to help their residents practice sober skills while living independently. Each client is also expected to participate in mandatory meetings and support groups throughout their duration, abstain from using drugs or alcohol, cooperate in performing random drug tests, and follow the rules of their sober living home.


How long can I stay in the Rehab Center of Beverly Hills?

A typical treatment program at the rehab usually lasts between 30 to 60 days. However, depending on each client’s unique needs and insurance coverage, the duration may vary to give them the best chance at recovery. To estimate this duration, an expert usually conducts an in-depth assessment to check the nature and gravity of a client’s addiction. People with chronic or severe addictions with one or more co-occurring disorders typically require longer treatments.

What will my stay look like at this addiction rehab in Beverly Hills?

A typical treatment program begins with an assessment to check the needs of each client. Depending on the assessment results, most clients begin with an inpatient detox treatment, during which they receive counseling along with medication-assisted therapy to free their bodies from the hold of substances safely. The multi-faceted approach that a detox team adopts ensures that every client gets through this painful phase with as much comfort as possible while minimizing the side effects of withdrawal. As soon as the detox phase concludes, patient transitions into residential treatment, where they participate in intensive therapy sessions and counseling in individual and group settings. They also participate in experiential therapies like art therapy, music therapy, breathwork therapy, etc., to ensure recovery. Apart from getting free from addictions, clients can also address co-occurring problems through specified dual diagnosis programs, such as depression treatment in Beverly Hills.

Will I have to stay on site all the time during treatment?

The decision to admit a patient to an inpatient or outpatient program depends on several factors, such as the nature and intensity of their addiction, their insurance coverage, and personal preferences. However, at the Rehab Center of Beverly Hills, the staff members encourage every client to stay onsite during treatment. However, if they prefer not to reside onsite for any reason, the rehab offers alternative arrangements, such as sober living homes.

Will my insurance be accepted?

Yes, the Rehab Center of Beverly Hills accepts specific insurance plans. It has highly trained insurance specialists as a part of its admissions team who can guide every client regarding their insurance benefits and verify their treatment coverage before they enroll in a treatment program. Get in touch with an admissions specialist today to check whether your insurance plan will cover the cost of treatment at this rehab.

Is there a rate list for services at the Rehab Center of Beverly Hills?

There is no fixed rate list for treatment services at the rehab. Because the facility offers highly customizable plans that experts design for each client individually, the treatment costs vary case-to-case basis.