Operating from Western Pennsylvania, Dream Life Recovery rehab is an exclusive addiction treatment center offering innovative, evidence-based treatment in a natural, peaceful setting. The care team ensures the maintenance of a comfortable, caring, and safe environment conducive to healing and recovery throughout the entire duration of treatment for every patient without discrimination.

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At DreamLife Recovery, the experts hold themselves to the highest standards while ensuring exceptional service and clinical excellence in every detail of their treatment programs. They provide each client with scientific, integrative, and proven treatments in a non-judgmental and supportive environment to improve the mental well-being of the local community. The staff members are highly experienced and compassionate and share the willingness to contribute to their client’s success, wellness, and good health.

The founders of DreamLife Recovery rehab ensured that the rehab provides them with the structure they need in a treatment program that makes their experience as comfortable and successful as possible. The highly-trained staff members also try their best to deliver an assortment of amenities and therapy experiences that demonstrate their superior level of commitment and service to each guest. The philosophy at DreamLife stems from using a program that combines the original 12-step model with the best practices of eastern spirituality and modern therapies. This integrative experience benefits the clients thoroughly and prepares them to lead productive and happy lives in sobriety.

Therapies Available at DreamLife Recovery Center

The expertly trained and highly experienced clinical team working at DreamLife Recovery provides different types of therapies to those recovering from alcohol and drug addictions. Below is a list of these evidence-based therapies guests can access to begin their healing journey.

Holistic Therapy

The founders of DreamLife Recovery PA believe that a successful addiction recovery process includes caring for the mind and body together. Hence, it routinely offers holistic therapy as a part of its conventional addiction treatment program, which includes activities like Reiki, yoga, and exercise therapy. The healing powers of these activities help the patients embrace them as a part of their therapy, and the highest level of personal service provided during these practices ensures tailored care.


Psychotherapy or talk therapy is one of the major components of treatment at DreamLife Recovery Donegal PA as it helps address several behavioral and health conditions with the help of trained therapists and counselors. As a part of this therapy, a trained professional conduct multiple sessions with the clients in individual, family, group, or couple setting and uses a broad range of techniques to address their underlying issues and concerns. DreamLife Recovery offers different types of psychotherapy to manage the full spectrum of needs that its clients present with during treatment. The rehab also has a team of therapists and clinical psychologists who work closely with every guest to determine which type of psychotherapy suits them the best. This ensures that all clients get the best treatment and leave all the tools they need to maintain sobriety for years after the program ends.

EMDR Inpatient Treatment

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) is a type of psychotherapy that DreamLife rehab offers to all its clients struggling with addictions secondary to post-traumatic stress disorder. EMDR works by allowing such people to look past their traumas and help them learn how to control their triggers and stop them from forcing the victim into addictive behaviors. This therapy typically takes place in an inpatient setting under the supervision of highly-trained staff members who ensure that the process is carried out smoothly and without complications.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is an ideal choice for talk therapy as it does not require many sessions to provide benefits to someone struggling with addiction. At DreamLife Recovery, the total number of CBT sessions that a guest requires depends on their individual needs but normally ranges from 5 to 20 sessions. Since the length of stay is also adapted for each client separately, it makes CBT a good option to help them learn new and healthier coping mechanisms. This therapy helps clients struggling with addictions replace their destructive thoughts and patterns with healthier ones to facilitate recovery. CBT also guides these clients to realize the thoughts that promote their abuse-related behaviors and allow them to change. It also works equally well for people fighting addictions with co-occurring disorders. As a part of this therapy, experts at DreamLife also help clients learn how to prevent high-risk situations while monitoring their cravings and actions and keeping them on the healthier side through strategies learned in the rehab.


Where is DreamLife treatment center located?

DreamLife Recovery Center is currently operating from western Pennsylvania in the city of Donegal, which is situated within 50 miles of Pittsburgh. Those who arrive in the city by air can choose to land at the Pittsburg International Airport. Others may choose Arnold Palmer Regional Airport, which is only 15 miles away from the facility.

How can I reach DreamLife Recovery?

All guests at DreamLife are welcome to drive their vehicles to the facility. They will have enough parking space to keep their car safe throughout treatment. Those who cannot drive independently can contact the rehab staff, who can provide further assistance with travel planning.

Which addictions does Dream Life Rehab treat?

The professional and highly experienced staff at DreamLife Recovery Center has expertise in helping people suffering from addictions to stimulants, heroin, alcohol, prescription opiates, and more. Additionally, people experiencing multiple addictions together can receive specialized treatment and care at this rehab.

What kind of activities will I get access to at DreamLife?

DreamLife Recovery is located in the western Pennsylvania city of Donegal, less than 50 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Those arriving in the city by air travel can fly to the Pittsburg International Airport, which is around the same distance from the facility as the center city of Pittsburgh. The Arnold Palmer Regional Airport is also just 15 miles away from the DreamLife Recovery facility in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

People who choose to stay at DreamLife recovery will get an opportunity to experience the wondrous nature that western Pennsylvania offers. They are free to explore the spectacular scenery of the surrounding areas through adventure therapy programmes or take part in reiki or yoga classes while seeking addiction treatment side by side.

Does DreamLife Recovery PA accept insurance?

Yes, DreamLife Recovery accepts multiple insurance coverage plans, such as Cigna, Aetna, BlueCross BlueShield, United Healthcare, and Humana.

Does DreamLife possess any professional accreditation?

Yes, DreamLife Recovery Center holds an accreditation from the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval in addition to approvals from the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, the NAADAC, and the PA Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. LegitScript also certifies this rehab as an authentic treatment center for substance use disorders.

Can I bring my cat with me to the rehab?

Fortunately, DreamLife Recovery is one of the few pet-friendly rehabs and welcomes its guests and their pets for the entire duration of treatment.

  • Address 212 Snyder Road Donegal, PA, US 15628.