The Barry Robinson Center is a well-known treatment center that provides residential, outpatient, and foster care services to needy children and teens. The dedicated team of professionals at this rehab works together to provide all participants with a supportive and nurturing environment where they can easily reach their treatment goals. Operating from Norfolk, Virginia, the rehab ensures the security and safety of each of its residents with comfortable living areas, dining halls, classrooms, and many other recreational facilities. The caseworkers and clinicians work closely with each family to provide them with the best possible resources, support, and treatment.

What The Barry Robinson Center Offers

The scope of services available at The Barry Robinson Center revolves around the following three domains:

Residential Program

Before a child enters the residential treatment program at The Barry Robinson Center, the admissions team ensures that they are a good fit for them. If not, they recommend other resources within a community setting to them. From the first day of residential treatment, the care team is constantly invested in discharging the child back to their family, school, and community while ensuring that this transition is smooth and takes place when the parents are ready.

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The average stay at The Barry Robinson CenterVirgina Beach residential wing is around 6 months in a well-structured campus. All residents spend their days with compassionate and trained staff members, including therapists, residential coaches, and teachers, who care about these residents and focus on providing them with supportive care.

All residents stay in dorms that are decorated according to their age groups with colorful murals and comfortable common areas with lots of group activities. The facility has no uniforms and encourages everyone to bring their bedding and clothes.

Outpatient Programs

When a child or teenager requires behavioral or mental health support, it usually involves the participation of an entire family. The team members at The Barry Robinson Center are dedicated to helping these families improve their children’s lives by collaborating with them as a unit and supporting them develop, meet, and maintain their goals. The clinicians in this rehab share decade of experience and have received specialized training in parent-child interaction therapy, trauma-focused CBT, play therapy, and other treatment methods. These therapies are provided in a safe, empathetic, and supportive outpatient setting where the children and their families work on issues related to:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Social relationships
  • Behavior challenges
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Impulse control
  • Attention & hyperactivity
  • Self-esteem
  • Family transitions
  • Parent-child relationships

Foster Care

The Barry Robinson Foster Care Programs have been running for more than two decades to provide foster parent training and care to interested individuals and children in need. When a situation arises where a child needs to be away from their biological family, the rehab places them with a suitable nurturing, and loving foster parent until the child is stable enough to return home. When returning home is not an option, the treatment facility also assists the foster family through an adoption process.

As each child and situation are different, the staff members at The Barry Robinson Center take time to know their background and individual family situation. It then works closely with the foster parents to ensure a right fit between them and the child. Foster parents also receive extensive training from staff members to learn how to best support children and their developmental needs. By ensuring a safe and supportive family structure, foster families can give these children and teens an environment where they can grow and develop normally.

In addition to training, the rehab also provides 24/7 support to all foster families. The foster care team at The Barry Robinson Center includes counselors, dietitians, therapists, and physicians who are available as and when required.


Who can refer a child to a residential program?

The Barry Robinson Center accepts referrals from parents, clinical providers, and legal guardians of children for residential programs as long as they are supported by a recommendation from a licensed clinical professional. The admission staff at the rehab closely works with all people involved in referrals to determine if the child can benefit from inpatient treatment at this facility.

Does The Barry Robinson Center accept insurance?

Yes, the rehab is a TRICARE-approved facility and accepts most commercial insurance. It also works with TRICARE East, TRICARE SOS, TRICARE West, TRICARE Prime and Select, and Medicaid for Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia.

How long will I wait for a decision for admission at Robinson rehab?

In general, the staff members may take up to two hours to confirm admission to the rehab. If the admission requires coordinating with insurance providers, the process may extend to two days. The staff members have good connections with multiple insurance providers and can smoothly help with the verification process.

Which geographical areas does Barry Robinson residential treatment center serve?

The residential treatment program at The Barry Robinson Center accepts children from all over the world. It has provided treatment and care to children and teens from more than three dozen U.S. states and those stationed outside of the country, like in Asia or Europe.

How can families stay connected with their children during treatment?

Family therapy forms a vital part of treatment at The Barry Robinson Center. For this therapy, parents may visit the treatment center at any time or call the team to speak with their child. Remember that to schedule a visit or call; they need to work with the unit managers and therapists.

What does The Barry Robinson Center treat?

The Barry Robinson Center treats children and teenagers suffering from a wide range of mental health issues, including that depression, bipolar, PTSD, anxiety, ADHD, and more. It also caters to those on the autism spectrum as long as they are verbal and able to complete the activities needed for daily living independently.

How can I become a foster parent through The Barry Robinson Center?

Anyone over the age of 25 years can apply to become a foster parent at The Barry Robinson Center. Foster parents can be working or retired, a homeowner or living on rent, and single or married.

What is the process of becoming a foster parent through Barry Robinson rehab?

Anyone interested in becoming a foster parent must complete an application form followed by an interview that helps the facility learn more about them, their interest in foster care, their family, and the types of children they would welcome to their home. The rehab also conducts home studies involving at least three visits to the applicant’s home and requests for criminal background checks, health and financial statements, references, and home inspections.

  • Address 443 Kempsville Road, Norfolk, VA 23502, USA.