Waypoint Recovery Center is a well-staffed mental health treatment center with significant experience handling addictions and co-occurring mental issues. It provides services for adults with substance use disorders as their primary diagnosis at different levels of care in a peer-led, family-oriented environment.

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From clinical assessments to group therapy and alumni services, it provides a full and comprehensive treatment workup for each client to achieve and maintain sobriety throughout their life. The rehab is a strong promotor of individualized treatment and utilizes a strength-based holistic approach and constant engagement with a supportive community for recovering addicts to help them make a difference in their lives.

Services Offered at Waypoint Recovery Center

Waypoint Recovery Center provides the following services to people fighting addictions:

Initial Assessments

During initial assessments, experts examine the social, phycological, and biological factors in a client’s life, based on which they recommend a suitable program for clinical care. The experts acknowledge how no single factor contributed to the development of a substance use disorder. Hence, by examining these three broad domains, they strive to achieve a deeper understanding of every patient and their challenges. The initial assessment process Laos involves an evaluation to screen a client for any co-occurring mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression, or trauma-based issues. Waypoint rehab is also equipped to handle and manage these co-occurring disorders side by side while providing personalized addiction treatment.


The decision to undergo a detoxification process depends on the initial mental and medical health exam results. This exam looks at each patient’s addiction history and the potential severity of their withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the evaluations, they may or may not enter a formal detox program. A detox process allows patients to get rid of all leftover drug or alcohol residues from their bodies to officially commence therapy. The length of this process may vary depending on the length of addiction, the type of substance used, most recent use, etc. Most clients get through a detox within five to seven days; others may require a longer time.

The detox facility at Waypoint Recovery offers personalized care in a medically-supervised environment. The process takes place in a beautiful 58-acre campus in Cameron, South Carolina, where the dedicated, compassionate, and caring staff members provide round-the-clock supervision and care to each client.

Residential Treatment

Waypoint’s residential treatment program takes place in their Cameron campus in a peaceful and beautiful environment that helps clients address their underlying addictions and associated issues in the best possible way. A multidisciplinary treatment team, including highly trained and experienced professionals, closely engages with their clients to provide recovery help and peer support. All clients have access to all nursing and medical staff throughout the day. The well-structured residential program at Waypoint rehab typically includes 12-step meetings, educational sessions about recovery skills and relapse prevention, individual and group therapy, and various psychoeducational topics. Before completing a residential treatment program, all clients have their follow-up care planned out at the intensive outpatient program in the rehab.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The intensive Outpatient Program at Waypoint Recovery offers all clients a broad array of programming. Clients invite their chosen family members to participate in Multi-Family Group Therapy (MFGT). In addition to these therapy sessions, they also participate in individual therapy and group sessions, along with regularly attending education groups, process groups, skill-building groups, and peer support groups.  The intensive outpatient program at Waypoint closely tailors to both the needs of an individual and those of larger groups to provide insight into addiction, addiction recovery and the skills needed to achieve this recovery.

Recovery Management

Recovery Management or Continuing Care program at Waypoint Recovery Center provides follow-up care to clients who have already completed residential or intensive outpatient treatment. In such patients, recovery management programs focus on relapse prevention while equipping the clients with skills to maintain their newfound sobriety. This service is most appropriate for someone at a high risk of relapsing and restoring to substance use. Others who are already sober and require a refresher to boost their recovery efforts may also benefit from this program.


Will I have access to my cellphone during treatment in Waypoint Recovery?

Unfortunately, Waypoint rehab does not allow its patients to keep cell phones, tablets, laptops, or any other electronic gadgets in their possession during treatment. If you wish to get in touch with your family members, you can call them once a week through your counselor.

Does Waypoint Recovery also treat behavioral or process addictions?

Yes, Waypoint Recovery Center has appointed highly trained and experienced staff members to treat behavioral addictions, such as gambling addiction, sex addiction, and internet addiction. The treatment for these addictions takes place as an individual therapy service that caters to the personal needs of every client.

What can I expect to happen during my initial assessment at Waypoint?

During the initial assessment, one of the qualified staff members at Waypoint Recovery will sit down with you and discuss you in general, along with your individual needs. They may ask a few questions about your addiction history and drug use. Based on your information, the staff member will recommend the best program that fits your needs.

Is treatment completely confidential?

Yes, Waypoint Recovery has strict rules of confidentiality that work best to protect the privacy of each client. These regulations also ensure that any patient’s medical records are kept safe and away from everyone except the treatment team directly dealing with them.

Can my family participate in my recovery program?

Yes, Waypoint treatment center allows the families of every patient to participate in their loved one’s recovery process actively. Upon admission, each client can decide who they wish to involve in their care plan and to what extent. 

What types of insurance are acceptable at Waypoint Recovery?

Waypoint Recovery Center is in-network with UBH (for outpatient services only) and BlueCross/BlueShield. Additionally, the rehab also works with many insurance carriers and can also provide assistance regarding financial planning of any treatment that an insurance provider does not cover. For people who do not have an insurance plan or benefits, Waypoint accepts private pay.

What are the hours of service at Waypoint rehab?

Most services provided at Waypoint Recovery are available from Monday to Friday within regular working hours. Daytime intensive outpatient services (IOP) take place on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 10 am to 1 pm, whereas evening sessions are available on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 4 pm to 10 pm.

  • Address Inpatient facility 499 Wild Hearts Rd Cameron, SC 29030