Operating from a historical house of the 1800s, Washburn House is a treatment facility providing help to men and women fighting drug and alcohol addiction. The rehab aims to ensure that each person who contacts it gets individualized care to recover from the pain of addiction fully. The experts at Washburn use evidence-based medical treatment to get to the core of substance use disorder and apply strategies that reduce the risk of relapse. Their vision is to set a new standard for substance abuse treatment that consistently advances and enhances treatment programs through the latest medical, clinical, and technological developments. By doing so, Washburn House ensures the best treatment for each of its clients.

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Washburn House uses an approach tailored to each individual’s circumstances and situation. The founders of this treatment facility realize that all people in recovery are unique; hence, they try their best to meet them where they are. Experts at Washburn House also encourage all clients to ponder the reality of their everyday lives and consider how their recovery will fit into them. The treatment programs at this rehab also strive to bring loved ones and families into the picture, as they often take a hit by addiction.

Treatment at Washburn House: What Programs are Available?

Washburn House offers the following programs to its clients:


Washburn Detox Worchester MA offers a safe and effective experience of withdrawing from a drug or alcohol. The process takes place under the supervision of an experienced team comprising compassionate and educated professionals. Their responsibility is to oversee each client’s health, comfort, and overall progress. They may prescribe medications and therapy to ease the withdrawal symptoms as needed.

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

Inpatient treatment at Washburn House involves clients living onsite in dedicated accommodations where they receive 24-hour care in a highly-structured setting. Inpatient care is appropriate for people with severe and long-term addictions who are at high risk of relapsing during treatment.

The current inpatient treatment unit at Washburn House can accommodate 32 men and women in different wings. They can opt for single, double, or triple rooms based on their needs and budget. Each room comes with a private bathroom. Apart from dedicated spaces for therapy and activity, the residential unit also includes a 3D theatre and a common living area to relax in your free time.

Partial Hospitalization Program

The partial hospitalization program (PHP) at Washburn House Worcester, MA is a treatment option for people who cannot live in the facility to get inpatient care. This level is suitable for those who have completed the residential program and are transitioning to a lesser intensive step and those who have never received any rehabilitation but require extra support to recover. As soon as a patient enters a PHP, they meet with their assigned case manager, whose job is to help them navigate through the program at different steps. After performing an initial assessment, the case manager will provide the best treatment for each client’s needs and work on them slowly and steadily. The PHP at Washburn House Worcester, Massachusetts, provides all its clients with six hours of group sessions five days per week. Every day in this program is highly structured and includes the following:

  • Individual counseling
  • Psychological evaluations
  • Group therapy
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)

Intensive Outpatient Program

The intensive outpatient rehab at Washburn House uses multiple recovery styles to help patients recover from all types of addictions in individualized ways. It focuses on different areas of life that have taken a direct hit due to substance use while equipping patients with the skills they need for relapse prevention and aftercare. The experts at this level of care will discuss the difficulties and realities of maintaining a sober life after rehab and will give each user access to the resources they require to face these challenges. Some common elements of an intensive outpatient rehab include the following:

  • 12-step recovery models such as Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics, Anonymous support people in recovery
  • Skills training classes where clinicians help clients learn skills using different therapy models for self-care, trigger identification, management, relapse prevention, etc.
  • Independent living training that equips clients with important life skills, such as basic budgeting, securing housing, finding jobs, and developing healthy hobbies

An intensive outpatient program at Washburn House encourages clients to work at least 10 hours of group therapy per week. Additionally, they also. Take part in 15 hours of psychoeducational groups and at least three one-to-one weekly sessions.

Extended Care Center

Extended Care Center at Washburn House includes sober living homes that aim to help clients transition from inpatient care to normal life outside of rehab by equipping them with healthy lifestyle habits and coping strategies. Some benefits of joining this program include the following: 

  • Help in accessing clinical programming, including intensive outpatient programs and partial hospitalization programs
  • Activities like meditation and yoga facilitate recovery
  • Access to an in-house computer lab, nutritional counseling, activity room, and gym
  • Opportunities to build vital life skills, such as budget management and cooking
  • Accountability regarding drug and alcohol use
  • Employment assistance, such as resume building, job hunting, practice for interviews, and more
  • Peer support from people fighting the same struggles

As clients slowly transition back into sober life, they get to enjoy much more freedom in their sober living arrangements than in residential care. For example, the residents of sober living arrangements by Washburn House can travel to other campuses to attend local meetings.


Who does Washburn House treat?

The programs at Washburn House MA cater to men and women over 18 years who have been struggling with addiction. The mission of this rehab is to engage with these clients, foster feelings of motivation, spark hope, and allow them to recover in a welcoming and safe therapeutic environment.

Who can join Washburn House Detox?

Washburn House welcomes clients from all parts of the United States to attend their detox and subsequent treatment programs. However, due to its location, it is more convenient for people living in nearby cities, such as Hartford, CT, Boston, MA, and Massachusetts.

What should I do before entering the residential treatment center at Washburn?

Before a client enters into a residential treatment program at Washburn House, they must be medically stable. For most people, this means they have gone through a medical detox, either at home, at a nearby facility or at Washburn’s own detox center in Worcester. During detox, a clinical team helps clients gently withdraw from the abused drug to stabilize their bodies before receiving formal treatment at the rehab.

  • Address 1183 Main Street, Worcester, MA, United States, Massachusetts