Villa Oasis is a private rehabilitation center offering professional clinical and medical support along with various upscale treatment options to people fighting addiction and mental health issues. The rehab is run by a highly trained multi-disciplinary team that treats everyone with dignity and respect and is dedicated to clients’ success and personal growth.  

The experienced staff members at Villa Oasis San Diego have rigorously developed a comprehensive alcohol and drug program based on a concept that emphasizes personalized care and treatment. The rehab claims to deliver a humanistic and authentic experience for those looking for treatment for addiction and co-occurring issues.

Villa Oasis alcohol rehab San Diego also provides an exclusively safe environment, multiple recovery support services, and evidence-based treatment to all patients. It invites people battling mental health issues, addictions, or both to join the facility to find a healthier relationship with themselves and others.

Programs Available at Villa Oasis

Villa Oasis primarily provides different levels of care to clients based on their clinical needs. Some of them include the following:

Detox Process

Villa Oasis typically begins its addiction treatment by detoxification in a positive, comfortable setting. The rehab also prides itself in treating all clients and their loved ones with respect and compassion, and the staff members are inclined toward a culture of authentic care and warmth. Every patient who comes to Villa Oasis undergoes a screening test conducted by a staff member to assess their detox need. As a part of the detox program, Villa Oasis detox program:

  • Delivers systematic support for people undergoing withdrawal from whatever substance they were using.
  • Supports residents through different phases of therapy.
  • Helps identify relapsing triggers and form therapies to maintain long-term sobriety.
  • Provides carefully planned and supervised medical assistance through a diverse team of skilled professionals.
  • Assesses residents’ emotional and medical needs while prescribing counseling and psychiatric consultations as needed.
  • Creates personalized treatment strategies according to unique patient needs.
  • Ensures that a long-term recovery plan is in place for patients to support their lasting recovery

Since different substances linger on in the body for varying lengths of time, the time required to finish detox at Villa Oasis rehab can differ from one person to another. In general, someone struggling with substance use disorder may expect to complete detox within seven days; however, others may continue for weeks or months.

12-Step Informed Facilitation

The 12-step Facilitation, or TSF, forms a crucial component of addiction treatment at Villa Oasis San Diego. The program aims to set clients on a path to recovery in everyday life using the principles of the 12-step program. People enrolled in this program also have a chance to participate in support meetings, such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and alcoholics anonymous (AA). These groups help patients meet others with similar issues and engage with them for mutual learning.

TSF at Villa Oasis is not only beneficial for people with addiction but can potentially benefit those with dual diagnoses, too. The team believes that the holistic component of treatment, which forms the basis of TSF, can create a core program that gives people the best chance of acquiring and maintaining abstinence. The program uses a unique approach while restricting each therapy group to six participants per session. These closed groups allow participants to know each other properly and share their experiences more privately.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Villa Oasis team adopts a comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment approach, which combines substance abuse and mental health treatments using a holistic approach. The program focuses on helping patients identify the roots of their addiction, which, in most cases, is traced back to unmanaged mental health issues or conditions. By targeting both issues, the rehab equips all clients for sustained mental well-being and recovery.

The integrated treatment programs available at Villa Oasis include evidence-based interventions and therapies explicitly designed to handle mental health issues and substance use disorders. Through collective management of the intertwined challenges, the rehab plays a role in enhancing its clients’ abilities to acquire essential coping strategies needed for sobriety and mental stability.

Is Villa Oasis a Luxury Rehab?

Through its luxury programs, Villa Oasis allows clients to blend high-quality treatment in a relaxing and beautiful ambiance. The San Diego rehab provides a comfortable healing experience to everyone battling alcohol and drug addiction and stands out as a premier center for those seeking outpatient and inpatient services.

The luxury inpatient programs at Villa Oasis maintain an efficacy similar to that of a traditional program. However, it elevates the overall experience with highly personalized, upscale treatment options. They can also get a chance to experience a seamless, comfortable recovery journey. Experts at Villa Oasis believe that fighting with addiction and dual diagnosis requires living in a nurturing environment, and their luxury program has been designed while keeping this need in mind. Hence, it focuses on each patient’s holistic journey to wellness while tailoring to their needs through luxury amenities.

In this San Diego alcohol center, all patients receive a level of care that makes the rehab feel like home. The treatment center is also dedicated to creating a comforting, private, and safe environment where clients can receive evidence-based therapies and holistic options, such as acupuncture and other experiential therapies. Following are some luxury options patients joining the Villa Oasis rehab can get access to as long as they remain connected with the rehab:

  • Physical Fitness and Personal Training: As a cornerstone of the holistic approach, the Villa Oasis team follows this aspect of treatment and focuses on helping clients strengthen their minds and bodies.
  • Luxury Accommodations: The facility provides private rooms appointed for healing and tranquility, making it different and far away from other conventional rehabs.
  • Yoga Classes and Therapeutic Hikes: This program aims to utilize the beauty that surrounds Southern California for daily yoga sessions and hike therapy to improve overall wellness.
  • Gourmet Meals: The professional team at Villa Oasis also includes highly-trained chefs who prepare healing and nurturing meals using organic ingredients.
  • Friendly Common Areas: These areas have been designed to help foster a sense of belonging and community in people who come to Villa Oasis for treatment.

The compassionate and caring staff members in Villa Oasis focus on delivering personalized care, ensuring that each patient meets their needs. Remember that recovery from addiction and mental health illness is complex but the non-traditional therapies at Villa Oasis luxury treatment programs can significantly aid the process.


What facilities are available in Villa Oasis San Diego?

The Villa Oasis offers various amenities to its clients, such as an award-winning chef who prepares, healthy and nutritionally balanced yet delicious meals using free-range poultry, hand-cut beef, sustainable seafood, and organic produce. Additionally, accommodation for patients at this drug rehab San Diego includes a sauna, spa, pool, meditation gardens, waterfalls, movie theatre, and gym.

What addictions does Villa Oasis treat?

At Villa Oasis, client healing and comfort remain a top priority for the team. When a person arrives at the rehab, they undergo a complete assessment to learn where they are in their recovery process. This assessment helps the team determine the type of care they need and the holistic therapies they would most benefit from. In general, the rehab offers treatment and therapy for the following types of addictions:

  • Alcohol addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Marijuana addiction
  • MDMA addiction
  • Ketamine addiction
  • Crystal meth addiction
  • Amphetamine addiction
  • Technology addiction
  • Sex addiction
  • Opioid addiction

How can I pay for treatment at Villa Oasis?

Villa Oasis drug and alcohol rehab San Diego accepts the following forms of payment.

  • Cash-based payments
  • All POS, PPO, and open-access plans

How long will I need to be in treatment at Villa Oasis?

Most clients remain in rehab for at least 30 days. Beyond this minimal limit, the duration of treatment depends on their insurance plan, personal response to treatment and progression, and willingness to pay for rehab services.

  • Address 14980 Rancho Santa Fe Farms Rd, Rancho Santa Fe, CA, United States, California.