Turnbridge Rehab is a three-phased mental health treatment center offering young men, and women care and support in their battle against addiction, mental health issues, and co-occurring disorder. As a nationally acclaimed and accredited rehab, it combines an evidence-based treatment model with a detailed experiential program to meet the developmental needs of its clients. The treatment programs offered at Turnbridge expose the clients to the real world as they slowly understand their diagnoses. Moreover, it also focuses on equipping them with skills to resist relapses, establish positive relationships, make positive choices, and live a productive lifestyle leading to a balanced life.

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With more than a decade of experience in mental health care, the unique rehab programs at Turnbridge, Connecticut, rehab center prepare young men and women to stand on their own as healthy, responsible adults. The rehab founders acknowledge that moving towards recovery takes time, and the clinical team offers this time by providing clients an opportunity to make this journey on their own calendar. By providing mental health or addiction treatment in supportive residential living, Turnbridge offers its clients a chance to create new friends, explore new hobbies, and make new personal goals. These clients have enough resources and time to redefine their standing in the world as they practice their newly-found coping skills under the supervision of a supportive clinical team. The rehab also uses the Stages of Change model to assess where a client is in their change process and alter the treatment strategy accordingly.

Programs Offered at Turnbridge Rehab

Turnbridge Treatment Center offers the following programs to its clientele:

Men’s Program

The men’s program at Turnbridge treatment center takes place in three different phases. These phases include the following:

Phase one involves an entire course of therapy, health and wellness training, and recreational activities. As the most structured phase of the treatment program, it helps young men work with their case managers to establish healthy dietary, exercise, and sleep habits. By acquiring these healthy habits, these men lay down the foundation of recovery. The case managers also regularly encourage clients to build new friendships and form new connections in their surroundings to create a robust support system that facilitates healing for them. By the end of this case, most clients have already begun the acceptance process.

Phase two involves delivering extended care mental health treatment with a special focus on life skills development. Clients can also participate in an educational planning process that ensures they are ready to take on any employment, educational or vocational opportunities of their choice. The Vocational Coordinators, Case Managers, and Academic Advisors at the Turnbridge rehab collaborate with each client to establish an extended care plan that best suits their talents, desires, and needs.

In phase three, the ongoing mental health treatment and life skills development actively continue. Additionally, this phase allows clients to focus on their future as they move to one of the sober living facilities of Turnbridge. These sober living facilities provide them with the support they need to pursue their goals and the independence they require to grow. An important element of this phase is the enaction of the plans planned in phase two, which usually takes place by enrolling clients in college classes or encouraging them to take up paid and unpaid roles ta local agencies. Phase three living at Turnbridge rehab serves as a bridge that allows every client to experience a sober and satisfying life beyond their addiction or mental health treatment while living under the watchful care of its compassionate clinical team.

Women’s Program

The women’s program at Turnbridge takes place in three phases:

Phase one allows women to become comfortable in their new accommodation, meet other women with similar issues, participate in various recreational activities, find a sponsor, and attend different support groups.

Phase two involves a slow transition from learning new skills to actively demonstrating these newfound tools and attitudes. As a part of this phase, young women also receive volunteer counseling and educational employment. Case Managers and Academic Advisors are available to help women identify their passions and align their experiences with their career and educational aspirations.

Phase Three of the women’s program at Turnbridge involves continuous case management and clinical work as the patients continue to live in a supportive community.

Intensive Outpatient Care

Intensive outpatient programs (IOPs) take place in Westport, Connecticut, under the supervision of a highly qualified and experienced clinical team. The program is open to everyone struggling with a substance use disorder and co-existing issues like depression and anxiety. Each patient’s treatment program is unique, depending on their individual experiences and conditions. However, a typical IOP includes a combination of psychiatric and medical management, one-on-one therapy, addiction education, 12-Steps programming, group therapy sessions, and more. By identifying and focusing on the root causes of mental health disorders, these Turnbridge programs offer clients a chance to practice long-term recovery.


Does Turnbridge treatment center offer academic services?

Clients at Turnbridge rehab are liable to receive comprehensive academic services. These services are individually tailored according to the academic aspirations and needs of every client and generally include the following:

  • One-on-one advising
  • Academic advisors specializing in working with non-conventional students
  • Review and management of educational records and transcripts
  • Regularly-scheduled study halls
  • Coordination with current and previous academic institutions
  • Development of a comprehensive education plan
  • Stepwise help with the application or transfer processes
  • Facilitation of external tutoring services with educators belonging to popular academic institutions

How much does treatment at Turnbridge New Haven cost?

Each program at Turnbridge rehab comprises two fee components: clinical and residential. The residential fee varies on a monthly basis depending on the level of residential services that a client receives at each phase of the treatment program. Insurance does not typically cover this fee, but for confirmation, clients can always call the rehab. The client’s insurance company mainly covers fees for clinical services at Turnbridge. For those without an insurance plan, the rehab offers affordable out-of-pocket rates.

How can I pay for treatment at Turnbridge Connecticut?

You can pay for treatment at Turnbridge rehab through a personal check, wire transfer, certified check, or credit card. The rehab accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Can I opt for financing at Turnbridge?

Yes, fortunately, Turnbridge does offer an opportunity to connect you with a medical finance company to avail of no-interest financing. This opportunity is available for clients who wish to enroll in the rehab’s sober living and extended care programs.

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