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Operating from Houston, Texas, The Right Step is an addiction and dual diagnosis rehabilitation center offering a multi-step treatment program to help clients recover. From inpatient detox services to outpatient programs and beyond, those joining The Right Step Houston can benefit from its well-planned therapeutic models.

All treatment programs offered at this rehabilitation center Houston are grounded in the 12-step principles, making them authentic. The diverse team of experts, including psychiatrists, licensed clinicians, and nurses, is available throughout the day to guide patients to lasting recovery.

The Right Step Houston TX Programs

The Right Step Houston offers clients an opportunity to get individualized treatment programs based on the severity and extent of their underlying addictions. Some standard programs available at the facility include the following:

Alcohol and Drug Detox Program

Detoxification forms the first step of recovery from alcohol and drugs. The process is essential to rid itself of toxins and begin healing, but it can be excruciating and challenging if done without supervision. The treatment team at The Right Step is trained to provide a comfortable and safe detox with the necessary medical supervision for success.

Supervised detox services at this Texas facility also make the withdrawal period more tolerable. The procedure commonly involves the use of medications to ease the withdrawal symptoms to improve the compliance rate. Additionally, all staff members are there to offer comfort, compassion, and mental support.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

During inpatient drug rehabilitation, clients stay in a dedicated residential accommodation throughout the day under expert supervision and care. They also engage in therapy sessions during the day and sleep in secure and comfortable environments at night. The inpatient setting at The Right Step is a more intensive treatment step and is typically reserved for people struggling with severe addiction issues.

The inpatient programs at The Right Step TX are highly structured, allowing clients to focus entirely on recovery. These programs also provide a secure environment without distractions but hold everyone accountable for recovery. Once they leave this environment, clients can learn to equip themselves with the necessary skills to support recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient programs do not involve living on-site, unlike residential or inpatient treatment. Instead, clients visit The Right Step for a few hours weekly to attend structured therapy sessions. This level of care is typically available to people who have stepped down from inpatient treatment. However, clients with less severe addiction issues can also directly join the intensive outpatient program to begin recovery.

The usual length of an intensive outpatient program at the Right Step Rehabilitation Center Houston is three weeks. During these weeks, all clients engage in intensive recovery sessions to learn the necessary coping mechanisms to overcome addictions. Moreover, they also learn to identify triggers and manage them before they lead to a relapse.

Dual Diagnosis Programs

Clients struggling with a substance use disorder and a mental health condition simultaneously can get help from the dual diagnosis program at The Right Step Houston. This program has been designed to break the cycle where one issue is feeding the other with appropriate support and compassion. Some common co-occurring disorders treated at the rehab include anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder. Dual diagnosis services are available on inpatient and outpatient levels according to convenience.

At The Right Step Houston, every client is treated as a whole person. The team consists of addiction specialists, therapists, and counselors. They work diligently to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses all individual needs. Moreover, the team supports everyone throughout the process, helping them stay on track and adopt healthy changes that last a lifetime.

How Does The Right Step Houston Treat Addiction: The Choice of Therapy?

Clients joining The Right Step have access to various therapies, depending on their individual issues and severity. In general, the following types of treatment are available:

Individual & Group Therapy

Individual therapy involves one-on-one sessions with a psychiatrist to practice different treatments, such as cognitive and dialectical behavioral therapy. These sessions best focus on particular issues and work on them more privately. Group therapy, on the other hand, works on skill development in a group setting. Some common topics discussed in group therapy include spirituality and relapse prevention.

Motivational Therapy

This unique approach involves close collaboration between clients and therapists. With the support of an expert, clients become active decision-makers and use their wisdom for goal-setting, problem-solving, etc.

Expressive & Experiential Therapy

These therapies allow clients to explore ways to express their feelings and thoughts more positively. Some examples of expressive therapy include art therapy and music therapy.

Recreational Therapy

Recreational therapy at The Right Step Houston TX provides clients with different ways to make their recovery more fun. With weekly outings and other recreational activities, such as softball and basketball, clients have plenty of options to preoccupy their minds in healthy ways.

Addiction Education

Seeking education about addiction is one of the most important parts of recovery. The expert team at The Right Step dedicates several educational sessions to helping clients understand what addiction is, how it works, what triggers it, and its impacts on the mind and body. Moreover, they are educated on how to manage addiction on a daily basis.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy at The Right Step invites the loved ones of all clients to visit the rehab and actively engage in the treatment process. This therapy speeds up clients’ recovery process and helps them re-establish relationships with their loved ones.

Aftercare Services

Long-term recovery is the main focus of treatment at The Right Step rehab. Hence, it offers a comprehensive aftercare program and continuing care services to everyone who walks through the door following the completion of initial treatment.


What can I expect at The Right Step Rehabilitation Center Houston?

At Right Step, the goal is to make treatment accessible and easy for everyone. The rehab provides:

  • A judgment-free, compassionate intake process to find out the best treatment schedule for each client
  • A quick, free, and ho-hassle verification process for insurance
  • Quick access to complete treatment to begin recovery without delays

What treatment programs can I enroll in at The Right Step?

The Right Step offers all treatment programs essential for addiction recovery. Some of them include the following:

  • Medically supervised detoxification services with round-the-clock support
  • Inpatient and outpatient programs to meet client needs
  • Dual diagnosis services for those presenting with addiction and mental health challenges
  • Lifelong support for continued recovery through alumni programs

Can I continue my studies or work while seeking treatment?

Clients with responsibilities like ongoing employment or academics can consider joining the outpatient services at Th Right Step. These programs typically require them to engage in therapy three days a week. Clients are free to choose morning or evening sessions according to their convenience.

How much will it cost to get treatment at The Right Step?

The Right Step takes pride in delivering top-quality addiction treatment and care at affordable prices. The cost of treatment is not fixed and can vary depending on the length of stay and the type of treatment a client requires. Moreover, insurance coverage also plays an important role in determining the total costs. The best way to find out the expected cost of treatment is to contact the admissions team directly.

Will my family be involved in treatment?

The Right Step allows all families to take part in their loved one’s recovery as clinically appropriate and where indicated. This usually takes place in the form of family therapy, which occurs in person and over the phone. The goal is to raise awareness about addictions in family members so that they can better support their loved ones in recovery.

Who will be involved in my treatment?

The Right Step Houston TX has a highly-qualified team of specialists from different disciplines to provide more comprehensive care. These experts include the following:

  • Psychiatrists
  • Therapists
  • Physicians
  • Board-certified addiction specialists
  • Advanced nurse practitioners

What do The Right Steo Houston Reviews say?

Right Step has received positive reviews from people who attended rehab and recovered well. Most have described their experience as positive and recommend others to consider joining this rehab for addiction treatment.

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