The Abbey Rehab has been working as one of America’s leading addiction treatment centers since 2008. The staff members running the treatment center focus on the provision of compassionate care that has been designed to improve the overall well-being and focus of their clients. To accomplish its unique goals, the rehab only employs clinical staff members of the highest caliber and uses the most effective and evidence-based treatment protocols.

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In addition to managing substance abuse, The Abbey Bettendorf also provides its services to people with co-occurring mental health concerns, like anxiety, depression, and trauma. It calls itself an addiction and mental health treatment center, as this term reflects the nature of services available in this rehab more accurately.

Every year, The Abbey successfully treats hundreds of people battling addictions while equipping them with happiness, health, and fulfillment in life. By helping such people get on the road to recovery, the treatment center also restores their careers, families, and other aspects of life.

Key Elements of Treatment at The Abbey Davenport IA

Following are the critical elements of every treatment program available at The Abbey Center.

12-Step Foundation & Facilitation

All clinical treatment modalities available at The Abbey Center are based on the 12-Step philosophy. The philosophy was originally created by Alcoholics Anonymous and has been backed by several studies that prove its efficacy in managing addiction. The programs based on this philosophy have been single-handedly helping addiction-struck communities to seek recovery for more than 80 years. Using these philosophies, the treatment team ensures that all clients have a better chance of achieving sobriety and maintaining it for years to come.

Continuum of Care

The Abbey Center has been licensed to provide different clinical services. These services begin from the lowest level of care (outpatient treatment) and run up to the highest level of residential care, sometimes known as inpatient care. With this continuum of care, the rehab can meet all its clients exactly where they are in treatment. Depending on the progress report of each client, the staff members may make changes in their programs, levels of care, or the duration of treatment. The core program at The Abbey Center runs for four weeks, but many require much longer durations of therapy to benefit from the program entirely.

Family Programing

At The Abbey Iowa Treatment Center, experts consider addiction a family disease as its effects extend beyond the main person. Many a time, this disease creates a ripple effect that directly damages everyone associated with the addict through a close relationship. Hence, the rehab provides family therapy to its clients with the following goals in mind:

  • To educate all family members about addiction as a disease
  • To help family members of the addicted individuals to get the support, they need for their health and happiness
  • To repair broken relationships among family members by improving communication between them
  • To encourage clients and their family members to share their needs to guarantee recovery

Holistic Therapies

In addition to the traditional clinical services that rehab provides its clients, it also exposes them to many holistic therapies, such as: 

  • Yoga
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Meditation


The treatment programs clients go through at The Abbey treatment center help them connect with a higher power, otherwise known as spirituality. By doing so, they allow them to seek help from this power and believe that with this power, they can conquer their worst addictions. Remember that The Abbey Center does not affiliate with or promote any particular religion. However, it is essential to remember that the facility was established more than a hundred years ago as a monastery for Carmelite Sisters to pray. There is a chapel available onsite where clients can pray and contemplate to support their therapy and recovery process.


How long is the treatment program at The Abbey Rehab?

The staff members at The Abbey Center do not believe in a pre-determined treatment period. As with other aspects of healthcare, such as the intensity of treatment, its duration also varies from one client to another depending on their strengths along with progress. The longer an individual commits to treatment, the more likely they are to achieve long-term recovery and maintain it. Typically, those who enter a residential or a partial hospitalization program at this rehab engage in four weeks of therapy, followed by a step down to a lower level of treatment with lesser frequency and intensity. The staff members continue to reassess every patient’s program and modify the intensity and frequency of their treatment plan based on results.

What should I bring with me to treatment at The Abbey Bettendorf?

The staff at The Abbey Center will provide a list of things that clients can and cannot bring to the treatment center. These recommendations are primarily based on common sense and do not contain absurd or bizarre rules. The staff recommends that clients bring comfortable clothes, such as khakis, jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts, sweaters, shorts, etc. The team discourages bringing any item of clothing that is revealing, suggestive, or comes with offensive printing. None of the clients must carry any valuables, such as computers and jewelry.

Can I bring my cell phone to The Abbey Rehab?  Will the rehab provide me with internet access?

Clients can bring their cell phones to the rehab center; however, they cannot use them during treatment for a number of reasons. For example, the staff members prohibit mobile phones as they serve as a distraction and may stray the clients’ attention from the ongoing recovery program. Additionally, most mobile phones of today come with a camera, and the staff members do not wish to leak the privacy or confidentiality of anyone in the rehab through any channel. For similar reasons, The Abbey Center also does not offer internet access to clients. Exceptions can occur under certain particular circumstances.

How much does treatment at The Abbey Iowa treatment center cost?

The program’s cost at The Abbey Center depends on different factors, such as the scope of a person’s health insurance coverage, co-pays, and deductibles. Once the rehab has all the information it needs regarding the client’s insurance plan, it can give them a better understanding of the cost of treatment. The staff at The Abbey Center believes in providing a comprehensive addiction treatment program at a highly affordable cost and exceptional value.

Can I call visitors or receive mail from them during treatment at The Abbey treatment center?

The Abbey Center schedules family programing every week where the members who participate in these sessions may stay for a few extra hours to meet their loved ones in recovery. The rehab also permits clients in treatment to receive letters and cards from loved ones. Family members can send their mail to 1401 Central Avenue with the client’s name mentioned on the top.

  • Address The Abbey Center
    1401 Central Avenue
    Bettendorf, Iowa 52722
    United States