Starlite Recovery Center is a drug treatment center that offers adults and their families a way to escape the negative impacts of alcoholism and addiction. This facility aims to promote abstinent lifestyles in adults that continue for a long time and bear productive outcomes. Operating from a 55-acre campus in the beautiful Texas hill country, Starlite rehab offers a natural environment for clients to recover from the devastating effects of addiction and other co-occurring diseases.

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The innovative chemical dependency treatment this rehab provides has been its hallmark for over 65 years. All programs take place under the supervision of an expert panel which comprises counselors, nurses, and physicians. This interdisciplinary team collaborates and dedicatedly works towards effective management and delivery of individualized care.

At Starlite recovery, experts view chemical dependency of addiction as a primary disease that can be progressive and potentially fatal. It also risks impairing functioning in all significant areas of life. Hence, its programs deliver an individualized and comprehensive continuum of care to addicts and their loved ones.

Overview of Treatment Programs at Starlite Recovery TX

Starlite Recovery Texas offers the following programs to its clients:

Residential Program

Starlite drug and alcohol rehab provides various evidence-based protocols to patients with high efficacy and success rates. The residential program typically begins with a detoxification process during which all clients learn to get off their offending drug slowly and gradually under medical supervision. Medication is available case-by-case for those who may experience highly uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. Once the detox is complete, all clients progress into residential treatment, where they live on-site throughout the entire duration of the program. A team of highly-trained medical staff members keeps supporting their recovery goals through a holistic approach to therapy which may include:

  • Life skills groups
  • On-site certified personal trainer
  • Participation in a 12-Step group
  • Specific theme groups
  • Fully-equipped workout facility
  • The 12-Step, or “Big Book” Study
  • Equine-assisted therapy
  • Ropes course with rock wall and zip line
  • On-site yoga classes
  • Miscellaneous facilities, like miniature golf, wilderness outings, and nature trails
  • Acupuncture

Intensive Outpatient Program

The intensive outpatient programs at Starlite rehab provide professional support to individuals struggling with substance use and other co-occurring behavioral disorders with increased flexibility. This high flexibility allows them to continue working, attending school, volunteering, or engaging in any other activities to maintain healthy and independent lifestyles.

These IOP services are available at Starlite Recovery Kerrville and New Braunfels campuses in Texas. The program mandates clients to attend therapy sessions thrice a week for eight weeks in general. However, the exact length of the program may vary based on individual needs. The IOP serves as an ideal step-down level of care for someone who is done with a residential program and requires continued support in a lesser intensive environment.

Freedom Program

As a leading drug and alcohol treatment center in Texas, Starlite rehab recognizes the importance of every individual’s unique background and life experiences and believes they make them who they are today. It strives to offer treatment to all communities, including LGBTQ+ people. The staff members realize how these communities particularly benefit from a uniquely-tailored rehabilitation program such as the Freedom Program that specifically caters to them.

As a part of the Freedom program, all LGBTQ+ clients can recover and heal in a supportive and safe environment. An overview of how the program works and what it includes is mentioned below.

  • Group meetings take place several times a week and focus specifically on issues unique to LGBTQ+ communities
  • Individual and group counseling involving family members and loved ones are also available on a need basis
  • Peer support from the community is available all the time
  • The program follows a specialized curriculum that addresses the problems and issues these clients have faced
  • Lambda 12-step meetings are open for clients to attend each week
  • Referrals to the appropriate resource(s) are ensured following treatment to maintain continued care

Christian Program

Also known as the Journey Program, the Christian program at Starlite drug and alcohol rehab is a faith-based approach to rehabilitation. It has been specifically designed for people who wish to adopt a Christian perspective to their recovery process. As a non-denominational program, each client gets a certified Christian counselor who works with them to build and strengthen their faith throughout their time.

Keep in mind that the Journey Program is open to all for participation, irrespective of their religious beliefs. As a part of this treatment process, clients participate in weekly process groups that combine evidence-based psychological principles with Christian beliefs to treat them emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

First Responder Program

Starlite drug rehab provides specialized programs to people belonging to professions with a higher risk of mental health deterioration. Known as the first responder program or Harbor of Hope Program, all clients who join these programs first undergo an initial evaluation to help experts learn more about their strengths, goals, past medical history, and substance use. Each individual who participates in this program receives a treatment plan that has been curated with their unique needs and goals in mind. Depending on their circumstances, the plan may include the following:

  • Individual therapy 
  • Group sessions covering multiple topics such as communication, relapse prevention, and anger management
  • Family therapy 
  • Experiential therapies, for example, meditation and art therapy

All first responders with severe substance use disorders and undergoing withdrawal must complete a detox program before entering the Harbor of Hope program. Once they complete detox, they may receive medication management and therapy services case-by-case basis.


Does Starlite Recovery accept insurance?

The rehab works with major insurance providers, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, TRICARE, Aetna, and more. Unfortunately, it is not accepting Medicaid or Medicare at the moment. Individuals interested to seek treatment can get in touch with the admission team to get their insurance benefits verified for free before deciding to proceed with treatment.

What type of interactions can clients have with their loved ones during treatment?

Starlite Recovery considers families as a crucial part of the recovery process for any mental illness or addiction. Hence, it offers a family program every other weekend that begins on Friday at 10 am. As a part of this program, the residents’ families and other loved ones can take part in their recovery process, therapy sessions, and other related services. Additionally, these family members can stay in touch with their loved ones through mail service.

Does Starlite rehab offer any discharge planning?

Yes, discharge planning at Starlite drug rehab begins on every client’s first day of admission. These plans typically run for one full year following the conclusion of treatment too facilitate long-term recovery in all clients. Each discharge plan is unique with objectives and goals according to the cliennal circumstances and situation. A counselor will help clients set up appointments with individual therapy, intensive outpatient programs, and meeting places and will follow up with them after one year.

How many times a week will I get to see my counselor?

Each client will get a chance to meet with their counselor and discuss individually for one hour once every week. Additionally, they will see them daily as a part of group therapy.

What does it mean that Starlite is a dual diagnosis facility?

Starlite Recovery is a dual-diagnosis facility that helps people with co-occurring disorders. In simpler terms, it is primarily a substance abuse treatment rehab that also entertains people with co-occurring conditions, like depression and anxiety, as long as they are secondary to their main substance use issue. The staff members will help clients learn different coping techniques through reality therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, talk therapy, and other treatment modalities to manage all primary and secondary problems.

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