With over two decades of experience, Refocus Rehab has been engaging with clients struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. The treatment facility has constantly been constructing, evolving, and refining its approach to be individualized and suit those willing to refocus on their recovery.

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Today, this Melbourne-based rehab is running under the supervision of a world-class team of experts with enough experience, knowledge, and affinity to run a drug and alcohol rehab successfully. Some of the practitioners working at Refocus rehab Melbourne have first-hand addiction experience and have lived clean lives for years. These experts believe seeking help, lending an ear, and sharing genuine conversations leads to recovery. In addition to offering clients evidence-based treatment, this facility also connects them with nature’s cycle to support their circadian rhythms and rediscover the best versions of themselves.

Treatment and Therapy At Refocus Melbourne Drug Rehab

Experts at Refocus Rehab offer residential rehab programs to people who wish to join them. The duration of these programs may vary depending on individual circumstances and can be between 28 to 90 days. As a part of these programs, clients learn to visualize their lives from a different perspective while refocusing on recovery and health. The drug addiction treatment program at this rehab focus on equipping clients with the following:

Internal Control

Experts provide clients with the necessary education and tools to manage growth, life, and day-to-day responsibilities as they go through rehabilitation.

External Control

The treatment approach at Refocus Rehab includes participation in the 12-step fellowships of Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, along with access to its long-term aftercare community program. These components of treatment allow clients to gain external control over their lives.

Restoration of Mind, Body, and Soul

As a part of the addiction treatment program, experts focus on each client’s fitness and health through a balanced, wholesome diet plan and a daily routine that prioritizes sleep and exercise.

To achieve the treatment goals mentioned above, the team at Refocus Rehab Melbourne passes each client through the following three phases:

Phase One: Detoxification

The Refocus detox Melbourne program involves helping clients break away from their addictive behavior under clinical supervision. The detox process at this treatment facility takes place in liaison with appropriate allied hospitals and medical practitioners. The primary purpose of a detox is to support clients as they cleanse their bodies of the offending drug. The process often includes withdrawals that the experts can carefully manage to prevent unnecessary discomfort.

Phase Two: Primary Treatment

Once clients finish detox, they move on to phase 2 of treatment, where they undertake several therapies to recover from the psychological component of addiction. To make this program successful, the rehab provides an optimal environment that is conducive to recovery at its safe, trigger-free coastal location.

Phase Three: Aftercare

Once clients finish phase two, they enter an aftercare program to maintain their newfound sobriety. These aftercare programs include community support and follow-up sessions that aim to keep clients on track and help them easily transition back to their old life without triggering addictions or experiencing relapses.

The Refocus Rehab Treatment Environment

The physical building of Refocus rehab serves as a family cornerstone to its founders. Both Michael and Jenni Lee, the custodians of the rehab, suffered from addiction for years and have drawn on their experience to forge a warm and safe space to nurture this rehab for others. The treatment facility unit is located on the shore of Port Philip Bay and is in connection with nature’s cycles. This unique environment contributes to supporting the client’s circadian rhythms and sleep and helps them revive their ambitions and rediscover the best version of themselves.

The facility provides clients immediate access to group and personal training spaces. It is also close to other external resources, such as fellow medical professionals. All in all, Refocus rehab provides a safe and calm space to inspire growth across a community. The following are some features of its treatment unit:

Refocus Bedrooms

The rehab provides widely-spacious rooms to its clients to help them maintain dignity and live in peace. These two elements serve as the optimal foundation from which these individuals learn how to discover life through a new lens.

Safe and spacious rooms offer dignity and calm, the optimal foundation to discover life through a new lens.

Refocus Group Rooms

Group rooms at Refocus provide clients with opportunities to listen, talk, meditate, and reflect with restorative décor, energy, and warmth. These group rooms are open spaces where individual and group therapies can occur.

Refocus Living Spaces

These living spaces include relaxation areas and dining rooms to support community and individualized growth. These living spaces also provide opportunities for clients to engage in recovery alone or alongside others.


Who can join Refocus Rehab?

The following people can benefit from joining Refocus Rehab:

  • People who wish to quit using alcohol or drugs, whether it is their first time or if they are trying again
  • People who want to consolidate therapy
  • People who wish to continue or enhance their recovery success
  • People who are enrolled in aftercare or another treatment approach
  • People who are waiting to get access to long-term recovery plans

What is expected of me during my stay at Refocus treatment center?

The treatment team at the rehab expects every client to:

  • Remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol
  • Perform household chores
  • Attend counseling sessions, 12-step meetings, and community meetings
  • Adhere to the structured experts develop for them

What should I bring with me to the rehab?

All clients must bring a week’s worth of personal clothing, any medications they are on, and swimming apparel if they are coming in during warmer months. They can also bring active wear if they are planning to join gym sessions or participate in yoga. Magazines, books, and photos of loved ones are also allowed.

How much do I need to invest in getting treatment at Refocus Rehab?

Refocus is a private rehab operating from the middle of Melbourne city. Unfortunately, no private health insurance covers the cost of treatment at this facility, so clients are solely responsible for covering the costs. The primary residential program at the facility that lasts for 28 days costs $19,800 if you choose a standard suite to live in.

However, if you choose a more luxurious environment, the cost may go as high as $24,800 for a four-week program. Keep in mind that these figures can change depending on the exact duration of treatment you stay in for. The rehab tends to lower the weekly cost for people who join the rehab for a more extended period. For someone who makes the full payment and leaves the program early, the rehab will return the full amount with a deduction of $1500 as an early exit fee.

How long will I need to stay?

Experts do not provide a set time of treatment to any client. In general, the minimum treatment time is around 28 days, but clients may stay for as many months as they need or desire. The rehab also offers two- and three-month-long tailored programs to clients after determining their current condition.

What is the location of Refocus treatment facility?

Refocus rehabilitation center is located at 50 Esplanade, BrightonVictoria, Australia 3186.

  • Address Level 1, 459 Toorak Road, Toorak, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3142