The Glen is an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center operating from the Central Coast of NSW. Established in 1995, the rehab currently runs two gender-specific campuses where it whole-heartedly welcomes indigenous and non-indigenous men and women from all parts of Australia. Anyone who is over the age of 18 and is in search of a culturally appropriate, supportive, and safe environment can come to join the 12-week-long residential rehab at The Glen.

As a part of the popular residential treatment program, experts at The Glen treat clients as a whole. This means they not only control addiction but also teach clients to identify and manage their triggers. Additionally, the highly-trained experts also guide every client in achieving a sense of mental, spiritual, and physical satisfaction. The program also ensures that everyone who enrolls in it picks up various skills that support their recovery. The ultimate aim is to empower both men and women to take charge of their lives and nurture skills that can help them maintain sobriety following treatment.

An Overview of The Glen Program

The Glen Program is a 12-week-long residential program that includes one-on-one counseling in individual and group sessions. These programs form the core of the entire treatment plan; hence, the founder expects everyone to attend them in time. The program helps clients manage different day-to-day issues, such as:

As a part of this plan, the rehab team also takes every client to attend Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous. Those who go through this program learn many practical skills that can set anyone up for life. These skills include the following:

  • Parenting
  • Handling personal finances and pressure
  • Acquiring good habits, like walking
  • Community work and engagement
  • Learning life skills such as gardening, cleaning, cooking, and maintaining homes

The rehab also has a transition program for men after the initial 12-week rehab program. We are hoping to offer similar support to women soon.

How to Enter The Glen Program

There are seven steps to follow if you wish to join The Glen rehab center. These include:

Step One: Before Applying

Experts suggest becoming familiar with the treatment program and other essential pieces of information regarding rehab before seeking to join it.

Step Twp: Applying Online

All you need to do is visit the rehab’s official website and fill out an online application form. Following the submission of this form, the rehab staff will give you a call to discuss your case within 2 days of receiving the form and ask for supporting documents. Clients who do not wish to apply online can directly call the rehab.

Step Three: Sending Documents

The next step involves sending the treatment team all necessary documents they require, such as medical certificates and criminal checks. Once the staff team has reviewed every case, gone through all documents, and felt that the client can benefit from the rehab, someone from the rehab will call you to se up an appointment for a phone assessment.

Step Four: Participate in Phone Assessment

Call the team using the provided number at the designated time. Following an assessment, experts will decide if they can support you in the best way possible. If the answer is a yes, you will move onto a waiting list until a bed becomes available.

Step Five: Waiting and Outreaching

Experts at The Glen cannot tell how long you will have to be on the waiting list as it depends on multiple factors. To help clients in waiting, the rehab may extend some support services as they look for a spot to pop up. At the same time, the staff members also encourage clients on the waiting list to apply to other programs.

Stage Six: Arranging Detox

As soon as a place becomes available, the rehab team will contact you and let you know about it. Keep in mind that to commence treatment, clients need to be sober and not actively using drugs. If the rehab finds out, they may take you off their program.

Stage Seven: Completing the Acceptance Letter

As the last stage, the rehab asks clients to provide any remainder documents and requests them to send the signed acceptance letter back.


What is The Glen Address?

The Glen currently has two sites, one for men and the other for women. The Glen rehab for men is at Chittaway while the one for women is at Wyong Creek. Both sites are at a ten-minute distance from Tuggerah or Wyong train station. You can always call the rehab and talk to a representative for more information.

What facilities are available to clients who join The Glen treatment center?

The staff members at The Glen rehab provide clients with all meals, bedding, and linen. All residents also have access to a laundry room and gym, along with common rooms that come with televisions. For those who have meetings and appointments to attend outside of the rehab, the treatment center provides a bs and other forms of transport. A doctor based in Tuggerah comes to The Glen every week to discuss each client’s progress and plan a complete medical program for them.

Is The Glen Accredited?

The Glen is proudly accredited by Quality Innovation. Performance (QIP). In 2015, the rehab set a national benchmark for community and health standards by exceeding six of the given standards, including stakeholder management and client service delivery.

What should I bring with me to The Glen?

The staff members advise bringing the following items with you before beginning your 12-week-long residential rehab program at The Glen:

  • $100 to pay a fee for a non-refundable urine test
  • ID documents
  • Reading material
  • A radio, Mp3 player, or iPod with no internet access
  • Personal clothing, including work clothes, going-out clothes, and loose clothes
  • Towels, shaving gear, and personal toiletries

The Glen typically provides bedding and linen to each client, but they are more than welcome to bring their own. Clients can also bring their cellphones with them to use at designated hours.

What is not allowed onsite?

The staff team at The Glen rehab center advises against bringing the following to the rehab before you join a residential program.”

  • Drugs, vapes, and drug equipment
  • Anything that can be used as a weapon, like pencils
  • Pets or vehicles
  • Anything explosive or potentially dangerous
  • Any medication that has not been prescribed by a doctor

What can I expect to happen with my loved on in treatment?

Each client who enters the residential program at The Glen undergo an intense rehabilitative program with evidence-based therapies. To support the recovery process, the rehab has specific guidelines covering the use of mobile phones, family visits, contact, leaves, etc., depending on how long a client has been receiving treatment. The program also includes weekly trips to local shops along with transfers to Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

  • Address The Glen Centre, 50 Church Road, Chittaway Point, NSW 2261