As a non-profit organization, Phoenix House has been serving the people of Tampa Bay, Florida, for more than 30 years. It guarantees to deliver the highest quality of care with respect and professionalism and prides itself on providing practical and accessible treatment to vulnerable teens and adults. This Florida-based treatment center offers adult residential services in separate facilities for men and women and office-based detox programs for drug addiction.

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At Phoenix House Florida, every client receives the highest level and quality of care with respect and no judgments. Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), the programs offered at this treatment center will likely benefit clients in achieving long-term sobriety.

Phoenix House Drug Treatment Center: The History

The history of Phoenix House goes back to the early 1990s when two friends, Whit Palmer and Fred Fisher, struggled to help their sons fight substance abuse and other associated issues. With the help of a friend called Bill Trumbull, both parents found help for their children in a Daytop rehab in New York. Their first-hand experience with their children motivated them to establish a drug rehabilitation in Citra, Florida. Without wasting any time, Whit and Fred put the plan in motion, and after several negotiations and fundraising events, they opened a rehab of their own in Florida in 1994. 

A few years passed by before both co-founders realized how they needed to expand their rehab to meet the growing demand for addiction support. To make this possible, they contacted the Phoenix House Foundation, and with its collaboration, they entered into an affiliation agreement. This affiliation led to the establishment of a new, much bigger, and advanced facility in 1998, which we now know as the Phoenix House Florida.

Operating from the hills of Marion County, this residential addiction treatment rehab currently helps adults and adolescents find their inner strength to gain and sustain recovery.

Phoenix Programs Overview

At present, Phoenix House Florida offers the following programs to its clients:

At Our House

Some people find it more beneficial to step away from their everyday life and accommodation to focus on recovery. Phoenix House Florida offers such people a chance to achieve sobriety with long-lasting outcomes through one of the following gender-based programs:

Citra Men’s Residential Program

The men’s residential program at Phoenix House Florida takes place on its Marion County campus. The program includes gender-specific substance abuse treatment for men and special emphasis on co-occurring behavioral health problems. Other services commonly included in this treatment plan are specialized group therapy, family reintegration assistance, individual treatment planning, health education, and life skills training.

The men’s facility has been designed to allow a well-rounded treatment experience. Additionally, the facility has extra amenities, like tennis and volleyball courts, swimming pools, and workout equipment.

Citra Women’s Residential Program

The women’s residential treatment program takes place in Murray Center, named after Raymond E. and Nancy E. Murray, two long-time proponents of Phoenix House Florida. It is a trauma-informed rehab for women from all across Florida who have been battling addiction and other co-occurring behavioral health issues. The program uses evidence-based practices to support women and help them develop personal responsibility, self-esteem, and trust. Some common elements of this women’s residential program include educational activities, counseling sessions, recreational activities, and family-based programs.

At Your House

This service entails an outpatient treatment program where clients continue to seek recovery while living in their own accommodations. This outpatient program at Phoenix House Florida follows a continuum of care that begins with multiple assessments and ends with recovery.

The outpatient program takes place in Brandon, Florida, and provides the local clients with customized outpatient and intensive outpatient programs per their individual needs. The highly credentialed clinicians are responsible for developing these plans, which include immediate assessments, regular drug testing, and appropriate referrals to residential wards as warranted.

Derek Jeter Center

The Derek Jeter Center provides adolescents with quality care, a family-based support network, and the effective treatment they deserve. The programs offered at this facility are highly tailored and provide assistance with family support, health education, co-occurring mental issues, and other challenges of daily life. The highly trained staff at Phoenix rehabilitation centers ensure that all teens that join treatment at the Derek Jeter Center get access to:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy sessions
  • Research-based care programs
  • Motivational therapy techniques
  • Life-training workshops
  • Health education seminars
  • Family and peer support programs
  • Active learning opportunities


What insurance does Phoenix House Florida accept?

Phoenix House Florida works with most insurance providers and accepts almost all insurance plans, including United Healthcare, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, Cigna, New Directions Behavioral Health, Value Options, Optum Behavioral Health, Centpatico, MHN, MHNet, Aetna, America’s PPO, Compcare, Wellcare, Psychcare, Humana, Magellan, and many others. The rehab offers a self-pay option for clients without an insurance plan within an affordable range.

What other activities are offered at Phoenix House Tampa FL?

The residential and inpatient Phoenix programs offered at this rehab include a full range of recreational and supportive activities. Some of these amenities include a full-size indoor basketball court, a gymnasium, a full-size outdoor pool, a library, computer labs, walking trails, and more. The rehab also offers a Music Program at an on-site professional recording studio where clients can compose, record, and perform their own music.

Is Phoenix House Florida licensed?

Yes, Phoenix House Florida holds accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities or CARF, a nationally renowned standard of excellence. The rehab got this certification extended in 2018, confirming that it is performing at its best and delivering the highest level of excellence to the clients. Moreover, this rehab also holds a license from the State of Florida Department of Children and Families.

Who gets treatment at the Florida House rehab?

Phoenix rehabilitation centers provide evaluation and treatment services to adults and teens struggling with substance abuse with or without a co-occurring mental health disorder. The treatment is available as residential and outpatient programs, including multiple other supportive services and educational opportunities for family members, friends, and other loved ones.

What type of professionals has the Phoenix House Foundation hired?

The primary providers at Phoenix House Florida have licensed professionals with advanced degrees. These include board-certified psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers, licensed mental health counselors, registered nurses, and certified addiction professionals. Additionally, the rehab also employs expert staff members to take care of their clients, including a sous chef, clinical technicians, facilities management, housekeeping specialists, admissions representatives, vocational liaisons, and dietary assistants.

How long does a treatment program last at Phoenix House?

Because each client is different and unique, treatment at Phoenix rehab is individualized to meet their needs. The rehab offers various programs, ranging from one week to as long as one year, depending on client needs, requirements, and response to treatment.

Where is Phoenix House residential rehab located?

The residential treatment program occurs in Citra, Florida, outside Ocala. A map is available on the rehab’s official website to accurately find the location.

  • Address 15681 N US Highway 301, Citra, FL, United States, Florida.