When it comes to addiction recovery, taking the first step is always the hardest. But knowing that you have already moved past this challenge with a professional rehabilitation center like Buena Vista ensures that the process continues to end up in full recovery ultimately.

Buena Vista Recovery Center is an Arizona medically managed inpatient and residential rehab center. Specializing in drugs and alcohol addiction, it offers patient-focused confidential therapeutic and counseling services for various addictions. With four different locations in Arizona, the rehab provides people a chance to seek recovery while enjoying high-class amenities, including private rooms, healthy meals, spectacular sceneries, and various recreational activities. Buena Vista Recovery holds a valid accreditation by the Joint Commission and accepts many private insurance plans to provide affordable treatment to the ones in need.

Why Choose Buena Vista Recovery?

Buena Vista drug & alcohol recovery center of Tucson sets itself apart by ensuring that its clients are at the center of whatever they do. The rehab offers:

Extensive Staffing

The experienced and licensed clinicians, medical personnel, and other staff members at Buena Vista Recovery are some of the best in their relevant fields. These staff members hold Master’s level degrees and have unparalleled experience in addiction treatment.

Comprehensive Services

Buena Vista Recovery partners with national-recognized behavioral health service providers to provide their clients access to all tools and resources for recovery.

Case Managers

Every client at Buena Vista rehab gets a case manager who collaborates with other experts to lay the groundwork for treatment. These case managers then follow the success of their patients and involve their families and loved ones in the recovery process for years to come.

Modern Campus

Buena Vista Recovery provides treatment at a state-of-the-art campus where patients feel safe, secure, and comfortable.

Family and Peer Culture

The positive peer culture at Buena Vista Recovery has helped many clients recover from their long-term addictions and maintain their sobriety. The rehab also promotes a family atmosphere for its clients in which they feel welcomed and loved without fear of judgment. As a part of this environment, clients also learn to nurture healthy relationships while setting boundaries with others.

Buena Vista Recovery Services

Buena Vista rehab currently offers the following addiction treatment services to its clients:


Buena Vista detox program includes evidence-based services directed at clients suffering from addiction. Each client must undergo a detox program to rid themselves of any chemical toxin, drug, or alcohol before they can begin seeking therapy.

As an inpatient medical detox facility, Buena Vista Recovery Arizona ensures that each client undergoes detoxification under the supervision of their board-certified nurses and physicians. This program aims to get patients safely and comfortably through this potentially awkward phase.

Inpatient Rehab

The inpatient rehabilitation campus at Buena Vista Recovery offers residential treatment against addictions in a comfortable and modern campus. Depending on individual needs, each client may receive treatment between 7 to 28 days, during which they reside in a dedicated accommodation assigned by the rehab team. Inpatient rehab includes multiple therapies and counseling sessions that allow clients to identify the root causes of their addictions and help eradicate them once and for all. They will work in one-on-one and group settings with a qualified therapist daily to achieve these goals.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

IOP at Buena Vista Recovery works best for clients who have completed detox or residential treatment and require a step down to a lesser-intensive program. This treatment program provides a full continuum of care at all four campuses in a structured environment, with professional guidance and peer support.

Outpatient Program

Outpatient programs are less intense than IOP and typically include:

  • 12 Steps Approach
  • Individual and Group Therapy Sessions
  • Medical and Psychiatric Care
  • Trauma Workshops 
  • Family Programs 
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention Education
  • Life Skills Development
  • Case Management


Where is Buena Vista rehabilitation center located?

The rehab has the following four campuses providing addiction treatment services across Arizona:

  • Buena Vista Recovery Cave Creek
  • Buena Vista Recovery Tucson
  • Buena Vista Recovery Scottsdale
  • Buena Vista Recovery Chandler

Why is it so important to enter substance abuse therapy after detox?

After completing the detox program at Buena Vista rehab, experts advise clients to enter treatment right away. This is because detox only helps eliminate the physical dependence on a drug and may neglect to address the psychological factors that contributed to addiction in the first place. Therefore, to lessen the risk of a relapse, drug and alcohol therapists use multiple methods to reach clients on how to healthily deal with environmental temptations, social networks, and stressors that may rekindle the urge to misuse a substance.

Why do Buena Vista health and recovery centers offer so many therapy options?

At Buena Vista Recovery center, experts acknowledge how every addicted client comes with its challenges and struggles. The rehab offers multiple therapy options to suit every type of person to ensure that the treatment they receive tailors well to these challenges. Using these options, it becomes easier to individualize a treatment plan and make it more client-centered and recovery-oriented.

What does the Spiritual Guidance Program at Buena Vista Recovery entail?

Buena Vista Recovery center routinely offers spiritual guidance programs to all its clients. The founders of the rehab believe that to build a strong foundation of long-term sobriety, an individual must embark on their spiritual journey. Spiritual growth also serves as a cornerstone of the famous 12-step approach introduced by Alcoholics Anonymous and is crucial for achieving long-term sobriety. Hence, Buena Vista Recovery regularly engages clients in this program by making them participate in key activities, such as daily reflection and prayer, meditation, guided imagery, and more. Many of the team members at Buena Vista live a spiritual, sober lifestyle and are willing to answer all questions related to spiritual guidance from the clients’ end.

Does Buena Vista Recovery accept insurance?

Yes, Buena Vista Recovery does accept different insurance plans and is currently striving to increase the number of insurance providers it works with. The aim is to make the treatment process more accessible and easier for clients and their families. Mentioned below is a list of some insurance companies the rehab currently works with:

  • Aetna
  • United Healthcare
  • HealthNet
  • Coventry
  • Cigna
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Address 8171 E Indian Bend Rd
    Scottsdale, Arizona 85250, USA.