Nushama Wellness is a Pennsylvanian rehabilitation center that offers patients a path of mindful intention setting and ketamine journeys in a safe therapeutic environment under the expertise of a well-trained team. The rehab cherishes healing-focused settings and adopts an approach to reset and reconnect people, encouraging them to find their way back to a good state of well-being. The aim is to improve the world by reconnecting people with themselves and helping them rediscover their life’s purpose.

What to Expect at Nushama Psychedelic Therapy NYC

The therapeutic journeys available at Nushama make use of sub-anesthetic doses of ketamine to help people go on ego-dissolving explorations. Unlike most of the medications that mask the deep responses, ketamine guides patients towards a doorway leading them into consciousness so that they can explore the root cause of their underlying issues. Moreover, ketamine therapies can also help people reframe their personal narrative while working toward a therapeutic breakthrough.

The psychedelic experiences at Nushama Wellness can be calming and relaxing, allowing patients to see fractal patterns and visuals. They may separate patients from their usual state of thinking, making them feel awake on a different plane of consciousness and revisiting past places, people, and events. Many patients may also report feeling a loving and warm state of presence which allows them to compassionately process the traumas of the past that they would otherwise suppress or avoid.

A patient who signs up for psychedelic treatments at Nushama may expect to undergo the following steps:

Medical Assessment

In this step, a team of experts assesses each patient’s medical history and medication use to confirm if they are fit to receive ketamine. This pre-testing phase may include checking blood pressure, ECG, blood and urine tests, etc.


Because of the uniqueness of ketamine therapy, preparing a patient’s mind and body is imperative before beginning. In this step, a team of experts routinely engages with a patient and provides them with information on cultivating a positive mindset while encouraging them to set a goal or purpose before they receive each infusion.

Psychedelic Treatment Sessions

Experts at Nushama typically provide 6 infusion sessions over a period of three to six weeks. A patient may receive up to 2 infusions every week depending on their health status, need, and tolerance levels. All sessions occur in a calm environment with soothing music, and experts constantly monitor their vitals and sedation levels throughout to ensure they remain safe.


As a part of the integration step, licensed therapists or integration coaches closely work with patients to develop insights after each session and integrate them into their lives. The step may also include practicing yoga, meditation, mindfulness techniques, and journaling. The aim is to help patients access their inner healer to achieve lasting change.


If a patient does not have a therapist or wishes to receive extra support, Nushama connects them with therapists who can help patients integrate their learnings into daily life for more effective results. Patients may also receive booster sessions for better outcomes.

Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder at Nushama Wellness

Nushama Wellness Center runs a KARE program that involves an evidence-backed approach combining ketamine sessions with psychotherapy to help people fight alcohol addiction. According to the rehab, this approach carries higher effectiveness than conventional alcohol treatments. The KARE program provides people insights into the underlying alcohol cravings and helps patients understand the deep-seated behavioral patterns that keep them stuck in the cycle of alcohol dependency. It is a way out for people who have tried conventional addiction treatment methods but failed to seek any benefit.

As a part of the KARE program at Nushama, a team of highly-experienced experts delivers 7 sessions over 4 weeks in a safe, therapeutic, and peaceful environment. All seven sessions include psychotherapy, preparatory stages, and successful integration of all critical insights that a patient gains during their journey for lasting behavioral change. Three of these sessions also include IV ketamine infusion sessions that help people explore the root causes of their addiction while reframing their personal narratives to achieve a therapeutic breakthrough.

According to Nushama Wellness, the following points make alcohol treatment at this rehab better than seeking conventional therapy:

  • Alcohol treatment at Nushama includes ketamine infusions which provide an ego-dissolving experience for all patients, allowing them to break free from their usual thought patterns. It also gives them a chance to examine and recognize the underlying causes of addiction and explore their relationship with alcohol. The benefits can be huge when this unique approach combines with traditional therapy.
  • While traditional alcohol rehabs may cost thousands of dollars per month due to extended inpatient care, Nushama Wellness provides exemplary services at a fraction of the cost compared to these traditional setups without compromising on the success rate.
  • Most alcohol programs require patients to participate for up to 90 days for effective outcomes. These long-lasting programs can extremely disrupt daily life, making patients drop out or become non-compliant. On the other hand, the outpatient treatment plan at Nushama only includes seven sessions delivered over four weeks, allowing patients to recover in significantly less time. Moreover, they can quickly attend these sessions while tending to their ongoing responsibilities.


What conditions does Nushama Wellness provide treatment for?

Nushama Wellness provides patients a chance to experience a powerful yet safe psychedelic journey to treat the following conditions: 

What is Nushama cost, and do they have a payment plan?

The cost of treatment at Nushama can vary depending on what a patient wishes to get treatment for and how many sessions they require to recover. The rehab also provides a payment plan to split the total payment into three installments for better affordability.

How should patients prepare before receiving the first ketamine session?

Nushama advises the patients to start their ketamine program preparation well in advance. As a part of this preparation, the rehab guides everyone on how to enter into the sessions with a positive mindset, avoiding alcohol, etc. The clinicians also help patients set clear intentions and provide information for a meaningful and safer first experience. While preparing, it is imperative to know that if a patient does not feel ready at any point, they are free to communicate it with the provider and get support until they feel fully prepared.

How long is each session at Nushama?

Each person may have a variable experience at Nushama. However, for most people, each session lasts for around 45 to 60 minutes. Patients start feeling the effects within 10 to 15 minutes following the administration, and the peak experience happens within 30 to 45 minutes. Most people return to their baseline level of awareness in up to 2 hours following administration.

How does each ketamine session at Nushama make patients feel?

Once patients finish their session at the rehab, their sensations like dizziness may gradually begin to fade out in the next 20 minutes. In the meantime, most people start noticing positive effects, such as elevated mood, in as little as 30 minutes after the infusion is over. Research has also shown that the peak antidepressant effects of the infusion may occur within up to 48 hours following treatment and persist for two weeks.

How soon can a person start feeling improvement after joining Nushama Wellness?

Most people report experiencing improvements in their symptoms within 3 to 12 weeks. However, this timeline may depend on factors like the severity of the underlying issue and the commitment and motivation level of the patient.

Where is Nushama Wellness Center located?

The rehabilitation center is situated at 53rd Street and Madison Avenue. The entrance to the building is adjacent to the E/M subway entrance. Paid parking is available in various lots in close vicinity, such as the one on 54th Street, between Park Avenue and 5th Avenue.

What do Nushama reviews say?

Most reviews about Nushama are positive, calling it a good place for an innovative mental health treatment approach and experience.

  • Address 515 Madison Avenue, 21st floor
    New York, NY 10022