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Located in Chappaqua, Mountainside Treatment Center is a widespread behavioral health network that provides personalized addiction services and programs. The rehab respects each client’s recovery journey and has been proudly serving them for more than two decades with conventional and holistic treatments. By combining innovative clinical therapies with data-driven techniques, the staff team at Mountainside has been empowering clients to transform their lives and achieve long-term recovery.

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The multi-disciplinary team of addiction treatment professionals offers unparalleled support to guide individuals on the road to wellness. Each expert is committed to educating patients and their loved ones about addiction, its effects on life, and the best management course to get rid of it and sustain sobriety.

Programs Available at Mountainside Chappaqua

Mountainside Treatment Center offers various clinical and wellness-based treatments and approaches to cater to client needs. Some of these programs include the following:

Detox Program

Most people dependent on alcohol or drugs require detox to begin their healing journey officially. This critical process involves removing toxic substances from the body and lays the foundation for a healthy life free from addiction ahead. The detox program at Mountainside has been designed to address the patient’s needs. It includes an expert medical team that cares for all patients around the clock and helps them manage their withdrawal symptoms. Counseling and recovery education services are also available for detoxing individuals to better understand their circumstances.

Residential Care Treatment

Inpatient or residential addiction treatment at Mountainside combines medical, holistic, and psychiatric wellness. The program runs for 35 days and acts as a catalyst for people to transform their lives and gain the tools needed to maintain sobriety in the long run. The level of rehab puts clients away from the triggers, stressors, and temptations of daily life and provides a serene, calm, and stress-free environment to heal and recover.

Extended Care Treatment

Many people still require help maintaining their newfound sobriety as they fear that the triggers and negative impacts may cause them to relapse. The extended care programs at Mountainside help these people develop the core skills and abilities needed to prevent relapses while successfully living a healthy and happy life. With professional support and a welcoming peer community, clients can smoothly transition from one treatment phase to another while gaining confidence to live independently.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The intensive outpatient program at Mountainside aims to help people in the early stages of recovery. The program runs over seven weeks and includes 24 well-structured, intense therapy sessions to manage withdrawal, recognize and control triggers, and understand addiction. Individual therapy as part of an IOP allows clients to work privately with their therapist to address their unique issues. Group therapy, on the other hand, helps them find a fresh perspective and learn from other people’s experiences to tackle common addiction-related problems. Following are some common topics discussed as a part of an IOP at Mountainside Rehab:

  • Addiction as a disease
  • The healing process
  • Repairing trust
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Mindfulness
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Creating a support network
  • Awareness and coping skills
  • Managing cravings
  • Cross addiction
  • Building a relapse prevention plan
  • Positive communication
  • Life management

Recovery Coaching

Recovery coaching is available to clients in the first year of recovery. As a part of this service, each client gets a coach who serves as a mentor, partner, support system, and spiritual guide to help them adjust to the newly found sober lifestyle. With constant communication with the coach, clients learn to face the most demanding challenges without compromising their recovery.

Family Recovery Coaching

Mountainside Rehab provides coaching services to their loved ones and their clients’ family members. These coaching services teach them how to support a loved one in recovery best and make positive changes at home to improve family dynamics.

Adolescent Services

Anxiety, depression, academic demands, and peer pressure can also make teenagers vulnerable to drug and alcohol addictions. The adolescent programs at Mountainside Chappaqua have been designed to help such people seek individual help and guidance to get back on the right track.

Telehealth Services

Telehealth services at Mountainside aim to make substance use treatment more accessible for everyone. The rehab uses HIPAA-compliant platforms to establish communications between their experts and clients. As a part of the telehealth programs, clients can attend individual and group therapies, work with recovery coaches, and be a part of peer-to-peer support groups. With this program, nobody has to worry about taking time off work, school, or daily responsibilities to engage in an addiction treatment program.

Remember that telehealth services at Mountainside are currently available for people in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Jersey. All clients must attend these sessions in the state where they live and from where they enrolled in the program. They may need to complete urine screens at their local locations as a part of this program.


How did Mountainside Chappaqua come into being?

Mountainside was established by a group of like-minded people in 1998. They aimed to set up a facility to treat people with alcohol and drug addiction using individualized treatment instead of pre-determined fixed methodologies. These people believed that adding holistic wellness practices in the conventional 12-step and other traditional methods can better equip people with tools to achieve and maintain sobriety.

What is the admission process like at Mountainside Rehab?

The admission process at Mountainside is quick and easy and begins with a 15-minute-long evaluation over the phone. Using these evaluation results, experts can determine if the rehab best fits a person’s needs and the level of care they require for addiction management. The admission experts also simultaneously complete an insurance verification check by liaising with the patient’s insurance company. Once the admission assessment and insurance verification are complete, the team will schedule an appointment to join the rehab.

What types of therapy are available at Mountainside?

Mountainside Drug Rehab New York NY specializes in managing drug addiction and alcoholism. It is also equipped to handle various co-occurring disorders, such as anxiety and depression, that a person may be experiencing alongside their addiction. Each patient works with a licensed clinician and addiction specialist to curate a customized treatment plan that helps them achieve wellness across all aspects of life. During clinical treatment, experts at Mountainside use various evidence-based methods, such as motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness techniques, to allow clients to recognize and manage their behaviors and emotions. To complement these therapies, many alternative wellness therapies are also available, such as acupuncture, music and art therapy, adventure therapy, and yoga, to foster comprehensive recovery.

Will Mountainside Rehab support me once I complete treatment and leave rehab?

Addiction recovery is lifelong after a client finishes their regular treatment plan. Each patient who joins Mountainside gets a continuing care case manager when they arrive at the rehab. This manager must collaborate with the patient and plan the next recovery steps once the treatment ends. These aftercare plans ensure that the clients continue progressing even after leaving Mountainside and keep getting closer to recovery while dodging relapses.

Will my insurance cover family coaching programs at Mountainside?

Unfortunately, insurance does not cover family coaching programs, and clients must pay privately to avail of these services. The admissions team at Mountainside can work closely with clients to find the best financial package that meets their needs without putting too much financial burden.

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