Mountain Vista Farms is a famous rehabilitation center in California, helping people recover from substance use disorders of different types. Originally known as Truman’s Mountain Vista Farms, the facility is one of the oldest to offer addiction treatment services to people in Northern California. Over the years, the rehab has promised and delivered a place for addicts to recover safely under a good level of support.

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Working for the past 25 years, most people who come to seek help from Mountain Vista Rehab find it a secluded, peaceful, and serene place to achieve healing. The accommodations are rustic and straightforward, whereas the surrounding atmosphere is beautiful throughout all seasons. The rehab also focuses on providing a homely experience to all clients who join it for treatment and allows them to find a new life free from addictions. Initially targeted to help people with alcohol addiction only, Mountain Vista CA now provides care and support to people with drug addictions. It has a well-experienced multidisciplinary staff team to cater to client needs and a robust treatment plan to help them achieve their treatment outcomes.

Residential Care Programs Available at Mountain Vista Farms

Residential care at Mountain Vista takes place in an intensive, well-focused environment with 24-hour support and care. This level of care is a critical foundation upon which clients can start building their recovery efforts. As a part of residential care, all patients live in supervised accommodations and supportive environments that help them achieve sobriety and maintain it through various practical coping mechanisms and tools.

The following are the components of a residential care program at Mountain Vista Rehab:


Most people seeking addiction treatments have underlying psychological and physical dependence on one or more substances. A detox is essential for such people to overcome physical addiction. The trained staff at Mountain Vista run detox programs to accommodate such clients and provides them with a safe environment to get through the withdrawal. The rehab currently provides detox services for addictions to opiates, marijuana, methamphetamine, and various prescription drugs, such as benzodiazepines. Most staff members overseeing the detox process are themselves in recovery. Hence, they are familiar with the challenges of withdrawal and can well-support a patient through their personal experiences.


For most clients, rehabilitation at Mountain Vista begins as early as possible, typically during the first day. Many simultaneously engage in detox and rehabilitation to improve recovery outcomes if they are stable enough. The rehabilitative schedule at the rehab includes various activities, such as relapse prevention training, individual and group counseling, psychoeducational sessions, and 12-step support groups. Most rehab programs run for four weeks and follow a carefully structured plan that simultaneously balances wellness, recovery, and recreation. The rehabilitation program at Mountain Vista Farm adopts a holistic approach to nourishing the body, mind, and soul together.

Education and Counseling Services

Mountain Vista provides individual and group counseling to help people manage their distressing issues more realistically while addressing all emotional and physical obstacles in their recovery. Each client who enters treatment gets a primary counselor who guides them through the entire rehabilitation process. In addition to having one-to-one private sessions with these counselors, patients also get to engage in group counseling with people experiencing similar issues. All counseling styles at Mountain Vista Farms are supportive and respectful.

In addition to counseling, rehab incorporates education as an essential component of treatment. Experts conducting these services understand that people who wish to stop using drugs may not know how to do it and may fail. The purpose of educational sessions at Mountain Vista is to raise awareness in all patients regarding addiction and how to overcome it. As a part of this program, experts are also open to answering any queries clients or their loved ones may have.

Relapse Prevention

Experts today know that relapsing into drugs or alcohol is not an event but a process. Hence, it is imperative to learn its prevention as a part of addiction treatment. Mountain Vista conducts three weekly classes to teach all clients skills to beat a relapse. These classes include discussions on various topics, such as high-risk situations, dealing with anger, and post-acute withdrawal syndrome.

Family Program

Family is a crucial part of recovery at Mountain Vista as they require support and help. Every Sunday at the rehab is Family Day, where the family members of each client are invited with the client’s permission to participate in their recovery. The counselor also conducts family sessions during ongoing treatment to improve family dynamics and support recovery. The staff at Mountain Vista welcomes family members who are worried about their loved ones in treatment and can answer their questions in complete confidentiality with the patient’s consent.

Aftercare Program

The staff members at Mountain Vista CA understand that recovery is an ongoing process that requires long-term efforts and dedication. Hence, the facility keeps support when a patient finishes the treatment course. On the other hand, the treatment team works with each client and curates an aftercare program that allows them to engage in continuing care groups for up to two years following initial treatment. These groups occur on-site weekly and at two other locations to cater to more patients.


What is Mountain Vista Farm cost, and how do I pay it?

The treatment cost at Mountain Vista may vary from one person to another, depending on the type and duration of treatment they seek. The rehab accepts many insurance plans to cover the treatment costs, and its admission staff can guide clients regarding insurance verification and treatment costs. If a client is not financially fit for treatment at Mountain Vista, the staff members can refer them to more appropriate services in their area. They can also refer clients to an insurance brokerage specializing in healthcare loans if they wish to borrow funds to cover treatment costs. Remember that the brokerage firm operates independently and has no link with Mountain Vista.

Does Mountain Vista lock up its patients?

All treatment programs at Mountain Vista are entirely voluntary; clients can join them. The rehab never holds anyone against their will and believes dedication is integral to recovery. Someone kept in treatment against their will or based on family pressure is not likely to recover as much as someone getting treatment out of their free will. Nevertheless, the staff members at Mountain Vista ensure that each client who joins the rehab does so with willingness and consent to follow the guidelines once they enter treatment.

Is the treatment program at Mountain Vista Farms licensed?

Mountain Vista is accredited by the State of California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs. Its residential program is approved by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

Can my family participate in my treatment?

Experts at Mountain Vista believe that the family members of an addict also need support, healing, and information. Hence, it runs a family day every Sunday, inviting each client’s family members to participate in their loved one’s recovery. Moreover, the rehab also conducts support groups and educational sessions involving these family members.

Does Mountain Vista provide any women-only program?

The rehab offers many groups that just include female patients. For instance, there are two process groups every week with only female participants and therapists to focus on the specific issues and requirements of this gender.

What is the treatment schedule like at Mountain Vista Rehab?

The treatment team at Mountain Vista engages every client in therapy as soon as possible. For most of them, detox and rehabilitation begin simultaneously. Each client also participates in many other activities, such as individual and group counseling, an educational series, relapse prevention training, and 12-step support group participation. A typical rehabilitative program at Mountain Vista lasts four weeks and includes wellness and recreational classes to support the body, mind, and spirit.

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