Lexington Recovery Center is a community-based addiction treatment rehab aiming to meet the needs of its clients in the best possible way. Working for the past four decades, it caters to everyone stuck in a vicious addictive cycle by enrolling them into a series of programs at different levels of care. With its branches in Dutchess, Rockland, and Westchester counties, the treatment rehab also includes loved ones to make it more effective. It primarily relies on a holistic approach to recovery while acknowledging that true healing comes from a loving support circle.

Lexington Rehab offers innovative programming and treatment to overcome the daunting issues faced by addiction-struck populations. The services offered here are client-centered and community-based, maintaining the highest quality standards. The treatment team considers substance use disorder a chronic issue whose treatment cannot follow a cookie-cutter approach. This non-profit organization remains at the forefront of providing new and successful programming solutions licensed by the Office of Addiction Services and Supports.

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At Lexington Treatment Center, experts focus on offering a recovery program that respects the individuality and dignity of every person that joins it. These programs are affordable and available to individuals of various age groups, including adults, adolescents, and children. These patients can expect to address their needs through a holistic foundation while strengthening their family lives and slowly regaining control.

Programs and Services Offered at Lexington Rehab Center

Lexington Center for Recovery offers many types of services, some of which include the following:

Dutchess County Clinics

These multi-service clinics cater to people struck with addiction in the community. The clinic team involves a licensed psychiatrist, social workers, mental health counselors, and CRPAs who work together to conduct psychiatric and drug use assessments, individual and group sessions, and family therapy. Most of these Dutchess County Clinics also offer medication-assisted treatment to people with alcohol and opioid addictions to help them comfortably get through withdrawal.

The availability of peer specialists as a part of the staff team ensures individualized recovery support and case management. Some services available at these clinics include insurance verification, transportation, arranging appointments, care coordination, and more. Special care programs are also offered to women and individuals in the criminal justice system. Mentioned below are some therapies that experts at Dutchess Clinics use to help patients recover:

  • Trauma-focused individual therapy, such as EMDR
  • Trauma-focused groups, such as MRT, DBT, etc
  • Co-occurring recovery groups
  • Holistic therapy, such as yoga, art therapy, narrative therapy, etc

Day Rehabilitation Program

The day rehabilitation program at Lexington Rehab is for people in the early stages of recovery who require treatment five days per week. It includes various services, such as individual and group sessions, that utilize an evidence-based curriculum. Additionally, clients can attend educational sessions, participate in planned group activities, and use DBT, CBT, and other therapies to recover. Lastly, experts provide trauma-focused counseling and holistic activities like yoga for a more optimized experience.

Opioid Treatment Program

The opioid Treatment Program at Lexington Center for Recovery caters to people who have been abusing opioids for a long time and meet the criteria set for admission. As a part of this program, clients receive medical monitoring, counseling sessions, and methadone maintenance to support their recovery efforts. Additionally, each patient receives care coordination for any extra psychosocial or medical services in the community.

The Seven Challenges Program

The Seven Challenges Program at Lexington Treatment Center is an evidence-based program that targets young people abusing substances. It aims to motivate them and help them commit to an addiction-free life. Using the seven steps in the program, patients can analyze themselves, understand what it will take to give up an addictive lifestyle, and prepare themselves for success. The seven challenges patients accepted into this addiction treatment program overcome with expert supervision are the following.

  • Ability to talk openly and honestly about self, alcohol, and drugs
  • Interpreting what they like about drugs and alcohol and understanding why they were using them
  • Looking at the use of drugs and alcohol and finding out if this substance use has harmed them or could harm them in any way
  • Recognizing their responsibility and the responsibility of others for the problems they are facing
  • Reflecting on where they are currently headed and where they wish to go instead
  • Making thoughtful decisions about life in general and the use of alcohol and drugs in it
  • Following through on these decisions about substance use and lives, and not hesitating in taking a step back and focusing on previous steps if the need arises

Gambling Treatment Program

Gambling is a very powerful type of behavioral addiction that can quickly grow to become unmanageable in many people. Fortunately, Lexington Center provides people fighting this addiction with comprehensive, compassionate, and individualized treatment. This treatment program takes place as an outpatient and aims at people searching for recovery from gambling-related habits. The program accepts both adolescents and adults addicted to gambling along with their loved ones. All patients undergo comprehensive assessments, individual, couples, and family counseling, and group sessions to promote healing. The program guarantees full confidentiality and only discloses information to family and other loved ones after seeking consent from the patient. The New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports has licensed the program, giving everyone a chance to start re-enjoying their lives.

Women and Children’s Program

This program caters to two primary patient categories: adolescents and pregnant or postpartum women. It includes psychiatric services and case management designed to help patients access entitlements while reducing their likelihood of going for a foster care placement. All treatment services in this program are holistic and typically include individual counseling with trained counselors, joint sessions with family members, and group therapy.

Rental Assistance

Lexington Recovery Rehab also provides rental assistance to people who need it. Individuals, such as veterans and homeless families, can benefit from this service to achieve case management and permanent housing. Permanent housing is available for single veterans, families, and chronically homeless people. The rehab also has three transitional apartments allocated for single women with children.

The purpose of introducing rental assistance is to help tenants slowly work toward attaining financial independence through active employment. Moreover, the care team also teaches them how to improve their budgeting skills. People living in Lexington housing get biweekly home visits from the team, which later convert to monthly visits as per the progress rate.


Is the opioid treatment program at Lexington Recovery Center accredited?

The Social Current accredits the opioid treatment center available at Lexington Recovery Center. Moreover, many famous organizations, such as SAMHSA, the New York State Office of Addiction Services and Supports, and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, also license it.

What therapy can I get during my stay at Lexington Center for Recovery?

The treatment plan for each client may differ depending on the severity of their addiction, the level of care they need, and their needs. However, the rehab generally chooses from the following therapies:

  • Private counseling
  • Family sessions
  • Group therapy
  • Recreational activities
  • Life skills training
  • Parent support
  • Coordination of care
  • Home visits
  • Substance abuse education
  • Community involvement
  • Relapse prevention

How long is treatment at Lexington Rehab Center?

The duration of treatment at Lexington is not fixed. It may vary from one person to another depending on various factors, such as the type of substance they are abusing, how long they have been abusing it, the dose and frequency of use, the appropriate level of care needed, and more.

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