Hawaii Island Recovery is a luxury treatment center providing addiction rehabilitation along with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. The integrated programs offered at this rehab provide a chance for everyone fighting alcohol or drug addiction to start a healthier and happier life.

Combining their years of experience with expertise, the staff members at Hawaii Recovery have created a successful treatment model that works for every client regardless of their circumstances. The clinical team at the rehab utilizes evidence-based treatments and time-tested approaches to ensure healing and recovery. It aims to integrate individual therapy into a support system that enhances recovery while promoting exceptional outcomes. With an intake of eight clients at a time, the rehab also commits to providing highly customized care centering around each patient.

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At Hawaii Recovery, clients can expect to seek treatment in an intimate, patient-centered environment that supports healing the body, mind, and spirit. In addition to focusing on the addiction problem, the team of experts also takes into account the co-occurring disorders that might have led to its establishment, including anxiety, PTSD, and depression.

The Detoxification Process at Hawaii Recovery Center

Hawaii Island Recovery offers the best medically supervised detox in Hawaii that includes the following steps:

Step One: Meeting with an addictionologist

A board-certified addiction medicine physician or an addictionologist oversees this step. These experts are trained to assess an individual needs and use them to determine the best course of detox protocols. Depending on the severity of withdrawal symptoms, a client may develop further into the program, the level of care, and the services included in a detox program. This severity of withdrawals usually depends on:

  • The frequency of substance use
  • The average amount consumed
  • The duration of addiction
  • Gender and body weight
  • Current and past medical and mental health history
  • Poli-substance use (using two or more substances or alcohol together)
  • Method of administering substance (for example, orally, through the nose, or into the veins)

Detoxification at Hawaii Recovery is a complete process unique to every client, and the staff members attempt to make it as comfortable as they can for everyone.

Step 2: Detoxing safely

The detox process at Hawaii Recovery takes place under the supervision of the Medical Director, resident managers, and registered nurses. The clients only have one job, i.e., to feel better and stay strong. The staff members attempt to create a space where patients can relax, unwind, and recover peacefully and in complete seclusion without external disturbances. From blankets to room temperature, everything is adjusted as per client needs to help them rejuvenate and gain strength during this tiresome process.

Step 3: Beginning recovery

Once the detox is complete, clients transition into a therapeutic program where they collaborate with the close-knit community at Hawaii Island Recovery. With a motivated heart and a clear mind, they are well-prepared to work towards sobriety with the help of trained therapists and counselors.

Levels of Care at Hawaii Recovery Center

Once a client completes a comprehensive detox program, they may transition into the following levels of care:

Inpatient Treatment

At the residential substance abuse treatment in Hawaii Recovery center, clients can get comprehensive treatment in a healing and tranquil environment. These treatment programs include the best and the most effective modalities to encourage long-term sobriety. The residential rehab has a high staff-to-client ratio to ensure every client has someone to talk to or seek help from around the clock.

The accommodations at Hawaii Island Recovery residential programs are luxurious and comfortable to give the clients a homely feel. They offer privacy and seclusion while providing spectacular views of the nearby environment and the coastline.

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment at Hawaii Recovery is best-suited for those stepping down from residential care plans. These programs give clients the freedom to stay at their homes while visiting the treatment facility to engage in:

  • Relapse prevention skills program
  • Stress management program
  • Social life skills education
  • Family systems
  • Emotional stress and trauma processing
  • 12-step groups

Continuing Care

Continuing care programs at Hawaii Recovery allow clients to build a sober life and maintain it for a long time. The rehab offers a support network to all clients for learning relapse prevention and getting assistance with school, career, family, finances, and relationships.


What does experiential therapy at Hawaii Recovery include?

Experiential therapy at Hawaii Recovery aims to engage the patients through various activities that immerse them in a world of tradition, beauty, and wonder. Some examples of these therapies include ocean-based therapy, nature-based therapy, and educational experiences in Hawaiian culture. Each experience included in this therapy is fully immersive, such as snorkeling in clear waters, plating indigenous trees, or hiking in a rainforest. All activities inspire more accessible states of mind and valuable insights that clients can use to practice long-term recovery.

What happens during pre-admission screening at Hawaii Island Home for Recovery?

The admissions team at Hawaii Recovery uses various nationally-recognized, ethical, and efficient tools to assess every patient for addiction and co-occurring disorders. Common tools that the rehab uses are ASAM patient placement criteria, the DAST-10, the AUDIT alcohol screen, PHQ09, DAST-20, BECKS inventory, and GAD-7 to assess clients’ current mental health and the need for help. A pre-screening assessment usually takes place on a call and continues for 45 minutes, during which a trained Intake Specialist explores more about the client’s social, psychological, and biological history. Every exchange of information during this admissions intake is highly confidential; only the clinical team can access it to decide the appropriate level of care for their clients.

How much does Hawaii Island Recovery cost?

The cost of treatment at Hawaii Island Recovery varies depending on the severity of the addiction and the intensity of symptoms. Moreover, the type of program a client chooses and the level of care they go for can also increase or decrease the program’s cost. Lastly, the choice of accommodation and amenities and the presence of a good insurance plan also decide the final cost of treatment.

How can I verify my insurance at Hawaii Recovery?

Fortunately, Hawaii Recovery accepts most insurance plans; however, their coverage may vary depending on the carrier and individual programs. To determine whether or not your insurance policy covers treatment at this rehab and to what extent, you can call the official phone number of Hawaii Island Recovery to speak with an Intake Coordinator. Alternatively, you can visit the rehab’s official website and fill out the “verifications of benefits” form. The representatives at Hawaii Recovery will start working on the verification immediately and get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Address 75-170 Hualalai Rd., C311a, Kailua-Kona, HI, United States, Hawaii