Harbor Oaks Hospital is a mental health and addiction treatment facility that treats people of various age groups. The rehab includes a group of highly qualified team members willing to provide care and support to people suffering from addiction issues or mental health concerns who require rehabilitation. The staff members respect the dignity of each individual patient while caring deeply about making a lasting change in their lives.

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The treatment philosophy is based on the experience of the team of professionals. The experts at this rehab believe that people can change and consider mental illness and chemical dependency as treatable diseases. Because both of these disorders co-occur, the treatment programs at Harbor Oaks are designed to treat every patient as a whole person instead of only focusing on their symptoms. Harbor Oaks rehab is currently the only freestanding mental health treatment hospital in Macomb County that caters to children and adolescents in addition to older patients.

Harbor Oaks Admissions: What to Expect on Arrival

Once a patient arrives at the Harbor Oaks Hospital, they may expect to go through the following process:

  • A nurse meets with the patient along with their loved ones accompanying them. For pediatric patients, this meeting takes place in the intake area, whereas adult patients go to an appropriate unit to meet with the nurse.
  • The staff members will go through each patient’s personal belongings in their presence to ensure that nothing may potentially harm them during their stay at the hospital.
  • Once the patients move on to the inpatient unit, their family members can no longer accompany them.
  • A psychiatrist meets all patients within 24 hours of their arrival in the inpatient mental health unit. Additionally, each patient also meets with a physician who assesses their history.
  • Each patient at Harbor Oaks gets a social worker whose job is to coordinate their care with their family members during their stay in the hospital.
  • Smoking is only allowed in designated outdoor areas in the adult chemical dependency unit. Patients admitted to this unit can bring unopened cigarette packages; however, the rehab does not allow them to carry loose tobacco. They must also not carry any lighters, as the rehab will provide them.
  • Patients start attending group meetings as soon as they become stable enough. These meetings include educational, psychotherapy, experiential, and therapeutic groups.
  • To ensure the safety of patients and their families, Harbor Oaks work as a locked facility.
  • To allow friends and family members to communicate with patients taking part in therapy at an inpatient unit, all patients must sign a release of information form. This form allows the rehab team to provide their information to their loved ones.
  • Patients who arrive at the hospital with medication must declare it to the attending nurse at admission. All medications that the hospital has in its inventory will be sent back to the patient’s home while others will be kept in the medication room and dispensed after seeking approval from a physician.

Harbor Oaks Psychiatric and Behavioral Health Programs

Harbor Oaks Hospital New Baltimore provides the following behavioral health and

psychiatric programs for individuals of all ages:

Child and Adolescents Program

This program targets individuals between the ages of 4 to 17 and includes: 

  • Inpatient treatment stabilizes both children and adolescents suffering from anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, learning disorders, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, and an autism spectrum disorder
  • Specialized inpatient treatment takes place in units where treatment teams stabilize adolescents and children suffering from developmental disabilities, such as autism.

Adult Programs

These programs are suitable for people between the ages of 18 to 54 and include inpatient programs that provide round-the-clock care. The aim is to stabilize adult patients experiencing addictions, mental health disorders, or both.

Programs for Older Adults

Programs for older adults are suitable for people between the ages of 55 years and above. This typically includes inpatient treatment in an intensive care setting that aims to stabilize them while providing them with health maintenance programming. Additionally, reality-oriented groups are also available to patients who struggle with cognitive concerns like dementia.


Is Harbor Oaks Outpatient Hospital accredited?

Yes, Harbor Oaks has accreditation from The Joint Commission and the state of Michigan.

What is the admission process like at Harbour Hospital?

The intake department at Harbor mental health hospital is staffed with licensed clinicians who provide assistance 24 hours a day per week. Prospective patients can call the intake department or visit the hospital in person whenever they are ready to begin the admissions process. The staff members usually conduct an in-depth assessment to check the patient’s needs at different care levels and verify their insurance benefits. Following this evaluation and the presenting concerns provided by each individual, experts then recommend the most appropriate level of care. The rehab then seeks approval from an insurance company, following which they will welcome patients to treatment.

Can patients smoke at Harbor Oaks Hospital?

No, smoking is not allowed in inpatient psychiatric units. It also provides patients with nicotine replacement options to reduce cravings.

What types of insurance are accepted at Harbor Oaks?

The rehab center accepts most types of insurance plans. It also provides free verification of the insurance coverage to all clients.

What should I carry with me to the inpatient psychiatric unit at Harbor Oaks?

Patients who are coming to the inpatient unit can carry the following items with them:

  • Reading material
  • Three to five outfits
  • Personal hygiene products

Are patients allowed to bring their cell phones or computers with them to the rehab?

The rehab team advises clients to refrain from bringing any electronic devices with them. Those who bring their laptops or mobile phones with them will have to surrender these items to the staff team, who will securely store them and return them on discharge.

What is the accommodation like?

The rooms available at Harbor Oaks provide accommodation for a maximum of two people at a time.

How frequently will I get to see a physician during treatment?

A physician is likely to visit all patients every day throughout their tenure of treatment at Harbor Oaks Hospital.

Does Harbor Oaks accept walk-in patients?

Yes, the rehab accepts walk-in patients; however, some may require medical clearance before officially starting treatment. To prevent inconveniences, Harbor Oak recommends calling the admissions department before arrival.

Can I leave treatment after joining an inpatient program?

Unfortunately, leaving treatment against medical advice is not an option for patients in inpatient psychiatric units. Experts encourage clients who wish to leave to have open discussions with their treatment team so that they can make an informed decision about everything related to their treatment program.

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    United States