Oceanview Long Beach is an adult psychiatric hospital that aims to help people over 18 years of age experience sound mental health. The facility provides a chance to seek inpatient treatment for various psychiatric illnesses along with co-occurring disorders in adult and geriatric patients. It caters to all people who either need stabilization of their acute symptoms or require care during an ongoing crisis.

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Treatment at this rehab center takes place under the supervision of a dedicated team of professionals with high credentials and adequate experience in handling psychiatric patients.

What to Expect From an Ocean View Rehab Treatment Program

Following are the services and key features of joining Oceanview treatment center.

Adult Inpatient Unit

Ocean View Rehab is a psychiatric health facility that includes a 36-bed inpatient unit. The Joint Commission and the California Department of Health and Human Services license the facility. This adult psychiatric hospital in Long Beach has been successfully running since 2010 with full dedication to treating people with psychiatric illnesses who require intensive inpatient services. The rehab provides a unique option for adults with acute psychiatric symptoms to receive quality care in a good setting with comfortable private rooms and tranquil environments.

The Mission

The mission of Oceanview Long Beach is to operate as a community resource that provides the highest quality of inpatient services in a private and professional setting. The treatment experts adopt a multidisciplinary approach to provide individualized clinical care focused on evidence-based treatment and best practices. Oceanview also partners with community organizations and other healthcare providers to assist patients and their loved ones in the best possible way.

High Regard for Privacy

Oceanview wants to make its clients feel comfortable and heal in privacy without external disruptions. Hence, it offers private rooms to all adults with behavioral disorders and psychiatric illnesses. According to the treatment team, these private rooms provide a good atmosphere that promotes healing and recovery in all patients. Moreover, private rooms also help in the alleviation of anxiety that many people face when they come to a new environment. Multiple studies have shown that private rooms also reduces stress and make it much easier for patients to protect their dignity, speed up recovery times, and sleep well. The trained staff members at Oceanview can also differentiate isolating behaviors from a patient’s needs for privacy.

Guaranteed Safety

Oceans psychiatric hospital operates in a safe, private, and secure environment where all patients come voluntarily. The treatment team takes exceptional care of being vigilant of their care while providing them with a private and calm environment for acute symptomatic management. The hospital also believes that its experienced staff members can easily support patients in crisis with cooperation and trust.

Ocean View Treatment Program Components

Mentioned below are the treatment program components at Oceanview Rehab:

Comprehensive Healthcare Programs

Oceanview rehab provides the gold standard of care, offering the most current and effective healthcare practices and interventions to all clients. In addition to providing calm and safe environments, all patients receive individualized care and the attention they need throughout the recovery process. These individualized and comprehensive healthcare programs set them apart Oceanview from other inpatient providers.

Treatment Reflective of Patient Interests

As soon as a patient arrives at the facility, the multidisciplinary team of doctors, medical staff, and therapists work with them through their crisis. The services available at the facility are of high quality and reflect the values, choices, needs, and interests of the patients the rehab serves. Integrating current best practices, client values, and clinical expertise at Oceanview allows the rehab to provide treatment reflective of a patient’s best interests. 

Positive Outcomes

The treatment team at Oceanview offers supportive counseling to cater to individual needs while helping patients identify their personal goals. As patients heal, the staff members continue to adjust these programs as needed to help them make additional progress along the way. The complete integration of the treatment components allows the rehab to support positive outcomes in patients’ lives.


Where is Oceanview located?

Ocean View is a private facility that operates from the fifth floor of the Healthcare Partners building. The building is on the corner of Redondo Avenue and Willow Street. Clients can park their cars in front of the building for free and can enter the parking lot from both Redondo Avenue and Willow Street. In case someone requires after-hours access to the building, the rehab suggests using the call box at the left of the main entrance door to ring the on-duty staff.

Does Oceans psychiatric hospital accept insurance?

Ocean View is in network with many insurance companies, such as Medicare. Other insurances accepted at the rehab include:

  • Aetna
  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • American Psych Systems
  • Avante Behavioral Health
  • L.A. Care
  • Holman Group
  • Beacon Health Strategies
  • Applecare
  • Optum
  • United Behavioral Health
  • US Behavioral Health
  • Western Health Exchange
  • Value Options
  • Care 1st
  • MHN
  • Magellan

Is treatment at Oceanview Long Beach coordinated?

Ocean view rehab is committed to using an integrated approach with community providers. The staff team strongly believes in the importance of establishing good relationships with patients and their community caregivers and may coordinate with them to develop the best recovery plans for all clients.

Is Oceanview accredited?

Yes, Ocean View currently enjoys accreditation by The Joint Commission. The Joint Commission is an internationally recognized organization that is a symbol of quality. Its accreditation reflects an institution’s commitment to successfully meeting specific performance standards.

Can my family members or loved ones come meet me during treatment at Oceanview?

Ocean view allows visitors to come to meet their loved ones during dedicated visiting hours as long as they abide by the visitation rules and policies. Additionally, patients are also free to receive and make phone calls to their loved ones during scheduled times; however, this is not allowed during ongoing treatment activities. The hospital unit operates in a confidential way and can only acknowledge the presence of a particular patient after seeking written permission from them. All patients will have a discussion with their treatment providers regarding the treatment goals related to phone calls and visitors during their stay at the facility.

Can my doctor continue to see me while I am admitted at Oceanview?

Upon admission, each patient gets an admitting psychiatrist and an internist, who coordinate and lead the patient’s treatment during their stay at Ocean View. The rehab has a policy that allows the admitting doctor to collaborate and share information with their patients’ community doctors and caregivers if needed. Note that such collaborations only occur once the patient consented to them in written form. It is also possible for patients to have their own doctor as their admitting psychiatrist. In such cases, this doctor may come to Oceanview to attend to them; however, the rehab requires clients to inform them about this beforehand.

What is the aftercare like at Oceanview Long Beach?

Aftercare may differ for each patient depending on their circumstances and long-term goals and needs. In most cases, discharge planning continues until a patient sets foot in rehab. Most aftercare services include referring therapists and community caregivers to make a patient’s transition back to the community as smooth as possible. At Oceanview rehab, 12-step meetings and support groups form a vital part of the aftercare programs.

Does Oceanview provide detoxification services?

Ocean View Long Beach psychiatric hospital is an inpatient facility that does not offer detoxification. The staff understands that many patients seeking help are suffering from co-occurring disorders and may require medically-supervised detoxification services to assist in recovery. However, such patients are advised to finish the program in a dedicated detox facility before joining Oceanview.

  • Address Ocean View Psychiatric Health Facility, 2600 Redondo Avenue, 5th Floor, Long Beach, CA 90806
    United States