Established in 1992, Genesis House is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center operating in Florida. It offers different types of courses to treat underlying substance addictions through a multi-faceted approach. Addiction treatment aims to provide clients with a safe and nurturing environment where they can completely focus on healing. For this purpose, all treatment programs include the latest evidence-based spiritual, holistic, psychological, and medical resources.

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As soon as patients join Genesis House, they become a part of the community and enter a safe and welcoming environment where they can grow and heal. All programs occur in a safe, secure, and highly private campus with a high sustainable success rate. The rehab also ensures to keep all its patients connected through well-developed aftercare services and alumni events for continued support.

Key Highlights of Treatment Experience at Genesis Luxury Rehab

Genesis House Lake Worth runs evidence-based programs that focus on the ultimate recovery of all clients in the best possible way. Following are the rehab’s values that it incorporates into these programs every step of the way:


Staff members at Genesis House promote cooperation, collaboration, and open communication. The onsite managers promote environments that support staff and allow effective communication. This focus on teamwork, in turn, yields better recovery results.


Genesis House collaborates with many agencies to implement a highly efficient infrastructure and provide evidence-based care.

Member-Directed Services

Every client that enters treatment at Genesis House Florida receives the utmost compassion and respect and an individualized treatment program in a well-supported environment.


The team at Genesis House promotes innovation, creativity, and flexibility at all levels of treatment. This constant encouragement allows new ideas and approaches to be incorporated into treatment to improve its success rate.


All team members at Genesis Alcohol Rehab aim to create an environment where each is responsible for promoting a positive environment with shared respect and enthusiasm to promote the rehab’s mission. These members constantly strive to remove the barriers to receiving addiction help and minimize the stigma attached to the condition to support their patients fully.

Cultural Competence

All staff members at Genesis House Florida are sensitive to the diversity of ethnicity, perceptions, language differences, sexual preferences, religious practices, and cultural beliefs. They also understand the influence of the culture of delivery of support.

Continuous Performance Improvement

The staff team at Genesis House is continually seeking opportunities to improve their personal and professional competencies to better care for their patients and improve the quality of treatment.


All services at Genesis Luxury Rehab are available in a physically and emotionally safe space full of compassionate and caring staff members.

Programs Offered at Genesis House Lake Worth

Genesis House has been offering high-quality substance addiction programs for approximately 30 years. To cater to the varying needs of each client, the rehab provides variable therapies, treatments, and approaches to help everyone in a more personalized way. The clinical staff at the rehab has years of experience in helping people with addictions while cultivating a positive environment and equipping them with the necessary tools for long-term recovery.

Following are the types of treatment programs Genesis Lake currently offers:


Genesis House is a popular place to join a fast detox Florida program. Their ambulatory detoxification processes provide clients with a comfortable and safe environment to adjust and recover. Medical professionals are willing to help all clients in whatever way possible to make their withdrawal experience safer, faster, and more effective. Sometimes, experts may use FDA-approved medications to address the withdrawal symptoms, such as muscle pains, digestive problems, and headaches. For more severe withdrawal cases, stronger medications, such as Suboxone, are also available in controlled doses. Once a person successfully completes a detox program, they can move into residential care.

Residential Program

Residential care provides each client with a primary therapist based on their individual needs. These therapists work with their patients daily to ensure that everything goes by the plan. Patients also have enough opportunities to cultivate positive relationships with their therapists and use these relationships as a tool to recover. Therapists can also help clients identify all problematic areas in life and help them manage these areas through evidence-based therapies. Residential programs may last 30, 60, o4 90 days, depending on how well a client responds to treatment.

Clients live onsite under regular monitoring throughout a residential program and attend daily therapies and groups. Their corresponding therapists monitor their progress and change their recovery plans to guarantee recovery. Individual and group counseling sessions and psychoeducational lectures are available to everyone to learn more about their addictions and figure out the best way to fight them.

First Responders Program

The First Responder Recovery Program provides a chance to uniformed professionals to heal and recover from their mental health issues in a private setting. Clients who join this program can participate in individual and group settings led by specialists with expertise in post-traumatic stress disorder and trauma-informed care. These experts equip clients with the tools and skills to return to work with good mental health. The rehab also provides support for short-term disability and FMLA as needed. Moreover, the staff members coordinate with Employee Assistance Programs, Union Representatives, and Commanding Officers to ensure the safe return of all patients.

Aftercare Services

Once clients complete their treatment program at Genesis House, they can return home and carry on with their personal, financial, and work-related obligations. For such clients, the rehab provides aftercare services to help them remain connected to ongoing treatment and seek constant support in the community. These aftercare services also keep patients accountable for their sober life and help them maintain their sobriety for years to come. Following are some types of aftercare services offered at Genesis House Florida:

  • Sober Living Homes: These homes accommodate people who have completed inpatient treatment at Genesis Rehab but are not ready to return to their homes and start an independent life.
  • Meetings: These meetings follow a 12-step approach and occur on-campus and in local communities to continue ongoing care.
  • Alumni Programs: Alumni programs allow clients to stay connected to the facility and their peers for extra support.


What is the treatment philosophy at Genesis House?

The philosophy of Genesis House considers substance addiction as a three-fold disease that affects a person’s spiritual, emotional, and physical sides. The treatment team strongly believes in the efficacy of involving the 12-step program for recovery, as the approach has proven successful for many people across the country. At Genesis House, it is a common understanding that recovery from addiction can be extremely painful and difficult. Hence, the treatment program must include compassion, kindness, and care without judgment, stigma, or discrimination.

What is the campus like at Genesis House?

The Genesis House operates from a vast campus with eight buildings surrounded by beautiful lawns. The inpatient residential facility has lush landscaping and a clean pool where clients can sit and bask in the sun to go for a swim. All administrative offices are close by and operate from apartment-style housing centers, which gives clients easy access to the staff members whenever needed. Most people who have been to the Genesis House describe its environment as relaxing and cozy, as the staff members constantly try to keep everyone comfortable and at peace.

  • Address 4865 40th Way S, Lake Worth, FL 33461, United States.