Located in Tequesta, Florida, Futures Recovery Healthcare is an addiction treatment facility that offers comprehensive detox, residential, and outpatient services to people fighting substance abuse and other associated conditions. In addition to the provision of evidence-based therapies rehab also has specialized programs that provide clients with different holistic and experiential therapies and cater to special groups, like veterans and first responders. The facility uses individualized approaches to managing the complexity of the client’s behavioral health concerns and delivers high-quality care in a compassionate and empathetic environment. It also acknowledges the importance of providing integrated and continuous care and routinely works with its alumni group to ensure long-lasting recovery.

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Futures Recovery Healthcare openly embraces the complexity associated with behavioral healthcare and uses it to empower its clients along with their families to live drug-free life. As a mission-driven organization, it believes in delivering coordinated and intensive care based on evidence-based therapies for better treatment outcomes. The programs available at Futures Recovery recognize the issues associated with substance use and the co-occurring mental health conditions and focus on helping patients establish long-term recovery approaches. Using these approaches, patients at Futures Recovery Healthcare can maintain a strong foothold in recovery and keep walking on the path to restoring a productive, joyful, and authentically healthy life.

Quality of care and patient experience are the two most important factors that Futures Recovery Healthcare particularly focuses on. As a result, it employs only licensed and highly-qualified professionals with sufficient experience in their relevant fields to treat people who walk through the rehab’s doors. The management team at the rehab works tirelessly to foster a positive environment that centers on each patient, prioritizes their dignity, maximizes treatment efficacy, and helps them become an exceptional member of the community.

The Four Pillars of Care at Futures Recovery Healthcare

All treatment programs at Futures Recovery Healthcare are based on the following four pillars that ensure that each client receives well-rounded care:

Medical Services

Medical services at Futures Recovery Healthcare include safe detoxification and physical stabilization approaches that help improve the overall functioning of every patient while alleviating their painful symptoms.

Clinical Neuropsychology

Futures Recovery Healthcare uses clinical neuropsychology and psychotherapy to assess and improve the cognitive processes in their patient, educate them about their ongoing issues, and help them build resilience.

Neurorestorative Care

This approach helps retrain all maladaptive brain patterns to recognize negative addiction triggers while promoting positive behaviors.

Wellness Programming

Wellness Programming focuses on physical fitness, nutritional counseling, physical care, bodywork, hypnotherapy, and mindfulness practices to unify the healing of the body and mind while restoring the client’s spiritual connection.

Levels of Care at Futures Recovery Healthcare

All patients who join Futures Recovery Healthcare may choose to seek help at the following two levels of care, depending on how severe their addiction is.

Inpatient/Residential Care

Individuals who present with more severe addiction issues that require constant monitoring and supervision by experts can opt for a residential care plan. This program takes place in Tequesta, Florida in a facility that offers a broad range of mental health and addiction services, including psychiatric care, detoxification, integrated physical therapy, psychotherapy, and recreational and wellness services. The duration of stay in a residential program varies from one client to another and depends on the results of an in-depth biopsychosocial assessment that each client undergoes at the time of admission. The facility dedicated to inpatient care spreads to a 9-acre treatment center that ensures security, privacy, and comfort.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

The intensive outpatient program at Futures Recovery Healthcareincludes at least 3 hours of therapy per day for three days a week. All therapeutic services take place on an outpatient basis which means that clients do not need to reside on-site to participate in them. The IOP at Futures also provides a step-down treatment level for clients who have completed the residential program but still require continued treatment.


Does Futures Recovery Healthcare hold any accreditation?

Yes, Futures Rehab Florida has been accredited by the Agency for Health CareAdministration (AHCA) and The Joint Commission. Both agencies hold high ranks and reputations and have been involved in maintaining the quality of mental health services locally and nationally.

How qualified are the professionals at Futures Health Care rehab?

All clients who join Futures Recovery Healthcare get treatment from licensed healthcare providers and accredited therapists. The medical director of this facility holds an MD from the University of Iowa and has completed her general psychiatry training followed by a fellowship in addiction psychiatry from the University of Miami. She also holds a certification from the American Society of Addiction Medicine and has been working in the addiction recovery field for years. Additionally, all primary therapists at the facility are properly credentialed, licensed, and hold a master’s or a doctoral degree in their relevant fields. The entire clinical team has highly-trained experts with years of knowledge, experience, and diversity in their clinical approaches. These experts also hold information about different methods of psychotherapy and other treatments to ensure the provision of customized care to address different patient needs.

Does Futures West Palm Beach accept insurance?

Yes, all campuses of Futures Recovery Healthcare accept insurance plans from different major insurance providers, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and United Healthcare. Customers can get in contact with its admissions team to check if their insurance coverage is applicable. Alternatively, they can also fill out an online form available on the company’s official website for verification of their insurance plan.

What amenities does Futures Recovery Healthcare offer?

The mental health programs at Futures Recovery Healthcare include different amenities, such as private bedrooms and bathrooms, internet, television, and a well-maintained shared common space. Clients can also opt for private single suites according to their personal preferences. The wing dedicated to mental health programs includes nursing stations and medical suites that allow patients privacy. Additionally, the 9-acre campus of Futures Recovery Healthcare allows clients to freely participate in group and individual therapy houses, recreation, medical checks, wellness activities, and self-care activities with peace of mind and complete privacy.

What are Futures Recovery Healthcare costs?

Futures Recovery Healthcare does not have any fixed treatment costs for the programs they offer. The exact price depends on the services that each client requires, the length of their stay, and the level of care they opt for along with multiple other factors. To determine an estimated cost of treatment, the rehab has hired multiple insurance utilization specialists who work closely with patients and their insurance providers to manage their claims and advocate on their behalf. If an insurance plan does not cover treatment, clients are responsible to make alternative arrangements.

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