Avenues Recovery Center has provided unparalleled alcohol and drug addiction treatment to the local communities for years. Operating in five different states of the U.S., it offers family-based addiction treatment to its clients to help them achieve lasting recovery.

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The facility performs in-depth intake assessments and evaluations on each client to help them receive personalized care. Treatment takes place in a modern setting under the supervision of highly experienced professionals dedicated to patient recovery. The drug and alcohol addiction programs focus on each client as a whole person and aim to treat them spiritually, physically, and mentally.

What Avenues Recovery Center Offers

Avenues rehab offers a top-of-the-line Indiana professional recovery program that includes the following steps:


Detoxification is usually the first step for long-term addiction treatment. It allows clients to cleanse their bodies from toxic residues so they can focus on receiving behavioral therapy later on during treatment. The process takes place under the supervision of highly-experienced detox specialists who ensure 24/7 monitoring of patients. They may use therapies and medications to handle the painful withdrawal symptoms and make the process more bearable for clients. The detox duration at Avenues Recovery typically varies; however, most clients move on to residential treatment within seven to ten days.

Residential Treatment

Individuals enrolled in residential treatment in Avenues Recover Center live and recover in a safe environment free from all triggers of addiction. A team of professionals continues to monitor them around the clock while removing complications, stressors, and obstacles in daily life. As a part of residential treatment, clients can entirely focus on recovery and getting well. Most people join residential treatment once they have detoxed entirely and are ready to receive behavioral therapy to address the psychological causes of their addiction. Along with treating the underlying substance use disorders, the rehab also focuses on managing co-occurring disorders, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and bipolar disorder.

Partial Hospitalization (PHP)

After residential treatment, most clients at Avenues Recovery Fort Wayne step down to a partial hospitalization program. A PHP is a well-structured and evidence-based addiction treatment approach in which each client spends five hours per day in therapy for five days a week. The program allows clients to attend therapy during the designated period and return to their homes once they are finished. It also provides an option of staying in a protected environment of a sober living facility to clients who still feel unsafe enough to return to their homes.

The PHP at Avenues Recovery gives clients an opportunity to take part in different wellness activities, holistic therapies, evidence-based treatments, and individual and group therapies. It also regularly involves the family members of its clients to increase the success of this rehabilitation program. All clients enrolled in partial hospitalization programs also get free transportation services.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) follows a partial hospitalization program and includes intensive counseling and clinical therapy. As a part of this program, clients continue to grow and achieve recovery while maintaining their responsibilities and employment. The program allows these clients to continue developing recovery skills while educating them on common topics. Other elements of an IOP at Avenues Recovery Center include leadership training, communication skill building, and relapse prevention. As a part of IOP, clients need to spend 3 to 4 hours in therapy three days a week. The rehab also ensures active participation from their clients’ families to ensure continued recovery.

Outpatient (OP)

The standard outpatient program at Avenues Recovery Center allows further growth and valuable maintenance for each client. The program typically includes one group and one individual session conducted every week. These sessions are individualized according to each client and aim to help them achieve a healthy balance between their daily life and recovery. The outpatient program works on a flexible schedule, and its length depends on the specific needs of each individual.

Sober Living

Avenues Sober Living Homes allow clients in recovery to transition into everyday life with ease and comfort while minimizing the risk of a relapse. During their stay in these residences, every resident shares daily responsibilities and tasks of home life. Clients also observe curfews, attend mandatory group meetings, and undergo random drug testing to ensure sobriety. They prepare meals, complete house chores, and participate in house meetings. Evenings and weekends at these sober living homes are full of fun activities, such as go-karting, hiking, rafting, and other sporting events.


Will I get evaluated before joining Avenues Recovery Center?

Yes, each client typically undergoes an intake evaluation where they meet with a medical professional and an addiction counselor. Both professionals review the client’s current health, medical history, and substance use patterns. This assessment aims to place each client in a treatment program that best suits their needs. Therefore, the care team at Avenues Recovery encourages every client to be completely honest and open about themselves from the staff. This will help the experts provide you with the best care.

Does Avenues Treatment Center offer dual diagnosis programs?

Yes, the experts at Avenues Recovery Center acknowledge how people can sometimes struggle with multiple problems at a time. Problems like depression and anxiety commonly co-occur in those with an underlying substance use disorder. In such circumstances, the treatment plan must focus on both issues simultaneously to ensure recovery. For this purpose, the facility extends dual diagnosis services that ensure that each client gets screened for all possible co-occurring disorders and gets treatment accordingly.

Will I get medications during my treatment at Avenues Fort Wayne Indiana?

Yes, all campuses of Avenues Recovery Center provide medications like Vivitrol and Suboxone to manage withdrawal symptoms in patients as needed. The use of these medications makes the treatment program more comfortable and safer. The team of medical professionals at Avenues Recovery performs a thorough evaluation during the intake to determine whether someone needs medications to support their detox process.

Is there something I cannot bring with me to Avenues Recovery?

Yes, Avenues Recovery Center prohibits clients from bringing the following items with them:

  • All electronics, including iPad, iPods, laptops, computers, video games, and cell phones, unless the treatment team has authorized it
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Weapons of any type
  • Cologne, perfumes, or mouthwash containing alcohol
  • Valuable items, such as jewelry, large amounts of cash, or designer goods

How can I pay for treatment at Avenues Recovery Clarksville Indiana?

The admissions team at Avenues Recovery Center can work with every client and sort out their payment issues. The rehab works with multiple insurance providers and provides free-of-cost insurance verification to all customers. Those who do not have any insurance benefits can ask for payment plans to cover the cost of their treatment.

What are different Avenues locations?

Avenues Recovery rehab operates from different campuses covering Pennsylvania, Indiana, New Hampshire, Maryland, and Louisiana.

  • Address 821 Fieldcrest Rd
    Cambridge, Maryland 21613, United States