Operating from multiple locations throughout the United States, Evolve Treatment Center provides a safe, productive, positive environment for teens to undergo real change daily. Patients who join this rehab live in a homely treatment center and engage in programs specifically targeting and improving their overall health and recovery. The rehab takes pride in the fact that their treatment centers do not feel or look like conventional rehabilitation centers as they harbor a warm, welcoming, and intimate environment for teens to feel comfortable in. In this family-style rehab, every patient gets a chance to live comfortably, get three healthy home-cooked meals a day, and spend the day in family style. The outpatient spaces at Evolve rehab center also have the same feel, with high levels of comfort and an ambiance conducive to recovery and healing with open communication.

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The staff members at Evolve Mental Health Rehab engage in imagination and encourage all teenagers to drive their recovery. They also help families discover their true potential and contribute to their loved one’s recovery in the best possible way. The care team works closely with every teen and ensures to tailor every moment of their treatment to meet their individual needs. The clinical experts use evidence-based, solution-focused therapeutic practices and formulate in-depth recovery plans that continue to change as clients progress. The team focuses on capitalizing on each patient’s strengths and cultivating a compassionate, authentic, and caring atmosphere where everyone gets the best chance at recovering.

 Various Programs Offered by Evolve Treatment Center

Residential Programs

Evolve Residential Treatment Center caters to adolescents between 12 to 17 years struggling with addiction, mental health issues, and behavioral problems. These teens continue to live on-site with 24/7 support and monitoring. The rehab entertains adolescents from all over the United States and helps them achieve recovery through its accredited programs that offer a high level of excellence in clinical care.

Residential care at Evolve rehab center harnesses the power of family dynamics by providing an atmosphere that feels and looks like home. The treatment centers are small, quiet, and serene and only have up to six teens at a time to ensure individualized treatment and care. Every resident feels at a personal recovery center undergoing a plan that truly meets their therapeutic needs. The support staff and clinical experts that overlook every resident are handpicked to provide the highest level of humanistic care. The onsite team includes nurses, therapists, and psychiatrists with adequate training and experience in their relevant fields. The counseling staff includes master-level interns, experienced clinicians, and experienced recovery coaches, bringing an elective and diverse background to the overall treatment experience. Evolve Treatment Center tries its best to have at least one on-site member who has kids of their own so that they can help the teens get through their everyday challenges in a better way.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

The partial hospitalization programs or PHP at Evolve Treatment Center Danville provide full-day treatment to all teens while allowing them to live at home. This level of care is an effective alternative to inpatient or residential treatment and best suits those who are stepping down from a higher level of care but still require a more structured treatment than a traditional outpatient program. The PHP at Evolve Mental Health Center takes place for five hours per day, five days a week.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

The intensive outpatient programs (IOP) at Evolve Treatment center support adolescents between the ages of 12 to 17 years who continue to live at home and attend their academic activities but require extra support to overcome their mental health challenges. The IOP centers of Evolve rehab are working at different locations, including Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Jose, and San Diego.

As a part of the intensive outpatient level of care, the teens continue to engage in half-day of the professional treatment while attending school and spending time at home during the other half. An IOP’s approach is an effective alternative to PHP and residential treatment and best suits those who require more structure than a conventional outpatient program but wish to continue performing their daily responsibilities side by side. As a part of the IOP at Evolve, patients receive three hours of treatment three to five days a week.

Virtual Outpatient Programs

Given today’s hectic lifestyles, many teens cannot take part in standard in-person treatment. Evolve Treatment Center has launched virtual outpatient programs to entertain all such clients that allow teens to receive therapy and support from the comfort of their homes. These virtual programs utilize the same curriculum as the other rehab programs to ensure the highest quality of treatment. The board-certified therapists and psychiatrists at Evolve use HIPAA-compliant videoconferencing mediums to communicate solution-focused, evidence-based, and data-driven therapy at different levels of care. The experts also maintain the same level of engagement with all of their clients as in other programs to know them in-depth and provide them with the care they need in individualized ways.


Who can benefit the best from outpatient treatment?

Because every teenager is different with unique challenges and needs, it is impossible for experts to assign a particular level of care without meeting them and assessing their problems in detail. The outpatient program generally is suitable for children who have never taken part in any treatment or therapy for mental health, behavioral issues, or addiction. They work best for those who wish to engage in more structured treatment than weekly psychotherapy sessions but cannot fully devote themselves to an inpatient level of care because of their other responsibilities.

How do I know if my teen needs detox?

Determining if a teenager requires detox or not can be pretty difficult for a parent as they may not fully know the extent of their drug use. Several factors need to be considered to determine this, such as what drug they are using, what is their daily dosage, how long they have been abusing it, etc. The admissions team at Evolve Treatment Center can perform initial assessments to gather this information and use it to help parents and clients make the right choice.

How many hours per day will a teen receive treatment in residential care?

Treatment continues 24 hours a day throughout the week in a residential care unit. Each teen engages in active therapy for 3 to 4 hours a day. Keep in mind that this time duration does not exclude the experiential treatment and other support activities the rehab may offer them.

What’s the typical length of PHP treatment?

The length of PHP at Evolve rehab may vary depending on different factors. However, it typically lasts for 30 days in most cases.

What does Evolve Treatment cost?

The cost of treatment at Evolve varies on a case-to-case basis. For an appropriate estimate, consider talking to an admission specialist.

What are Evolve Treatment Center locations?

Evolve Treatment Center has fully functional rehabs in Southern California and the Bay area, including Danville, Ojai, San Diego, San Fernando Valley, San Jose, Cole Ranch, Calabasas, etc.

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