Elev8 is a substance use disorder treatment facility with state-of-the-art facilities to help patients recover in serene, comfortable environments. The treatment staff at the rehab believes that healing must begin from within and provides the necessary support to clients to recover spiritually, mentally, and physically. The innovative treatments available at Elev8 drug rehab include diverse treatment programs in a peaceful environment, setting patients onto a path to a happy, healthy, and wholesome life. With a diversity of programs at Elev8 centers, patients can expect to resolve their acute addiction-related problems while equipping themselves with tools to maintain this recovery for years.

As a progressive, modern organization, Elev8 promises each client to treat them with kindness and compassion. Its mission is to promote well-being and health from within with the help of a professional team that includes therapists, nurses, caretakers, and physicians. The rehab uses a combination of scientifically-proven treatments to manage compulsive behaviors. Moreover, it also incorporates activities that help patients re-discover their independence and inner strengths. At Elev8 rehab, clients also receive family support, which is believed to be a crucial step for healing.

The highly qualified team of professionals at Elev8 detox and rehab center is dedicated to curating personalized treatment programs for every client per their needs. These programs include rehabilitation, support, and multiple wellness practices to stimulate confidence and health. The rehab team is available round-the-clock to provide any additional help that clients may need depending on their circumstances.

Wellness Services at Elev8 Treatment Center

Every addiction program at Elevate drug rehab includes a wellness program to complement psychological therapies. These wellness programs help clients promote confidence and successfully get through day-to-day activities. Patients who wish to access these wellness therapies can expect to achieve the following:


The ethical principles of yoga at Elev8 treatment center include the following:

  • Non-violence
  • Personal dignity and respect
  • Speaking the truth
  • Personal restraint
  • Avoiding stealing and jealousy

These concepts are essential for people who wish to seek a drug-free life. As participants in Elev8 move along the different recovery stages, they learn the importance of these values again. The yoga sessions also help them develop self-awareness to achieve inner peace of mind and equilibrium. Moreover, yoga also helps them control their substance use cravings and anxiety. The yoga experience for each patient is personal and helps them achieve their goals individually.


Meditation services at Elev8 Centers of New York help patients control their thoughts and focus more on the present. This beneficial approach gives them a safe environment to deal with uncomfortable situations and thoughts while controlling their stress levels. Clients in this wellness therapy eventually learn how to manage their depression and anxiety while increasing self-awareness.


Many people suffering from substance use disorder require simultaneous healing of their mind and body to achieve recovery. Elev8 rehab includes exercise as a part of their routine treatment plans. Exercise has been linked with many measurable and proven benefits, including drastically improving mood. People dealing with addiction management can easily get irritated and experience low moods, and exercise can help them regulate emotions. Moreover, physical activity can also teach them how to deal with stress, uncertainty, and other life changes while instilling self-confidence and more self-awareness.

Nutrition and Mindfulness

Nutrition is one of the most important aspects of addiction recovery. Most people who have been struggling with substance use disorder have poor dietary habits and require urgent attention due to the potential deficiencies they may have. With this concept in mind, Elevate Detox and Drug Center includes the best nutritionists on its care team to teach clients how to eat healthily. Healthy eating also helps speed up recovery and leads to better treatment outcomes.

Support Services at Elev8 Rehab

The founders of Elev8 understand how difficult it can be to find a place in society after attending rehab. Difficulties with housing and employment can also greatly increase the chances of experiencing a relapse. Elev8 drug rehab offers many support services to its residents to minimize these relapses and encourage a smoother transition. These services generally include the following:


Depending on how severe an addiction is, patients can face numerous difficulties finding a house in society once they return. Many do not have a place to return to, while others do not feel ready to start living independently. Elev8 Rehab offers housing support services for such people, providing drug-free, safe environments where they can consider restarting their lives with peace of mind. Patients living in these housing arrangements can continue working or attending school during the day and return to the safety houses later. The time they spend in these recovery housing helps them heal and nurture with minimal risk of relapses.

Legal Assistance

Substance addiction shares close ties with legal issues. Many addicts who approach Elev8 rehab have been in trouble with the law under the effects of drugs. While they are willing to change their behaviors by joining the rehab, this does not exempt them from their legal responsibilities. However, Elev8 tries to simplify life for them by letting them entirely focus on their recovery while taking care of their cases. The staff members help them contact a qualified attorney to resolve their legal inconveniences without disturbing their ongoing treatment.

Insurance Registration

Most people struggling with addiction have a lot going on in their lives. Hence, many face problems with paperwork and financial handling when they try to join a rehab. Many of them find it confusing to seek information about insurance registrations and wish to get to the treatment phase as soon as possible. The staff members at Elev8 try their best to make all these insurance registration formalities and processes easier for clients so that they can only focus on recovery.

Food Assistance

Food assistance service is available to all residents of the Elev8 rehab center on request. Regardless of the reason, the kind and courteous staff is willing to provide access to healing eating options that facilitate the recovery process. Each ingredient that goes into a client’s diet under the food assistance program is well-thought and carefully picked to help them heal faster and better. The food assistance program runs on the concept that having a healthy body can make achieving an overall healthy life easier.

Job Training

Financial independence can positively impact addiction recovery, and experts at Elev8 understand it. This is why the rehab provides comprehensive job training and support to all residents enrolled in treatment. Thanks to support with job placement and vocational tests, everyone can earn some income and feel productive.


What types of treatment services are available at Elev8 centers?

Elev8 centers provide various addiction treatments depending on clients’ needs and requirements. Typically, the following levels of service are available to them when they begin:

  • Detox program
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Outpatient treatment services
  • Residential treatment program

Does Elev8 Rehab accept insurance?

Elev8 centers accept most private insurance. The rehab also has a well-structured and organized admissions system that makes it more convenient for patients to make good decisions without feeling pressured.

  • Address 151 West 136 Street, New York, NY, United States, New York.