Operating from Calistoga, California, Duffy Napa Valley Rehab is a premier addiction treatment center extending its services to adults over the age of 18 years belonging to all genders. It offers detox, residential, and outpatient programs customized to meet the unique needs of each client it treats successfully. The team of experts at Duffy’s rehab uses different evidence-based therapies, including individual and group therapy, and various experiential therapies like yoga, art, and meditation to make a recovery possible. The holistic treatment experience that one gets to enjoy at this rehab has helped up to 38,000 families so far against addictions and their associated struggles.

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At Duffy’s Napa rehab, the mission is to help individuals overcome addiction and recover through specialized programs focusing on education and skill development. The rehab treats each client with respect, compassion, and dignity and joins them on their recovery journey while offering them ongoing support.

Duffy Napa Valley Rehab Services and Programs

Mentioned below are the treatment programs that Duffy’s rehab currently offers its guests:


Before engaging in therapeutic services, this Northern California rehab gives its guests a chance to rid their bodies of the substance of abuse for a better recovery. Known as detox, this program caters to individuals with addiction to alcohol, methamphetamine, prescription painkillers, and more. The process takes place in a comfortable and safe environment with round-the-clock supervision by experienced team members. Once a guest finishes detox, they can transfer to a structured program to seek behavioral therapy and minimize relapse.

Foundational Program

This level of care at Duffy Napa Valley Rehab provides its guests with the support and services they need to set a solid foundation to build a happier, healthier, and addiction-free life. Foundational programs allow clients to spend enough time in a nurturing, supportive, and healing environment without ignoring their family, occupational, or academic obligations. A typical schedule for a foundational program includes a mix of discussions, learning sessions, and counseling coupled with enough time to exercise, relax, socialize, eat, and sleep.

Extended Care Program

The purpose of extended care programs at Duffy’s rehab is to allow guests to receive continuous support even after the completion of their treatment. The program includes 60 to 90 days of intensive ongoing treatment services, such as medication management, family support, individual and group therapy, and multiple experiential therapeutic opportunities. Extended care programs are highly personalized to help individuals identify and achieve treatment goals.

Continuing Care

Continuing care plans at Duffy Napa rehab focus on individuality to provide the best treatment outcomes for everyone. Since each person struggles uniquely with substance abuse, rehab does not follow a one-size-fits-all approach for everyone. Instead, the dedicated team members work closely with each guest separately to devise a plan that addresses their specific goals and needs. Discharge planning for every guest begins from the very first day of treatment. The finalized plan allows everyone leaving the rehab to smoothly transition back to their community without putting themselves at risk of relapses.


Does Duffy Napa Valley Rehab follow the 12-Step program?

Yes, the 12-Step program and other philosophies of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous serve as the foundation of the treatment programs and educational curriculum at Duffys rehab. The foundation program considers the first three steps, whereas extended care services focus on steps four to seven. Moreover, each client participating in education sessions receives handouts and workbooks on the 12-Step program approach.

Is Duffy’s Calistoga another center for peer-led meetings?

While peer-led meetings can be an excellent platform to learn and overcome many challenges related to addiction and psychiatric issues, these are usually not enough to address them adequately. Hence, the treatment programs at Duffy Napa Valley also include a well-structured and detailed educational curriculum. This means that clients will spend most of their time attending these educational workshops and classes, with some peer meetings now and then.

Will I get a personal counselor at Duffy’s rehab?

Yes, every resident at Duffy’s will get their personal counselor within 48 hours of admission. This counselor will provide them with one-to-one sessions to bond with them in a better way and help them overcome their obstacles with a more personalized approach. Apart from the private counselor, the rehab always has at least one counselor on call, whose responsibility is to tend to any critical situations.

If I opt for extended care programs, will I go through the same programs and curriculum once again?

No, the extended care programs at Duffy Napa Valley Rehab have been exclusively designed to build on their standard curriculum. So clients who opt for it will not just have to go through a similar experience as in foundational programs. Instead, aftercare programs will equip them with new workshops and recovery tools while providing opportunities for personal growth.

Will I get any support once I finish treatment and leave Duffy’s?

Yes, everyone who completes treatment from Duffy’s become a permanent part of their family. The care team tries its best to provide them with as much support as possible to achieve sobriety and maintain it in the long run. Every client who finishes a 30-, 60-, or 90-day program at this rehab receives an additional 90 days of weekly support without any extra charges. In addition to this, the facility keeps calling them for free follow-ups for up to a year after they leave rehab. Each client is encouraged to participate in their open meetings and take advantage of them for recovery.

Will my family get any training during my treatment?

Duffy Napa Valley Rehab claims to provide a family solution to each client who approaches them with a problem. With the client’s consent, the rehab experts can include their family members as an integral part of their education and recovery. To make it happen, Duffy arranges group sessions and meetings to cater to these families. Moreover, it also encourages them to visit their loved ones in recovery during rehab. The purpose of these extra efforts is to ensure that each guest at this facility can enjoy a happy life with their loved ones.

What are Duffy’s prices?

The cost of treatment at Duffy Napa Valley Rehab varies depending on each client’s circumstances. Call the rehab today to talk to a representative and get an estimated quote for the treatment cost.

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    Calistoga, CA 94515