Situated on Tropical Hutchinson Island in Southern Florida, Beachside Rehab is a popular private rehabilitation center that offers alcohol and drug treatment services. Regardless of what a person has gone through in the past or what goals they have set for themselves in the future, this facility aims to show them the right way. Combining a holistic approach towards addiction treatment with the conventional 12-step program, each individual who joins this Fort Pierce rehab center comes in a better position to reclaim their life. This unique approach has empowered it to help hundreds of people to achieve a healthier and happier life.

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The experts at Beachside treatment center utilize body, mind, and spiritual elements to enhance the recovery process while minimizing the risk of relapses. They understand that every person has a unique set of circumstances; hence, it provides specialized treatment for each of them.  The facility lies close to many state preserves and parks and anyone who joins it immediately feels at home. The island setting allows clients to put their minds at peace and ensure that they are in a good place.

What Treatment Entails in Beachside Rehab Florida

Beachside Florida recovery center Fort Pierce currently offers treatment for addiction and other psychiatric disorders at the following five levels of care:

  • Inpatient Beachside detox allows clients to live in dedicated detox units and get rid of the substances from their bodies under medical supervision and care
  • Residential programs include living onsite in luxurious and homely accommodations and receiving therapies and counseling in individual and group settings along with 24/7 care
  • Partial hospitalization gives clients the freedom to keep living in their accommodations while traveling to the rehab facility seven days a week for at least 5 hours of therapy 
  • The intensive outpatient program engages clients in 3 clinical hours per day for five days a week in a well-structured environment
  • The outpatient program offers similar hours of clinical care as intensive inpatient programs but the programs are less-structured and intensive and provide more flexibility

Regardless of the type, each level of care mentioned above provides clients with one individual session with a primary therapist per week. The same therapists also assist them in group therapies so that clients can form good communication with them. Additionally, all levels of care are supervised by a team of clinical staff with different mental health and substance abuse-focused licensure and degrees. Some of these members include:

  • Licensed Psychologist (Ph.D.)
  • Clinical Social Workers
  • Marriage & Family Therapist
  • International Certified Alcohol & Drug Counselor
  • Mental Health Counselors
  • Certified EMDR Therapists
  • Master-Level Certified Addiction Professionals
  • Certified Psychodramatist

Overview of Therapy at Beachside Rehab

Beachside Rehab Fort Pierce FL routinely combine individual and group therapy into a client’s daily schedule to give them the best possible outcome.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy at Beachside Rehab includes one-on-one sessions with a licensed therapist. There is no set structure to follow during these sessions and the therapist mostly focuses on client-specific issues and works on addressing them in the best possible way through evidence-based therapies.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is provided in the form of a four to five-week-long program. Each week has a different recovery goal that the treatment corresponds with. Some common examples of these weeks at Beachside Rehab include:

  • Recovery & Relapse Prevention
  • Identity & Purpose
  • Cognitions & Communication
  • Depression, Depressants, and Dependents

Weekly Family Therapy

In addition to group and individual therapy, clients can also participate in weekly family therapy sessions along with their loved ones when appropriate. The rehab team believes that addiction can impact entire families; hence, inviting them to treatment can greatly benefit everyone involved. These weekly sessions aim to establish strong support systems for clients while minimizing the risk of relapse. At the moment, Beachside Rehab is providing both face-to-face and telephonic sessions to the families of their clients. Moreover, the team is also in the process of introducing a new monthly family weekend program where families can participate more in their loved one’s treatment by joining them in holistic modalities and counseling sessions.


How long does treatment last at Beachside Rehab?

The shortest duration of treatment is for 30 days. However, depending on the client’s needs, it can extend to 90 days.

Will I finally be able to live a healthy life after treatment at Beachside?

The founders of Beachside Rehab are confident that those who complete a treatment program and adhere closely to their guidelines are highly likely to live a happy, successful, and sober life.

Can my family come to visit me during treatment?

Yes, Beachside Rehab does allow clients to visit their family members and friends during treatment. These loved ones can also participate in family therapy sessions to improve their chances of recovery.

What will happen once I complete treatment at Beachside Rehab?

Once you are about to finish treatment, your therapist will closely work with you to devise an exit strategy that closely matches your situation. If necessary, they may recommend step-down therapy or transition you to a sober living option as needed.

Can I continue working while in treatment?

The main focus of Beachside Rehab is to allow clients to recover. If you need to spend some time at work, experts can create a treatment plan that allows it. However, it is recommended to clear your schedule as much as possible during this time to solely focus on healing.

What is the cost of treatment at Beachside Rehab Center Florida?

There is no fixed cost of treatment as it varies depending on individual circumstances. An intake specialist can assess your circumstances, such as the severity of your underlying issue, your financial situation, and the level of care you require, to provide an estimated quote.

I do not know if my insurance covers treatment at Beachside Rehab. What should I do?

Working with insurance can be tricky for most people. Hence, Beachside Rehab has dedicated insurance specialists at its facility who will take the insurance information from each client, coordinate with the insurance company to confirm the coverage and benefits, and come back to clients with full information. The entire process is completely confidential.

Does Beachside Rehab offer to finance?

Clients who do not hold insurance and are unable to pay out of pocket can ask if they qualify for partial scholarships at Beachside Rehab. Moreover, the facility also works with clients to find other financing options for covering the cost of treatment.

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