Caron Ocean Drive is an addiction and mental health disorders rehab that has worked for over 65 years to help people and their loved ones manage their chronic, treatable illnesses. It provides a full continuum of care for women, men, young adults, older adults, and teenagers. The signature programming offered at this rehab also includes concierge treatment specially targeted at older adults and executive patients.

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The treatment approach at Caron Rehab is highly personalized and unique, and results from independent data reveal that its recovery rate is much higher than other providers with a very low rate of re-admissions. The rehab is also in healthy relationships with many insurance providers and offers financial assistance to deserving patients, making evidence-based, high-quality treatment available to everyone. Currently, the rehab extends its services to various areas, such as Florida, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and New York City, to cater to as much population as possible.

Admission Experience at Ocean Drive Rehab

The admission process at Caron Ocean Drive begins when a patient makes the first call. This call connects them with one of the admissions experts who serve as their guide and a useful source of information about what to expect from the facility. This admission specialist works closely with every patient, their therapist, loved ones, and the medical and treatment teams to determine the best care level. To determine the best treatment course ahead, clients may have to undergo an evaluation comprising questions regarding the following:

  • Mental health history
  • Any precipitating events
  • Legal history
  • Family dynamics and issues
  • Substance use history
  • Past medical history
  • Contact information
  • Information about any current therapist or physicians
  • Education and career

Remember that patients going through severe psychological or medical issues must first stabilize themselves through any relevant external resource before joining any Caron program. Caron Drive does not provide acute care services and cannot cater to urgent needs. The admission specialist at the rehab can guide patients about suitable hospitals and other healthcare centers where they can stabilize themselves before entering Caron.

Once patients agree to enter treatment at Caron Ocean, the admission specialist will work with them to set an admission date. The staff understands how some clients require treatment urgently. Hence, they try to make the process as quick as possible. However, remember that the admission process is highly variable for different patients, and its duration may vary depending on a client’s situation and openings in the rehab at the time of admission.

Types of Treatment Programs at Caron Ocean Drive

Caron Rehab Florida offers different treatment modalities and many addictions and behavioral health-centered programs to meet the needs of a wider population. The rehab is an in-network partner with many regional and national insurance providers, and most of these programs get coverage from insurance benefits. Following are the types of programs that a patient can expect to enroll in during their time at Caron Rehab.

Outpatient Programs

Outpatient programs at Caron Florida address substance addictions and co-occurring mental health issues in teenagers, adults, young adults, and older adults along with their loved ones. Experts adopt a trauma-informed approach to offer customized support in a structured setting, allowing clients to continue their employment or education while recovering simultaneously.

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Programs

Medication-assisted treatment at Caron aims to help clients achieve and sustain recovery using different types of medications. These programs particularly benefit people detoxing or recovering from underlying opioid addiction.

Core Programs

Core programs at Caron Ocean Drive include inpatient programs with comprehensive, trauma-informed approaches delivered in a residential setting. All core programs have a well-structured system and require patients to live onsite throughout the duration of treatment. These programs accept patients, including men, women, young adults, executives, legal professionals, and more.

Signature Programs

The signature inpatient programs at Caron aim to address the unique medical, psychological, and clinical needs of a targeted population seeking specialized, concierge-level care. These programs are luxurious and delivered in a premium-quality environment to suit the needs of executives and people who wish to enjoy all luxuries and comforts that they are habitual of experiencing at their homes.

Remember that all treatment programs mentioned above have been licensed state level, depending on where a specific branch operates. All programs adopt an evidence-based approach and aim to deliver high-quality care with positive patient treatment outcomes.


What is the mission of treatment programs at Caron Ocean Drive?

Experts at Caron Ocean Drive aim to transform the lives of people impacted by substance use and addiction with the help of comprehensive, evidence-based, patient-centric treatment plans. These staff teams are dedicated to delivering gender-specific, evidence-based behavioral health and addiction programming while simultaneously caring for a patient’s family members. Each treatment team member at Caron Ocean Rehab is united by the compassion they share to help everyone who comes to them. These members are strong advocates for patients and families and provide them with personalized care and financial accessibility to make their lives easier to manage. Above everything, the team strives to restore health, relationships, hope, and spirituality to ease addiction’s pain and prepare individuals and their families for long-term recovery.

Does Caron Ocean Drive hold any accreditations?

Caron Treatment Center is always committed to improving its performance and delivering patients with the highest-quality treatment and care. For this reason, it has received many accreditations and acknowledgments from many authorities. Some of these accreditations come from the following:

  • The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) 
  • CARF American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) Level of Care certification
  • Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Program Licensure
  • Florida Department of Children and Families
  • Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services
  • Georgia Department of Community Health

Are there any support groups for my family members at Caron Ocean Florida?

Caron runs many groups in its branches that cater to the needs of family members, siblings, spouses, parents, and others. Some of these support groups include the following:

  • Parent and family support groups: These groups have been designed to cater to the family’s needs regardless of their loved one’s addiction stage
  • Caron fellowship programs and groups: These groups include supportive recovery communities that aim to connect families, friends, and alumni
  • Caron Renaissance support groups: These support groups have been designed for families whose loved one has been in treatment at one of the branches of this rehab chain for extra support

Is Caron a dual diagnosis facility?

Caron Ocean Drive holds a license to operate as a dual diagnosis facility. It accepts clients whose primary diagnosis is either a mental health disorder or a substance use disorder with other co-occurring psychological illnesses.

What is the difference between core and signature programs at Caron?

A signature program includes providing specialized, luxurious care to a certain group, such as older adults and executives, who require a concierge type of treatment to recover. These programs are pricier than the core programs and are not usually covered by insurance. On the other hand, core programs have many regional and national partnerships with insurance providers and are available at affordable costs to all populations, including young adults, men, women, and others.

  • Address 7789 NW Beacon Square Boulevard
    Boca Raton, Florida 33487.