Burkwood Treatment Center has been helping adult men and women fight their battle with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders for the past two decades. Located on a quiet street in Hudson, Wisconsin, the rehab offers comprehensive addiction care in a personalized and compassionate manner. It ensures that every person who joins the facility gets an individualized plan that addresses their unique needs and focuses on their goals and strengths simultaneously.

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Treatment at this Wisconsin treatment center occurs in a structured environment conducive to spiritual healing, emotional development, and physical recovery. The approach to treatment that Burkwood follows encourages all clients to collaborate with their treatment team and take active ownership of their recovery process.

What Burkwood Treatment Center Wi Offers

Burkwood Treatment Center offers the following treatment programs for its clients to choose from

Residential Care

Burkwood residential mental health facilities in Wisconsin feature a one-to-eight counselor-to-client ratio and comprehensive programming. These key features allow clients to successfully transition into a state of recovery by overcoming all barriers and hurdles along the way. Residential care at Burkwood utilizes several different interventions. Moreover, each client gets an opportunity to meet with a counselor in a one-to-one session at least once every week. These individual meetings allow them to receive adequate support and work on their weaknesses and challenges in the way of a sober life.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

The intensive outpatient programs or IOPs at Burkwood Treatment Center offer more support than an outpatient program at a conventional rehab. This level of care is usually a good fit for those requiring more structured care and treatment without requiring round-the-clock supervision away from home. Clients who choose these programs participate in therapy thrice a week from 6 am to 9 pm with a chance to return to their homes as soon as they are done for the day. This rigorous yet flexible environment allows them to apply what they learned in therapy while receiving real-time expert feedback. This continued feedback further encourages them to transition back into the community.

While most people step down to an IOP from a residential program, many steps up to it from a conventional outpatient program. It is also possible to directly enter the intensive outpatient program at Burkwood Treatment Center without completing any other level of care at the rehab.

Way of Life

The Way of Life program at Burkwood Treatment Center revolves around a 315-page-long manual designed for men and women receiving care at Burkwood Treatment Center. It took the experts over 13 months to develop this manual, which was written using feedback and input from program participants. Along with the written manual, there are approximately 115 audio files included in the program that helps people use guided imagery meditation practices along with other recovery techniques. The outcome of this program is to provide all clients step-by-step guidance through treatment and finally into a healthy and sober life.

MAEEZ Program

The members of the Alcohol Research Group first came up with the MAAEZ program in 2002 using the funding they received from the National Institute on Alcohol Abse and Alcoholism. Based on the research so far, the MAAEZ program has been successfully helping clients transition into a life of recovery without any hurdles or issues. The Burkwood Treatment Center staff members also use this technique to help its clients get over their addictions.

Continuing Care Program

The dedicated staff members work closely with its clients to assess their changing needs and demands. Depending on these assessments, the team members also recommend methods of care that continue to serve them well even when they finish treatment and leave rehab. Known as continuing care program, the components of this type of treatment include:

  • Transitional treatment
  • Sober home
  • Intensive outpatient programming (IOP)
  • Follow-up medication management services

The continued care plan at Burkwood Treatment Center is offered to those who have completed their treatment course and are now prepared to move back to their normal life. The programs are highly individualized and based on the needs of each participant.


What types of disorders does Burkwood Treatment Center treat?

The caring team at Burkwood includes licensed professionals who specialize in treating men and women over the age of 18 years fighting chemical dependency and alcohol addiction disorder, along with co-occurring issues like anxiety, depression, and more.

How much does treatment cost at Burkwood rehab?

Treatment at Burkwood Treatment Center is a personal experience, and the costs associated with it depend on different factors, such as the nature and severity of the presenting problem, the time required for treatment, the presence of any co-occurring disorders, and a client’s insurance plan. The admissions team at Burkwood is willing to collaborate with its client to develop an estimated cost of their treatment plan.

Does Burkwood Treatment Center accept insurance?

Many insurance plans cover residential or inpatient treatment at Burkwood Treatment Center WI. Some of the insurance providers collaborating with this rehab include Health Partners, UCare, UBH/Medica, County Insurance, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Private Pay, Indian Health Service Funding, State Consolidated Funds, County Insurance, and Rule 25. The admissions team can further guide you about the benefits your insurance policy covers.

How long will my treatment last at Burkwood Treatment Center?

Depending on each client and their specific needs, treatment at Burkwood Treatment Center may have varying durations. Based on these needs, the rehab offers variable lengths of stays that can adequately address their requirements and help them meet their goals. A minimum stay typically lasts for 28 days, while those who require longer treatments can stay in treatment for up to 90 days or even more.

Can my family participate in my treatment?

Yes, family members are more than welcome to join the recovery process of their loved ones. The care team at Burkwood Treatment Center will work with each client to determine if involving their family members can support their healing process. After taking consent, it will invite them to come to attend and participate in family counseling sessions and therapeutic programs that focus on relationship building and establishing a robust support system.

What is a typical day like at Burkwood Treatment Center?

During treatment at Burkwood, each client will come across various activities designed to help them meet their recovery goals. The clinical team ensures structured treatment that perfectly balances with other recreational activities. Hence, clients get regular breaks for self-reflection and relaxation between the regular therapy sessions.

  • Address Burkwood Treatment Center
    615 Old Mill Rd
    Hudson , WI 54016