Park Royal Hospital Fort Myers is a modern dual-diagnosis treatment center that caters to individuals fighting eating disorders, addictions, and other co-occurring mental health issues. This rehabilitation center has been setting a standard in recovery for more than thirty years by providing highly personalized care for alcohol and drug addictions and several other personality disorders. With various programs offered at different levels of care, the rehab ensures that all patients get the help they deserve to return to a happy and healthy life.

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The care team at Park Royal Mental Hospital includes licensed psychiatrists, nurses, counselors, and therapists that help clients take back control of their lives through evidence-based therapies. Operating from Florida, this boutique institution offers a 3:1 staff-to-client ratio guaranteeing individual care with personal attention as and when required. In addition to therapeutic interventions, Royal Park Rehab also focuses on nutritional counseling and offers several recreational and holistic therapies to improve the overall experience.

What Programs Does Royal Hospital Offer?

At Park Royal Hospital, individuals can opt for any one or more of the following programs:

Inpatient Care

The inpatient or residential care at Fort Meyers Hospital Florida includes round-the-clock care and highly tailored treatment plans. The program takes place in a relaxed and serene setting and is offered to those who are highly likely to hurt themselves or others. Such people move to stay on-site for the entire duration of treatment, where a team of experienced and qualified staff members constantly looks after them and help them move towards recovery slowly but steadily. The facility is warm and welcoming, and the environment is non-judgmental and compassionate. All staff members are highly friendly and supportive and try their best to help residents achieve success.

Outpatient Care

Those who do not pose a risk to themselves or others but require help to manage their addictions or eating disorders may enroll in outpatient treatment programs. These treatment programs allow clients to seek therapy during the day while returning home every night. Outpatient treatment provides them with the flexibility to maintain recovery while tending to their daily obligations related to work, school, and other personal affairs.

Detoxification Program

Unfortunately, Park Royal Hospital does not offer detox as a standalone program. However, it adopts a unique approach to detox as a part of its comprehensive, holistic treatment plan that allows clients to transition toward recovery as soon as they arrive at the facility. A qualified doctor at the rehab determines the length of a detox program for every client based on the type of substance they abuse, their withdrawal symptoms, and their current health status. All detox programs are also customized to ensure the safety and well-being of their clients.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

Also known as Day and Night Treatment, the partial hospitalization programs (PHP) at Park Royal Hospital offer outpatient care but in a more intense and well-structured setting. As a part of this program, clients can continue living in their own homes and commute daily to seek treatment for fixed hours. The program does not suit well for clients who require more acute treatment or are a risk to themselves or others.

Park Royal Hospital Accreditations

Park Royal Hospital in Fort Myers Florida proudly holds accreditations from the following institutes:

The Joint Commission

Park Royal Hospital has earned accreditation from the Joint Commission as one of the handfuls of dual-licensed psychiatric and addiction rehabilitation centers in the United States.

Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration

The Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration is the state’s chief planning and health policy entity. It has issued licensures to more than 45,000 healthcare facilities in Florida, including Park Royal Hospital.

Florida Department of Children and Families

This is a legislatively appointed authority for mental health and substance abuse designation. It provides treatment for addiction through a community-based system at different levels of care, such as detoxification, rehabilitation, and long-term family support. Park Royal Hospital is a proud member of its community network.


LegitScript is a popular company providing certification to drug and alcohol addiction rehabs for digital advertising. Fort Myers Hospital Florida persistently meets its rigorous standards for safety, transparency, and legality.


How much does treatment cost at Park Royal Hospital Fort Myers?

Treatment for addiction, eating disorders, or co-occurring issues can cost different for different people. It generally depends on the level of care that a client opts for. Fortunately, many major health insurance companies cover huge portions of these costs, making treatment much more affordable and easily accessible for the general public. To get an estimated treatment quote, the rehab admissions staff can help you out. This admissions team aims to facilitate every client as quickly as possible and begin their treatment process for as little out-of-pocket cost as possible.

Can I pay out of pocket at Park Royal Hospital?

The rehab accepts all major credit cards and checks and offers financing options for those unable to afford treatment. If you do not hold insurance or your insurance provider does not cover treatment at Park Royal Hospital, you always have the option to pay out of pocket. Out-of-pocket payment also allows customers to mitigate the costs further through tax deductions.

What is the daily schedule at Park Royal Mental Health Hospital?

Royal Hospital has no set daily treatment schedule, as it varies from client to client. Most treatment plans incorporate structured activities to help clients discover and embrace new healthy habits. These may include separate time for an individual, group, and family therapy, along with meditation, art therapy, and personal training.

What is rehab for seniors?

The rate of alcohol and drug abuse in the elderly population has increased over the last decade, and the situation is likely to worsen in the coming years. This elderly community is always at a disadvantage as it becomes difficult for them to recognize a problem and understand when is the right time to ask for help. To cater to all these individuals, Park Royal Hospital offers rehab for seniors designed to address the needs of the elderly community.

Does Royal Park Rehab offer nutrition services?

Yes, as part of the nutrition services, the experts determine each client’s current weight and target weight and work on the number of calories they need to eat to reach the latter. As the client starts progressing towards their target weight, experts keep monitoring their daily calorie intake and may change the approach if they are not progressing adequately. 

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