Bear River Health is a premier substance use and addiction treatment center in Northern Michigan. It claims to provide a balanced atmosphere perfect for managing the individual recovery needs of every patient. The Bear River Rehab care team acknowledges that every individual is unique and provides a treatment that caters to their needs. The programs at this facility also provide adequate exposure to different recovery pathways that set the foundation for long-term recovery.

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The empathetic, compassionate and caring staff members at Bear River mental health center have years of experience in supporting patients through withdrawal management and drug addiction recovery. They treat these addictions as chronic medical diseases that impact the mental, physical, and spiritual well-being of individuals and their loved ones.

Bear River Michigan offers a medically-supervised treatment program that complies with the evidence-based approaches established by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Its services include inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare plans based on the latest treatment modalities that work to improve compliance while minimizing relapses.

An Overview of Bear River Substance Abuse Treatment

The mission at Bear River Rehab is to help individuals achieve and attain sobriety in safe and effective ways. For this purpose, the rehab offers the following programs:

Medically-Supervised Withdrawal Management

The withdrawal management program or detox has been designed to cleanse the body of abused drugs. Because of the acute and potentially life-threatening withdrawal effects that may pop up during detox, Bear River Health ensures professional and medical supervision throughout the program, including treatment planning and crisis intervention. During the detox phase, the rehab offers:

  • Controlled administration of medications, as needed, to minimize the uncomfortable withdrawal cravings and other symptoms.
  • A compassionate, non-judgmental environment with caring staff members who provide round-the-clock support and nursing services.

Residential Recovery Programs

Each client entering the residential recovery program at Bear River Rehab is assigned a specific treatment group. This treatment group includes other people with similar issues, along with a team of dedicated therapists and coaches who work with them to uncover the root causes of their addiction while providing essential tools to address these causes. Most of the activities take place in a group setting, allowing clients to develop close bonds and establish robust support systems. In addition to group sessions and activities, clients will also get regular opportunities to seek individualized attention from therapists in a one-on-one setting. These individual sessions ensure that everyone gets a private and confidential place to process their journey to achieve sobriety while tweaking their treatment plan under the supervision of a therapist as required.

Along with providing active treatment for the underlying addiction, residential programs also include discharge planning from the very first day. Discharge planning involves a client and their therapist who work together to create a path for continued and sustained recovery even after the treatment ends at the facility. Clients also have the opportunity to participate in various supplemental programs that target their other specific issues, including physical issues, sexual abuse, social and family issues, women’s specialty services, money management, grief and loss, exercise and nutrition, advanced relapse prevention, etc. Spiritual clients can also take part in a non-denominational religious program that runs every Sunday. The residential recovery programs at Bear River also include 12-Step programs, SMART Recovery programs, etc., further to smoothen the road to recovery for every individual.

Outpatient Treatment

People who do not have aggressive or intense addiction needs and, therefore, do not fall into the criteria for residential treatment can opt for outpatient services to fulfill their needs. These programs continue to support clients as they live in their private accommodations and visit the rehab daily to seek necessary treatment and therapy. Bear River Health also provides medically-assisted treatment as a part of its outpatient services to support the needs of those on their recovery journey in a better way.


Each client joining Bear River Healthrehab gets a Resource Coordinator from the beginning. The Resource Coordinator assists the client in evaluating the resources they require during treatment and after they finish. These coordinators continue to work with their assigned clients to ensure a sustained recovery through a comprehensive discharge plan and aftercare arrangements that may involve vocational counseling, sober living, help with housing, support groups, etc.


Who cannot join Bear River Health Center?

Bear River Rehab may not be a good fit for everyone, such as:

  • If an individual comes with a certain mental health diagnosis that requires special care or services
  • Temporary restrictions due to COVID-19 risk factors
  • If an individual displays an active suicidal tendency
  • If there is a conflict of interest between a person and a fellow resident or staff member

Is Bear River Health Gaylord MI accredited?

Yes, Bear River Rehab holds accreditation by The Joint Commission. The American Society of Addiction Medicine also certified the facility through the State of Michigan. Additionally, all programs that it offers comply with Medicaid standards and are licensed by the Drug Enforcement Agency and the Michigan Licensing and Regulatory Authority.

Does Bear River Rehab accept any insurance?

Yes, Bear River Michigan currently liaises with the following insurance providers:

  • Cigna
  • McLaren Health Plan
  • Michigan Medicaid
  • Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield
  • Blue Care Network

Contact the admissions team for more information on insurance coverage, benefits, and alternative payment modes.

What should I pack for a residential program at Bear River mental health rehab?

Clients coming to stay at Bear River Rehab must only carry one suitcase and one backpack with them. They must not bring bedding of any type, including pillows, blankets, sheets, or throws, as the rehab will provide them on its own. Each client must bring a sufficient supply of all medications they are currently using, as the rehab team may take some time to arrange refills for them.

Can I visit my loved one receiving Bear River substance abuse treatment?

Unfortunately, the rehab currently has COVID-19 precautions, which restrict visitors from visiting any campus without appointments. Until the restrictions are amended, all rehabs are treated as closed campuses, and the clients living in them can contact their loved ones through emails, phone calls, video calls, and letters. For this purpose, each client will get limited and supervised access to phones, computers, and tablets at Bear River Health during designated recreational time.

Does Bear River Health offer any Partner Programs?

Yes, the rehab currently offers the following two partner programs:

  • Bear River Health Primary Care is a partner non-profit organization that works as a community health center to deliver ongoing care and support to people in recovery. 
  • My Recovery Life Alumni Network is another non-profit organization that Bear River Rehab runs to support its old clients through an alumni network to provide them with constant support for their recovery journey.
  • Address 2329 Center St, Boyne Falls, MI, United States, Michigan