Nexus Recovery Center is a rehabilitation facility for women and teenagers to help them live a sober life while enabling them to deal effectively with daily life stressors. The facility extends services to its clients to begin or continue their recovery by identifying personal issues, major life stressors, mental health issues, or biochemical problems that potentially contribute to their addictions.

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One characteristic that differentiates Nexus from other rehabs is that it allows its clients to bring their children into treatment and receive the help and support they need to establish healthy relationships with them.

Medical Services at Nexus Rehab

Nexus Recovery Dallas provides the following medical services to its clients:


A medical process is crucial for clients entering inpatient treatment for alcohol or opioid use disorder. This is because most of these people develop life-threatening withdrawal symptoms as they try to quit their substance use and require appropriate support and care. The detox program at Nexus treatment center provides all such women with round-the-clock care, daily monitoring, provision of medication, and physical and emotional support from counselors and vocational nurses. The counselors also use motivational interviewing and other therapies to help clients stick to the treatment plan while avoiding relapses.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Substance use disorder is a long-term disease that can chemically and physically affect the victim while permanently altering their brain structure. As with other chronic illnesses, medication use may benefit people fighting addictions. The medication-assisted program at Nexus Recovery offers the clients appropriate medications to deal with the troublesome effects of their substance use disorder. It has dramatically improved the outcomes, especially in females who entered the treatment during pregnancy and moved ahead to deliver healthy babies.

Psychiatric Services

Nexus Recovery Center follows a unique approach to addiction treatment which involves meeting a client where she is in her recovery journey and ensuring the removal of all barriers to treatment. The rehab routinely screens all of its patients for any co-occurring psychiatric disorders and addresses them as a part of their recovery plan. The medical providers at this treatment center also offer psychiatric evaluations and medications to manage all simultaneous diagnoses and address the complex needs of every client.

Residential Services at Nexus Recovery Center

The residential treatment services at Nexus rehab include well-structured, highly intensive, trauma-responsive services that use the 12-Step model as a foundation to provide help to the clients. The program takes place on a dedicated campus with a capacity of up to 130 women who continue to seek treatment for 5 to 90 days. The residential programs directly address substance use disorder and any additional barriers to recovery, such as mental health issues, social systems, and a lack of access to relevant resources. Some common examples of these residential programs include:

Adult Women Programs

All residents in this program collaborate with a team of licensed counselors to establish and implement personalized treatment programs. Each resident gets an opportunity to maintain a full calendar of group treatments, one-on-one counseling, and other activities that benefit their addiction recovery. At the same time, the residents also focus on building a supportive sober community and developing useful life skills.

Programs for Pregnant and Parenting Women with Children

Adult women with active pregnancies and mothers with up to three children under 12 years of age can enter this program, where they receive individual assessments and comprehensive treatment plans that uniquely tailor to their family’s needs. Some components of this program include postpartum planning, parenting education classes, parent-child counseling sessions, skills classes, etc.

Child Development Center

Nexus Rehabilitation Dallas TX operates a licensed childcare center that caters to infants and school-aged children so their parents and alumni can receive addiction recovery care. This center offers speech therapy, play therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy for children and provides childcare assistance.

Outpatient Services

The outpatient services at Nexus Recovery Center include the following:

Standardized Outpatient Program

The standard outpatient program at Nexus rehab focuses on meeting women wherever they are in their healing journey. These off-campus programs provide clients who have just finished inpatient treatment and those who are a part of the alumni group services for ongoing recovery and treatment. An outpatient program also connects them to a support network where they seek encouragement and advice for overcoming addictions while continuing their jobs and personal lives. 

Recovery Support Services

The recovery support services at Nexus Recovery Center Dallas include certified peer specialists offering strength, hope, and experience to women stepping down from residential care. These specialists work with each client throughout their treatment program and provide practical guidance and assistance with employment and supportive housing upon graduation.

Nexus Generations

The Nexus Regenerations program extends comprehensive services to parenting and pregnant females battling a substance use disorder. Through this program, each woman engages in several hours of weekly parenting education while attending support groups to support their recovery journey. Different advocates and counselors work with these women to ensure that they seamlessly navigate through complex family systems.


Can I drop off a package for my loved one in Nexus drug rehab?

A residential client’s family members and loved ones at Nexus Recovery can drop off care packages as long as they contain approved items. The family members must abide by fixed drop-off times, for example, dropping the packages on Wednesdays and Saturdays only from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm and 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, respectively. Keep in mind that the family members cannot be locked or wrapped as the rehab team has to go through the contents to ensure they are safe for their clients.

How can I connect with my family member at Nexus Recovery?

Nexus Recovery Center does not permit the use of mobile phones on campus. However, the family members of the individuals in treatment can contact them by calling directly on the rehab’s approved landline number. Remember that under the federal HIPAA laws, Nexus Recovery is bound to protect their clients’ information, so the staff members cannot confirm or deny any information about any former or current client. Anyone calling the rehab for a specific person may leave a message and request a callback from a client if they are present and are willing to connect.

Does Nexus Recovery accept insurance?

Yes, Nexus rehab works with several approved insurance providers. To confirm if your insurance company falls into the list, contact an admissions team member directly. For people who do not hold insurance, the team at Nexus is willing to work on the way to help them in the best way possible

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