Situated near West Palm Beach, Beachway Therapy Center is a serene, peaceful healing environment that allows patients to recover without distractions and stressors in life. The rehab team helps patients introduce positive changes in life for themselves and their loved ones. The healing process begins when a person arrives at the rehab and continues unless they feel confident enough to live without relying on alcohol and drugs.

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Beachway rehab caters to adult women and men 18 years and older. It is open to new clients 24 hours a day throughout the week to ensure that no one who needs help feels ignored. The rehab operates at multiple levels of care, such as detoxification, intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs, and residential care. Each program is individualized and delivered in a relaxing and supportive setting. Treatment at Beachway aims to help patients build a strong foundation for healing in a comfortable environment where they can focus on themselves and recovery. The expert staff members address all issues that affect their body, mind, and spirit to promote recovery from within.

Services and Experience Beachway Treatment Center

Experience at Beachway Therapy Center is claimed to be private, comfortable, and individualized. Following are the steps to expect as a patient enters treatment in this therapy center.

Initial Check-In

Every patient goes through an initial check-in phase, during which they receive an orientation from the clinical care team. Following this orientation, they complete any pending paperwork to finalize the admission and get information about the treatment program they are about to begin. For many people, treatment begins with a detox, while others go straight into residential therapy. This decision is collaborative and made by the patient and the care team.

After checking in, each client talks to a welcoming team member who will escort them to their room. They will have enough time to unpack their belongings and make themselves comfortable. Each patient also gets a brief tour of the rehab to understand what facilities are available and where to look for them.

Premium Accommodations

As a boutique therapy center, Beachway has less than 50 patients onsite simultaneously. This limited patient number allows the rehab team to make the accommodations fit each guest and make them feel at home. All accommodations are clean and comfortably furnished, with all essentials within a patient’s reach. Even if a patient forgets to bring device chargers, toiletries, or any other item, a staff member will guide them and provide them where needed. All accommodation rooms are warm with soothing color palettes and have many indoor plants to add a touch of freshness. They also receive plenty of sunlight to keep the environment happy and alive.

Patients at Beachway Therapy Center can choose a private room or get one or two roommates based on their preferences. However, the rehab team encourages taking shared rooms as doing so fosters community and emotional support and helps speed up the healing process. Housekeeping is available to manage the accommodations, but patients are encouraged to manage their space as much as possible. Laundry services are also available and can be used independently once a patient completes detox.

Recreation and Amenities

Once patients settle in their rooms, they can explore the recreational options and amenities onsite. The rehab provides many holistic therapy programs, such as massage, private beach outings, yoga classes, and chiropractic services. There is a fully-equipped gym available onsite for fitness enthusiasts, whereas animal lovers can get a chance to connect with them through equine therapy. Beachway also encourages everyone to pursue their interests and hobbies through onsite supplies, such as making music and creating art.

The recovery experience at Beachway involves emotional healing, deep introspection, and overcoming negative past behaviors. As they continue to work on these elements individually, the rehab holistically supports their attempts through the abovementioned therapies.

Eating and Dining

Beachway Rehab has a dedicated dining area that all patients see the day they check-in. The rehab has fixed breakfast, lunch, and dinner times, where they get chef-prepared meals in a communal setting. The communal setting allows them to foster a sense of support and community while developing unique bonds and experiencing a positive social life. All patients are open to receiving nutritional counseling during their stay at Beachway so that they understand how to nourish themselves from the inside out. The chef team caters to all dietary needs, including vegetarians, vegans, gluten intolerances, and specific food allergies.

A wide selection of food items is available at every meal, such as:

  • Eggs, fresh fruit salads, and pancakes for breakfast
  • Sandwiches, soups, and salads for lunch
  • Steak, chicken, fish, and pasta for dinner

The chef takes special care to provide a balanced blend of fresh fruit, vegetables, and healthy grains at every meal. The aim is to support patients’ dietary needs as they progress toward complete recovery. Snack options are available between meal times.


What levels of care are available at Beachway Therapy Center?

The rehab team at Beachway understands that many people struggle with mental health disorders and substance use disorders simultaneously. These co-occurring issues can make it extremely difficult for many to achieve recovery. The specialist team at Beachway possesses the expertise to diagnose all co-occurring disorders in its patients and provide treatment for all of them simultaneously to ensure full healing. The diagnosis and treatment of these conditions take place at the following levels of care:

  • Detoxification
  • Inpatient treatment
  • Residential mental health treatment
  • Outpatient or partial hospitalization programs
  • Aftercare services

What therapies are included in the treatment plans at Beachway?

Experts at Beachway design their programs to enable long-term recovery. They use innovative, evidence-based therapeutic approaches in a comfortable, serene residential setting. Set in a luxury healing environment, treatment usually revolves around the following types of therapy:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Neurotherapy
  • Solution-focused therapy
  • Rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT)

Why should I consider seeking help from Beachway Therapy Center?

Beachway Therapy Center provides personalized treatment in a relaxing, private, and supportive setting. Experts at this rehab help patients build a foundation for healing in a comfortable environment where they can thoroughly focus on healing and recovering. These experts also focus on comprehensive recovery by identifying and treating mind, body, and spirit issues.

What is Beachway Therapy Center price?

Most major insurance plans cover treatment at Beachway. The fee varies depending on a patient’s needs and individualized treatment plan. For price quotes, the best way is to speak with a member of the dedicated rehab team.

Can I speak with a doctor during my stay at Beachway?

Patients can continue to see a psychiatrist and doctor during their rehab stay if needed. The primary focus is, however, on recovery, so the rehab advises not to schedule any visits unless it is life-threatening, urgent, or important for recovery. The reason for this is that a patient’s time in rehab is limited, and the treatment team wants them to make the best use of it by focusing only on recovery.

What will happen once I finish my treatment program?

A therapist at Beachway Therapy Center creates an aftercare plan for people who have finished their treatment plan and are now ready to transition back to their normal life. This aftercare plan varies depending on individual needs. It is designed to support the healing and recovery process for a long time while minimizing the risk of relapses.

What do Beachway Therapy Center reviews say?

According to most user reviews, Beachway Treatment Center is a good place to recover and rejuvenate under expert care without any discomfort and distractions of life.

  • Address 1700 N Dixie Hwy, West Palm Beach, FL 33407, United States.