Tikvah Lake Recovery is a six-bed residential mental health and addiction treatment center offering patients the highest level of care. The highly-experienced medical and clinical staff provides services in luxurious and private settings while maintaining a quality that is second to none. In addition to evidence-based programs, the rehab also has dedicated premium-quality accommodations to make clients feel at home.

The expert team at Tikvah Lake Rehab believes addiction to be a personal problem that requires a highly-personalized solution. The clinical director of the rehab closely works with every guest to ensure that their treatment program tailors to their life situation and maximizes the chances of recovery. The team of professionals at Tikvah includes experts from different fields, such as spiritual, physical, culinary, and medical professionals, all focused on patient needs.

Detox and Residential Care at Tikvah Lake Recovery

As one of the best luxury rehabs Florida, Tikvah Lake Treatment Center provides the following recovery plans to its clients:

Detoxification Program

Tikvah Lake offers detoxification programs for people who need to detox their bodies before seeking residential care. It is in touch with many private detox facilities in Florida that offer a safe experience with luxury accommodations. The rehab team manages the entire process independently, including setting up an appointment with the detox center, arranging transport, etc. Not every client needs to detox; the decision will be made following initial discussions and assessments.

A detox process can help patients stabilize their bodies so that it gets easier for a patient to address their addictions later on. The program typically runs for two to seven days but may prolong depending on individual factors. Once the detox is complete, the Tikvah team will arrange to transport the patient back to their facility, where they can begin residential treatment.

Three-Phase Rehabilitation Program

The three-phase rehabilitation program adopts a stepwise approach to help patients manage their addiction. Phase one begins with a one-week-long orientation that includes assessments to determine an appropriate treatment plan for every patient. This phase also helps experts analyze each guest’s healthy living requirements, addictive habits, and the consequences of this addiction on their life. They also detect co-occurring issues relating to mental health and work on managing them as a part of recovery.

The second phase of treatment involves individual and group sessions personalized to meet individual needs. These groups include cognitive behavioral therapy along with understanding the concept of addiction. Therapists also help clients adopt and use the concept of rational thoughts, reframing, and positive outlets to deal with relapses.

The final phase of the residential program focuses on preparing patients to live in an alternative living facility while helping them with the transition. It also promotes family interaction to help clients achieve their goals. All three phases must ideally be completed within a period of three months. By the end of this treatment program, guests are prepared to reintegrate into society with enough knowledge and coping skills to maintain their sober lifestyles and live a mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy life.


Once a patient completes one of the high-end rehab programs at Tikvah, they become eligible for aftercare. The purpose of aftercare is to provide them with tools to live a happy, healthy life and exit in the right environment for minimal risk of a relapse. Experts at Tikvah Lake Recovery create personalized aftercare plans for every guest that best suit their needs and identify and manage triggers.

When treatment ends, these aftercare programs give guests the confidence to return home and live with the tools they acquired during treatment. The rehab also offers transitional living spaces to those not confident enough to return home and require some supervision before they can manage their lives independently. These sober homes are also a part of the aftercare program, and Tikvah helps its patients connect with them according to their needs.

Executive Treatment Programs at Tikvah Luxury Psychiatric Hospital

As one of the most popular executive rehab centers Florida, Tikvah Lake Recovery focuses on comfortability and treatment for a successful experience. It offers executive treatment programs based on these two points that provide personalized attention combined with one-to-fine therapy. Moreover, these programs include many luxury facilities, such as nutritional advice, swimming pools, health suite facilities, and gyms to help guests find the attention and help they need to beat addictions.

Regarding addiction treatment, privacy is the number one concern for most executives. Unfortunately, many rehabs struggle to maintain it due to budget limitations which force them to attend group therapy sessions without confidentiality and discretion. Tikvah Rehab considers this concern and provides one-to-one sessions where its high-profile executives can slowly work on their issues without declaring them to the rest of the world. The rehab ensures not to disclose any information regarding its clients to anyone who does not need to know it.

At the same time, Tikvah also greatly emphasizes comfortability and strongly believes that a comfortable environment increases the chances of success. All programs occur in secluded, comfortable, and luxurious facilities where clients feel at home and can successfully switch off and relax. Additionally, they also have access to the following facilities onsite:

  • Private chefs who prepare delicious and healthy meals every day
  • Quiet, private rooms with amazing views of the lake
  • A diverse team of holistic experts, including yoga instructors, personal trainers, nutritionists, and massage therapists
  • An outdoor swimming pool
  • Luxury accommodations with hanging chandeliers, marble floors, and gigantic windows extending from floor to ceiling

With the luxuries mentioned above, even a 30-day treatment away from home becomes comfortable and homely for all executive patients.


What is the Tikvah Rehab campus like?

Tikvah Lake Recovery operates from a 1500-square-foot mansion surrounded by a 200-acre lake. The campus has many luxurious amenities, including a spa, pool, boat, dock, and plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Guests can access lounge areas, libraries, private therapy spaces, large bedrooms, recreational rooms, and a gourmet kitchen. A State Park is next to the rehab, offering interested guests beautiful scenery and hiking trails. Following are the five main attractive features that guests are likely to experience during their stay at Tikvah:

  • Amazing weather
  • Secluded privacy
  • Luxurious, highly-comfortable accommodation
  • International cuisines
  • Plentiful water

Does Tikvah Treatment Center entertain people with co-occurring disorders?

Tikvah Lake Recovery provides personalized treatment to people with and without co-occurring disorders. The staff team believes that it is very common to experience an addiction and a co-occurring mental health issue simultaneously. For such people, it is important to seek treatment for both issues simultaneously for guaranteed recovery. Hence, the team conducts thorough assessments for all guests before their admission to confirm if they have any co-occurring disorders. Based on the results, these guests get individualized plans with private and group therapy focusing on all underlying issues.

What makes the executive program at Tikvah Lake exclusive and different from others?

Tikvah realizes that time limitation is the most common issue that holds executives back from joining a rehab. Most high-end individuals have busy lifestyles and cannot spare months to seek addiction treatment. To cater to their needs, Tikvah offers a 10-day executive program where all guests receive prolonged therapy, allowing them to complete the curriculum of a 30-day program in less than two weeks. The professional staff believes 10 days to be enough time to recognize triggers, discuss all underlying traumas with specialist staff members, and pick up healthy skills for a healthier life. During their stay, guests can access a multidisciplinary team of experts, gourmet meals, and other luxurious amenities.

  • Address 6549 Rajol Dr, Sebring, FL 33875, United States.