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Adele House is a residential rehabilitation center for men experiencing addictions to drugs and alcohol. The rehab center aims to support independence and recovery in all people affected by addiction. The treatment programs offered at this facility follow an abstinence-based recovery model with special emphasis on spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. The treatment team employed at the rehab aims to provide all residents with the necessary skills to lead an independent life through private accommodation and employment.

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In June 2020, the rehab started working on its brand-new state-of-the-art facility in the landmark partnership with the New South Wales Government. This facility provides a unique setting for alcohol and drug rehabilitation in partnership with The Salvation Army, in addition to adding 40 more beds to accommodate more clients at a time. With a training farm and multiple opportunities to engage in employment, the rehab center does not only offer treatment for substance addiction but also provide them a chance to reshape their life in a healthy way.

Treatment Programs at Adele House Coffs Harbour

The treatment programs at Adele rehab Coffs Harbour follow a holistic approach to help clients recover and practice relapse prevention. Each of these programs incorporates the following five pillars of hope as set by the rehab:

Group and Individual Therapy

Each client who joins the residential program at Adele House gets a chance to engage in individual therapy, which offers one-on-one sessions with a therapist to discuss personal goals and aims. Additionally, they also have ample opportunities to join group therapies where they share a common platform with other people in recovery to understand that they are not alone. Additionally, group therapy allows them to draw on other people’s experiences and use them to modify and improve their recovery journey. The following aspects are commonly discussed as a part of a group and individual therapy at the rehab:

  • Drug and alcohol issues
  • Social skills
  • Criminal behavior
  • Anger management
  • 12-Step philosophy of self-improvement
  • Relapse prevention

Exercise and Physical Fitness

Unlike many treatment centers that strictly focus on therapy and medication to achieve psychological well-being, Adele House Coffs Rehab also ensures that each client experiences good physical health. For this purpose, it focuses on the following aspects and makes sure that all clients take measures to achieve them throughout the duration of their treatment program:

  • Physical wellbeing
  • Healthy mind and body
  • Discipline
  • Strength building
  • Countering early recovery weight gain

As a part of this pillar, clients may regularly engage in exercise and other activities that promote physical fitness, such as yoga, swimming, walks, etc.

Living Skills

At Adele Home, the treatment team understands that recovery from addiction is much more than stopping the use of the offending drug. Instead, rehabilitation is much more than this and includes enabling clients to return to their everyday life and carry out their responsibilities without any trouble. For this purpose, the rehab provides all clients a chance to learn and polish various life skills that may help them transition back to their life with ease. These life skills include the following:

  • Savings and budgeting
  • Home management
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Meal planning and cooking

Return to Employment and Independent Living

As a part of the rehabilitation program at Adele House Coffs Harbour, clients get a chance to work on their employment skills to improve their chances of getting a job. The purpose of teaching work skills to clients is to enable them to lead independent lives where they do not have to rely on others for financial support. With these work skills, they can better manage their job and finances and lead a productive life without resorting to drug use in the future. Some important elements of work skills that the rehab works on include the following:

  • Resume assistance
  • Interview Coaching
  • Job searching techniques
  • Introduction to employment agencies
  • Outreach services to maintain recovery

Work Skills

This pillar draws on the components of the last one and aims to help clients achieve maximum success in their employment and personal lives. The following components are worth mentioning that are available to all clients who choose to seek help from Adele House rehab Coffs Harbour:

  • Workplace ethics
  • Time management
  • Personal presentation
  • Behavior patterns in the workplace
  • Following directions


What is PAYCE Foundation, and how is it associated with Adele House?

The PAYCE foundation has been serving as the driving force behind the transformation of Adele House and its recent expansion. Adele House follows the two main principles of the PAYCE foundation for all its philanthropic activities. The first principle includes generating social enterprise revenue to maintain long-term self-sustainability without relying on anyone else. The second principle includes increasing the current skill level of the disadvantaged members of the society to ensure that they are ready to undertake jobs and can become productive, positive, and healthy members of the community.

What is Adele Training Farm?

Adele Training Farm indicates a social enterprise that includes a work skills center and a blueberry farm. The purpose of this farm is to provide training opportunities and employment to clients actively seeking treatment for addiction at the Adele House. The income that this enterprise generates supports the activities and operations taking place at the Adele House. As a part of this enterprise, clients can enroll in education programs and job training sessions to make sure that they have everything they need to successfully reintegrate into the community.

How does the Adele Training Farm operate?

The following are some key features and characteristics of the Adele Training Farm:

  • It employs up to 12 staff members at a time
  • It is currently contributing a hefty sum of $2 million per year to the local Coffs Harbour economy
  • The harvested blueberries from the farm are sold through Coles, Harris, and Woolsworth farms and distributed through Driscolls Organic Brand.
  • It holds accreditation by Social Traders Australia and is certified by Freshcare/HARPS.
  • It is accredited by Sedex, which makes it an ethical and sustainable supply chain and labor management.
  • The blueberries grown on Adele Training farm hold AUS-QUAL Organic Certification.
  • The farm operates as a social enterprise that provides skills training and job to clients side by side as they seek addiction treatment.

What is the visitor’s policy at Adele House?

All clients can have visitors after four weeks of treatment and prior approval from the staff team. No visitor can go inside the residential house or bedrooms of their loved ones. They will have to leave their cell phones outside the premises and visit the staff toilet when required. If a visitor wishes to give something to a client, they need to get prior approval from the treatment team.

Is smoking allowed at Adele House drug rehab NSW?

Adele House rehab strictly follows a no-smoking policy in the house. It has a smoke-free zone inside the house, and clients are requested to go outside to smoke while maintaining a distance of at least four meters from any entrance. They will also be given a chance every week to buy new smokes.

  • Address 215, Randalls Road, Bucca New South Wales 2450