Lifeskills South Florida has been providing customized treatment programs to people suffering from mental health issues and substance use disorders since 1991. These programs are evidence-based, collaborative, and clinically excellent, with adjustments according to the individual circumstances of each client. By providing various levels of care, such as residential care, partial hospitalization, and outpatient treatment, the rehab helps clients successfully transition back to their careers and personal life with newfound control, direction, confidence, and self-esteem.

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Because each person has a different experience with a mental health disorder, the therapies aimed at addressing it must also be unique to cater to these diverse needs. With this principle, Lifeskills continues to provide its high-end treatment programs under the supervision of qualified clinicians. These programs offer ample opportunities for each client to address their needs and take the next step in their recovery process.

At Lifeskills rehab, experts provide comprehensive mental health treatment through various clinical modalities to unlock different thoughts, emotions, and feelings. In addition to the standard treatment programs, the rehab also focuses on family support delivered through structured programs for overall recovery.

Programs Offered at Lifeskills Rehab South Florida

Lifeskills Rehab offers the following programs to its clients for wholesome recovery:


Detoxification services at Lifeskills South Florida are available at its Fort Lauderdale campus. This newly built campus is centrally located and only half an hour away from the Main Campus in Deerfield Beach. Additionally, the international airport is only 20 minutes away from this detox unit, making it easier for clients from other states to reach the rehab. This new location has been equipped to provide clients with a higher level of care through in-depth evaluation, stabilization, detoxification, and level-one residential treatment for people with mental health disorders and substance use disorders.

The detox services take place in closely supervised, supported, and structured therapeutic environments. Nursing support and state-of-the-art detox services are available throughout the day and night. This program aims to avoid inpatient hospitalization stays in all clients by focusing on their stabilization.

Residential Treatment

The residential program at Lifeskills South Florida Rehab serves as a beacon of hope for clients with severe mental health disorders and addiction. It is offered in a facility situated in Deerfield Beach that provides a safe, nurturing, and secure atmosphere for balanced healing and recovery. This type of treatment has two levels:

  • Level One: This level is offered at the North Campus and is suitable for people who require intense stabilization and support
  • Level Two: This takes place on the Main Campus and caters to people who require a less intensive treatment program in a residential setting 

Residential treatment programs at Lifeskills South Florida allow clients to live in full-furnished homes with 24-hour professional staff available for help and support. These home-like settings allow clients to acquire new coping skills while living in a local community and practice these skills side by side while seeking therapeutic care. The staff team overlooking this program aims to help clients successfully transition back to their homes, careers, and family lives with better direction, control, and physical and mental health.

Outpatient Program

Outpatient Services at Lifeskills rehab are available on its Delray Beach campus. These programs provide compassionate care with integrative, expressive, and traditional therapies that aim to equip all clients with the tools they require to live healthy life. The outpatient services at this rehab are of two types:

Partial Hospitalization Programs

These programs, also known as PHP, provide intensive, structured treatments five times a week. The aim is to provide clients autonomy in sage and effective environments to practice their newfound recovery skills in real-life scenarios. The clinicians overlooking PHPs closely work with clients through individual and group therapy sessions to help them refine these skills at the same time. Many clients who join a PHP are working, attending school, or volunteering simultaneously.

Intensive Outpatient Program

This level is a step down from PHP and includes up to 10 hours of therapy per week. The environment of an intensive outpatient program is less intensive than that of a PHP but still more structured than conventional outpatient care. Depending on patient needs, these programs may run for 8 or 12 weeks.


Does Lifeskills South Florida have any accreditations?

Lifeskills South Florida holds accreditation from the Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR), the Florida Department of Children & Families (DCF), and the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (ACHA). Additionally, CARF has also granted accreditation to this rehab.

What happens during the first 30 days in a treatment program at Lifeskills?

Each client enters therapeutic programming as soon as he joins Lifeskills. Additionally, their first 30 days at the rehab include other components, such as identification of obstructive emotions, setting personal goals, and medication management. The treatment team uses various pre-assessment sessions, intake information, family assessments, and old medical records to curate an individual treatment plan. Psychological testing also takes place for clients in need of further diagnostic testing to set a good treatment plan.

How long will I need to be in treatment at this South Florida Treatment Center?

Lifeskills South Florida does not believe in setting and following a fixed timetable to achieve success. Each client who approaches the rehab has their unique circumstances and treatment needs that differ from those of the rest. The duration of rehab largely depends on these, but as a general rule of thumb, the treatment team at Lifeskills advises everyone to spend a minimum of three months in the residential program. Depending on the client’s presenting diagnosis, the complexity of their condition, and recovery speed, this duration is changeable. The staff tries to help clients reintegrate into society as fast as possible.

How does the treatment program at Lifeskills rehab prepare clients for independent living?

The staff members at Lifeskills South Florida specialize in helping all patients find focus and stability and use them to integrate back into their family, work, and home lives. For this purpose, the rehab offers a continuum of care which includes teaching important community living skills that clients can use in their interest. As a part of the community reintegration program, the staff members offer various services to all clients, such as nutrition, budgeting, job skills, self-monitoring, relapse prevention, interpersonal skills, and shopping. These skills are learned and polished by each client while living with housemates, which provides them with ample opportunities to practice them.

Does Lifeskills South Florida connect clients with support groups?

Yes, each client at Lifeskills can participate in support groups like Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, Smart Recovery, and more.

What do Lifeskills South Florida reviews say?

Most Lifeskills South Florida reviews are positive and call the rehab a good place with a hygienic and tidy campus and well-trained staff. Most people also agree that it is recommendable to others.

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