Williamsville Wellness Center is an independently working mental health treatment center under the supervision and care of experienced and well-trained mental health professionals. The clinicians and practitioners employed by the rehab share space and work together to ensure that they deliver the highest quality of care to each patient. With multiple renovated properties, Williamsville rehab provides patients a cozy, homelike environment and an opportunity to heal from within.

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The entire staff at Williamsville Wellness Center is committed to promoting health and wellness while extending client-centered services. The practitioners at this treatment facility perform psychiatric evaluations to meet client needs. Moreover, they combine several evidence-based therapies to ensure clients are on a long-term recovery path.

Programs Available at Williamsville Wellness Hanover VA

Williamsville Wellness Center provides multiple programs to treat substance abuse and gambling addiction at different levels. Some of these programs are explained below in detail.

Residential Treatment Program

The residential treatment program at this wellness center Williamsville NY requires patients to stay onsite and complete their treatment under the supervision of trained staff members. Most people suitable for residential care begin with detox for up to ten days, following which their rehabilitative services begin. The foundation of residential programs lies in individual care and treatment by considering personal circumstances and struggles.

As a part of residential treatment at Williamsville Wellness Center, clients get 15 one-to-one sessions per week. During these sessions, they sit with a licensed therapist privately and talk about their issues, struggles, and more. The therapists use trauma-based strategies, solution-focused therapies, talk therapy, and schema therapy to help clients as much as possible. While the main focus of the rehab is on evidence-based individual therapy, it also balances them with holistic therapies and activities, such as the following:

  • Dedicated gym time with a personal trainer
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Yoga
  • Art therapy
  • Massage therapy

Outpatient Treatment

The outpatient level of care at Williamsville Wellness Center also involves personalized and inclusive care comparable to the inpatient program. The only difference is that outpatient care provides users more flexibility so they can return to their homes after completing daily therapy hours. The length of an outpatient program usually varies, but for most people, it hovers around 4 to 6 weeks.

Williamsville Wellness Center provides many supplemental online materials to all clients as part of outpatient therapy. These materials include videos, lectures, and in-person treatment sessions four times a week. This level of care gives clients more control over their living options and treatment programs than most other rehabs. Moreover, the program also incorporates greater individual attention by providing more one-to-one sessions than other facilities.

Throughout the outpatient program, the team of professionals always puts clients first. They aim to help them thrive in an environment with more freedom and less supervision. This goal also allows clients to achieve recovery more quickly and maintain it for a longer time ahead.

Partial Hospitalization Programs

In addition to residential care and a standard outpatient program, Williamsville Wellness Center runs an online day treatment program called a partial hospitalization program (PHP). These PHPs focus on people with underlying substance use disorders and run for 28 days. Therapy is provided five days a week, from Monday to Friday. Each day includes a group session that runs for 3 hours straight, from 12:30 to 3:30 in the afternoon. In addition to the group sessions, each client gets a daily individual session to focus on their personal issues and problems.

Aftercare Plans

Experts at Williamsville Wellness Center believe every patient fighting addiction requires ongoing support and treatment to support their recovery. Hence, they work closely with each patient to curate an individualized aftercare plan as soon as they complete their rehab treatment. This aftercare plan usually varies from client to client but can include medical and psychiatric follow-ups and community care. The aim is to give these clients the best chance to continue their sobriety even after completing treatment.

Admission Process at Williamsville Wellness Center

The process of admission at Williamsville Wellness Center is pretty straightforward. It begins when someone picks up their phone and dials the helpline number. They instantly get in touch with a representative from the rehab who performs a short assessment to confirm if Williamsville can provide them with the help they need. Upon confirmation, the process breaks down into several steps mentioned below:

  • An admissions representative performs an in-depth analysis to determine the presenting complaints’ nature, severity, and duration. This may include discussions on the type of substance you abuse, for how long, any positive family history, previous treatments, etc.
  • The representative collects information about your insurance provider to verify if they apply for the treatment at Williamsville. They can also contact your company on your behalf, determine the coverage, and get back to you with all answers.
  • Once the insurance information is sorted, the staff members set a date to arrive at the rehab. They may guide you about what to bring with you and what to expect at the rehab while entertaining any queries from your side.
  • The treatment begins the minute you arrive at the facility, following a short in-person assessment to ensure your care plan is tailored to your needs.


What is it like to live and get treatment at Williamsville Wellness Center NY?

Williamsville Wellness Center currently owns four residential properties, each with a limited number of residents, to ensure they get individualized, one-to-one care. Each residential property operates from a calm area with beautiful surroundings to promote healing and recovery. During their stay in these properties, clients enjoy three gourmet meals prepared with fresh ingredients by in-house chefs. They also get a chance to participate in many off-site events and recreational trips.

Who will be on my team at Williamsville Wellness Center?

The professional team at Williamsville Wellness Center may include nurse practitioners, psychologists, psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers, mental health counselors, and therapists. Each specialist holds a valid license and has years of experience working in addiction treatment and recovery. These compassionate and kind staff members try to meet clients’ needs and help manage their psychiatric and mental difficulties.

What do Williamsville Wellness Center reviews say about this rehab?

Williamsville Wellness Center has received mixed reviews regarding patient care and treatment from different patients. Many patients have shared a positive experience with certain staff members that helped them overcome their addictive habits and regain control of their lives. At the same time, plenty of user reviews also point out how the staff members were unwelcoming and cold. Some testimonials mention that expert care was unavailable, treatment was rushed, and no compassion was shown to them.

Does Williamsville Wellness Center accept insurance?

Williamsville Wellness Center works with many private health insurance companies to cover treatment costs. Unfortunately, no information is available about the companies it is in network with. Hence, the best way to determine if your insurance company can cover treatment at Williamsville Wellness Center is by contacting the rehab and talking to a representative directly.

How much will I need to pay for treatment at Williamsville Wellness Center?

The cost of treatment at Williamsville Wellness Center is flexible and may vary depending on the structure of a treatment plan. For instance, some people may require a long-term stay in residential care followed by a discharge. Others, on the other hand, may transition to a partial hospitalization program and aftercare services before leaving the rehab. The inclusion and exclusion of these levels of care, along with the duration of stay at the rehab, all influence the final costs. Hence, the best way is to allow a rehab representative to assess your circumstances and develop and plan accordingly. Once a plan has been made, they can guide you about the estimated treatment costs and whether or not insurance can cover them.

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    Williamsville, NY 14221, United States