Since 2018, New Choices Treatment Center has been an addiction recovery facility that equips people with the tools and training to overcome substance use disorders. The rehab uses a customized approach to detox and treatment to help everyone fight their unique path toward a drug-free life. With an incredible team of professionals that work together every step of the way, people who join New Choices can hope to achieve a better future for themselves and their families.

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At New Choices rehab, the multidisciplinary team of professionals commits to caring for every patient as a whole person. Their goal is to assist them through the recovery processes by creating transformational, life-changing processes. The in-depth treatment programs at the rehab give all clients a chance to change and achieve short- and long-term sobriety more easily.

Programs Offered at New Choices Treatment Center

New Choices Schenectady NY offers the following treatment programs to its clients:

Detox Program

Helping an individual break the cycle of addiction requires attention and care. Hence, New Choices offers them a comprehensive detox program to care for their health and slowly eliminate the toxic substances and drugs circulating in the body. This detox program takes place in a safe and supportive environment and provides round-the-clock care delivered by trained and licensed staff members. Moreover, the rehab also provides behavioral guidance to help clients get through mental crises that may occur during detox.

Sometimes, medications may be provided to fight the withdrawal symptoms occurring as the body rids itself with the harmful chemicals. For most people, the detox process continues for 3 to 10 days; however, the timeline may vary depending on individual factors.

Residential Treatment Program

A residential program at New Choices provides a long-term treatment option for people who stay onsite for a few weeks to fight their addiction-related struggles. The following are some features to expect in this type of treatment program:

  • Every residential program almost always begins with a detoxification phase during which a care team closely monitors clients as they rid their bodies of a substance. New Choices has a trained nursing team on site to ensure all patients’ safety.
  • Overcoming addiction can be a challenging process for most people. Hence, New Choices provides 24/7 support and help to people in their residential programs. These patients meet with their care teams and recovery coordinators daily during two individual sessions per week. Moreover, each patient has a dedicated case manager who looks through their recovery progress and assists as needed.
  • Different types of therapy are available to patients to overcome their addictions and other associated struggles. These evidence-based therapies include cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and family therapy.
  • People receiving care and treatment as an inpatient can focus on establishing new relationships within a supportive community. This allows their body, mind, and soul to recover and heal peacefully.
  • Throughout their stay, New Choices Treatment Center takes care of every patient’s nutritional needs by providing them with three meals daily and healthy snacks. All meals are freshly prepared using organic ingredients. The kitchen staff is also open to accommodating dietary needs, such as gluten-free or vegetarian.
  • All clients enrolled in an inpatient recovery program have access to recreational rooms and other onsite amenities they can use during their free time. The rehab has many communal areas to meet other people and connect with them.

Intensive Outpatient Programs

Intensive Outpatient programs (IOPs) at New Choices Treatment Center provide a comprehensive plan to people who have completed residential care. These programs have been designed to support long-term recovery and success through the following three strategies:

  • Active In Recovery (AIR) Treatment: AIR Treatment involves vigorous physical activity in a community setting to improve cognitive activity and self-confidence. This client-centered approach uses the neuroscience of physical movement and utilizes it as a way to trigger neuro-generation in a patient’s brain.
  • Individual and Group Therapy Sessions: These sessions are essential to the intensive outpatient programs. The rehab may offer these sessions in 24 different episodes over two months. Each client enrolled in an IOP gets personal therapy once a week while engaging in group therapy three times a week. They also attend the alumni support group every week for continued recovery.
  • Follow-Up Coaching: Clients at New Choices also participate in recovery coaching classes in a one-to-one setting to support relapse prevention while fighting the addiction struggles through a more individualized approach.

New Choices Recovery Campus Environment

The environment of New Choices Schenectady NY has been carefully planned to provide patients with sufficient opportunities to learn, grow, and recover. The founders of the rehab did not like the idea of making their clients share an entire house with others during treatment. Hence, they designed the rehab so that each client gets some space to reflect and heal. Following are some key features of the campus that patients can enjoy during their stay:

Courtyard apartments

Each client gets a courtyard apartment they share with another person of the same gender. The apartment has a private bedroom, bathrooms, kitchens, and a living area that the two roommates can enjoy.

Fully-equipped kitchen with breakfast appliances

Each apartment’s kitchen has all essential appliances, such as coffee machines. This allows clients to brew coffee for themselves and enjoy it in the kitchen or outdoors.

Gender-segregated private areas

Each patient can live comfortably in their private bedroom without expecting any disturbance from others. Moreover, they can meet other community members whenever they like.

Patients can also enjoy the following Choices Recovery services for recreation purposes:

  • Recreational trips and visits to local experiential services and events
  • Solo exercise time in the onsite gym to support mental and physical recovery
  • Access to nursing and additional treatment facilities for the management of withdrawal symptoms
  • Availability of different behavioral therapies and medicinal methods to accelerate recovery
  • Access to support groups to improve self-awareness about addiction and learn new coping methods
  • Availability of alternative and complementary therapies, such as meditation and yoga

All patients have access to the recreational room at New Choices, where they can watch TV, do a puzzle, or simply sit and socialize with others and make new friends.


Who can join New Choices Treatment Center?

Choices Rehab can be an excellent option to join for the following groups of people:

  • Those who continuously use alcohol or drugs despite their adverse effects on life
  • Those who feel that they are spending most of their time in drug use at the cost of their other life responsibilities
  • Those who feel the need to take a progressively higher dose of a substance to feel the same effects
  • Those who feel physically or emotionally incomplete without using a substance
  • Those who wish to quit substance use but are unable to do so
  • Those who experience withdrawal symptoms the moment they try to stop using drugs
  • Those whose substance use is interfering with their school, work, and personal lives

What types of therapy are available at New Choices Rehab?

Following Choices Recovery services and therapies are available for people fighting substance use disorders of all types:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Strengths-Based Interventions
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
  • Guidance and Support in Spiritual Formation
  • Fitness at All Levels of Skill
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Neuroscience Applications
  • Medication Assistance Therapy (MAT)
  • Yoga/Pilates and Meditation
  • Food and Nutrition Support
  • EMDR trauma therapy
  • Family Support Services
  • Family Education Program once a month
  • Empowerment Approach
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