With 190 detox and rehab beds spread across the UK, UKAT Rehab offers a chain of treatment centers to help people fight alcohol and drug addictions and eating disorders. From luxurious rehabs with on-site gyms to low-cost clinics, UKAT rehab clinics UK are there to help people from all walks of life connect with the help they deserve. All rehabs working under UKAT have round-the-clock specialist addiction professionals who ensure everyone receives the highest level of care. Moreover, these specialists treat all patients as a whole and tailor their treatment according to the type and severity of addiction and their long-term recovery. In addition to the conventional treatment programs, UKAT also offers family programs dedicated to helping the loved ones of the addicts.

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The purpose of a UK drug rehab is to provide excellent treatment and care to enable individuals with addictive disorders to achieve long-term recovery. The treatment center running under this facility provides well-maintained and comfortable accommodations and has so far successfully treated hundreds of people who have been negatively affected by addiction. The staff at UKAT does not view addiction as a life choice but as an illness and ensures a high level of motivation to enable patients to embark on the life-changing recovery process. To facilitate the recovery process even more, all centers working under UKAT rehab are equipped with medical professionals, including addiction psychotherapists and psychiatrists whose job is to make a patient’s stay as comfortable as possible.

UKAT Drug and Alcohol Rehabs to Choose From

UKAT is among the UK’s leading treatment providers and has helped hundreds of people recover. The company has clinics spread to different parts of the country, offering conventional treatment programs and family support therapies for comprehensive recovery. The staff members also understand the role families play in the recovery of a psychiatric patient; hence, they also offer plenty of support to all family members of their clients.

UKAT has seven centers and one extended rehab facility operating from different parts of the UK. These centers are briefly mentioned below and ideally cover the areas of Yorkshire, Essex, Oxfordshire, London, and Surrey. Bedfordshire, and Cheshire.

Sanctuary Lodge

This is a premium-level drug and alcohol addiction treatment center operating from Halstead. The facility offers 34 ensuite bedrooms and fully-operational clinics that comply with the highest levels of treatment. Sanctuary Lodge facilities onsite medical detox, following which clients have a choice to enter its unique rehabilitation program.

Primrose Lodge

Primrose Lodge works from the historic town of Guildford in Surrey. It provides luxury surrounding with well-decorated patient accommodation that comes with ensuite bathrooms. At this UKAT alcohol rehab, all patients get customized programs that fully address their physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental needs. Expert treatment involves group therapy, holistic programs, and one-to-one sessions that aim to address each patient’s unique challenges.

Recovery Lighthouse

Recovery Lighthouse is a detoxification and rehabilitation treatment center situated near the Worthing, Sussex. It uses individual, group, and holistic therapies to treat various drug and alcohol addictions. The rehab provides ample outdoor space for patients to unwind and relax next to the ocean.

Banbury Lodge

Established in a beautiful area of Oxfordshire, Banbury Lodge provides luxury ensuite accommodation and plenty of other amenities to all patients who choose to get treatment from it. The rehab campus is fully equipped with top-notch facilities and specializes in treating drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders, and behavioral addictions. The treatment facility prides itself on managing every patient instead of only focusing on their temporary addiction symptoms. All patients at Banbury Lodge get a treatment pathway comprising holistic therapies, one-to-one individual therapy, and group therapy to ensure their needs are properly met.

Liberty House Clinic

Liberty House Clinic is another UKAT rehab providing safe and secure detox experiences followed by bespoke rehabilitative treatments. Working from Luton, Bedfordshire, the rehab is in close proximity to London and can house up to 18 clients at a time. The facility has attractive and spacious grounds with excellent recreational facilities that clients can enjoy while seeking a unique treatment program with the holistic, group, and one-to-one therapies. The rehab currently enjoys an “excellent” rating by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) due to its experienced and dedicated team of therapists, medical professionals, and support workers.

Oasis Recovery Bradford

Oasis Recovery is another UKAT-based rehab that provides addicts to undergo safe, medically-managed drug and alcohol detoxes. The treatment center is safe, peaceful, and purpose-built and is situated in a quiet area of West Yorkshire. The location has excellent transport links that allow patients from anywhere in the UK to reach the rehab. The facility is most appropriate for people who need to medically detox under 24/7 supervision before joining a residential treatment program. All patients who join Oasis Recovery in Bradford participate in individual and group therapy and plenty of educational and therapeutic workshops.

Oasis Rehab Runcorn

Oasis Runcorn runs from a small, peaceful town in Cheshire and provides medically-assisted detoxes for both alcohol and drug dependencies. The rehab community also offers various therapeutic models, such as one-to-one sessions, group therapy, education, and workshops. Patients can also participate in many alternative therapies, like drama, dance, music, and art.

Linwood House

Linwood House has been extending help and support to people fighting addictions in Barnsley for a long time. This private treatment center is based in South Yorkshire and comes with a relaxing environment, picturesque gardens, and a team of highly professional and proficient addiction specialists. Within this treatment center, certified experts and therapists offer high-quality detox programs and rehabilitation therapy for everyone without any discrimination.


What are the highlights of a UKAT rehab?

UKAT has many drugs and alcohol rehab centers set in the peaceful surroundings of rural countryside, seaside, or quiet villages to aid the process of recovery. The chain of rehab prides itself on providing the best rehabilitation and care for long-term recovery. Following are some of the key highlights expected from a UKAT rehab:

  • 24/7 support
  • Excellence in care
  • Multi-center treatment
  • One-year of aftercare
  • A medical detox unit
  • Highly experienced and qualified staff members

How much does a UKAT rehab cost?

A UKAT rehab may cost a variable amount of money from different people, depending on the type of addiction, its severity, and the presence of any co-occurring disorders. Moreover, the cost of treatment may also vary from one rehab to another, and the duration of treatment a person requires.

What is the UKAT recovery podcast?

The UKAT Recovery Podcast is a program run by members of the UKAT admissions team, alumni members, and other teammates. The program’s purpose is to provide newcomers with a full scope of what treatment may look like and what to expect from it to prepare them better for rehab.

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