Transcend Recovery is a leading addiction treatment center focusing on holistic approaches to help individuals overcome substance abuse and addiction. Founded in 2008, the rehab center has helped thousands achieve sobriety and regain control over their lives.

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One key feature that sets Transcend Recovery community apart from other centers is its commitment to providing a personalized approach to addiction treatment. The team at the center understands that addiction is a complex disease that affects each person differently. As a result, they take a customized treatment approach tailored to meet each individual’s requirements.

The facility provides various services to support individuals throughout their recovery journey. These services include medical detoxification, residential treatment, outpatient treatment, sober living, and aftercare. The rehab also offers specialized programs to support individuals with co-occurring mental health disorders or specific substance abuse issues.

Another characteristic of Transcend Recovery is its commitment to holistic healing. The team at the facility believes that addiction is a disease that affects the mind, body, and spirit. As a result, they provide different alternative therapies and activities to support holistic healing, including meditation, yoga, mindfulness practices, and outdoor recreational activities.

The treatment center also places a strong emphasis on community and peer support. It provides a safe environment with a structured routine where individuals can connect with others on the path to recovery. The team at the center understands that the journey to sobriety can be challenging, and having a supportive community can make all the difference.

In addition to providing services and support, the center prioritizes ongoing education and training. The rehab is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest research and trends in addiction treatment to ensure that they offer the most effective and evidence-based approaches to support individuals in their recovery.

Treatment Programs At Transcend Recovery Community

Transcend Recovery provides a range of evidence-based treatment programs to support individuals in overcoming addiction and achieving long-term sobriety. Following are some of the programs at the rehab:

Medical Detoxification

One of the core treatment programs offered at Transcend Recovery is medical detoxification. It helps individuals safely and effectively withdraw from drugs or alcohol while minimizing the discomfort and risk of complications. The program is overseen by highly trained medical professionals with experience in treating addiction and managing withdrawal symptoms. They work closely with each individual to develop a customized detoxification plan that suits their needs and circumstances.

Residential Treatment

Once an individual has completed the medical detoxification program, they can transition into the residential treatment program at Transcend Recovery. This program provides intensive, round-the-clock support and care to individuals who require a higher level of treatment. It includes various evidence-based therapies and treatments, including individual, group, family, and holistic therapies such as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness. The residential treatment program aims to provide a separate space and routine so that individuals can focus on their recovery and begin to develop the skills and tools they need to achieve long-term sobriety.

Outpatient Programs

The rehab also offers outpatient treatment programs for individuals who do not require a residential level of care. These programs provide flexible, individualized care to individuals who can live at home while receiving treatment. The outpatient treatment programs include therapies and treatments, including individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. They also offer specialized programs for individuals with co-occurring mental health disorders or specific substance abuse issues.

Sober Living Program

After completing a treatment program at Transcend Sober Living, NYC, individuals can transition into the sober living program. In this program, individuals can continue to work on their recovery while gradually reintegrating back into their daily lives. It includes different supportive services, including access to community resources, ongoing counseling and support, and opportunities to participate in peer-led recovery activities.

Training and Education

In addition to providing different scientifically-backed treatment programs, Transcends Sober Living offers ongoing education and training. The rehab center has highly trained and experienced professionals committed to staying up-to-date with the latest research and trends in addiction treatment. They regularly participate in ongoing education and training programs to ensure they provide their clients with the most effective treatments.

Why Should You Join Transcends Recovery For Treatment

If you are struggling with addiction or a mental health disorder, joining Transcend Recovery can be an excellent step toward healing and recovery. Here are some reasons why you should consider rehab:

  • Comprehensive treatment: The center offers comprehensive programs that address addiction and mental health disorders. They provide customized treatment plans per the client’s specific needs.
  • Experienced and qualified staff: The staff at Transcend Community are experienced and highly qualified professionals. They are compassionate, non-judgmental, and committed to providing their clients with the best care and support.
  • Holistic approach: The center takes a holistic approach to treatment, addressing the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of recovery
  • Aftercare Support: Transcend Recovery provides ongoing aftercare support to individuals after they complete their treatment program. This includes access to support groups, alum events, and individual counseling sessions to ensure that individuals continue to receive the support they need to stay sober and have mental wellness.
  • Collaborative approach: The rehab takes a collaborative approach to treatment, working closely with clients, their families, and other healthcare providers to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that meets their unique needs. They also involve clients in decision-making and encourage them to participate in their recovery actively.


What is supportive living at Transcend Recovery?

 Supportive living at Transcend Recovery is a part of their aftercare program that provides a sober living environment for individuals who have completed a treatment program and are ready to transition back into their daily lives. It offers a suitable place to live while individuals continue to work on their recovery and develop the skills and tools they need to achieve lasting recovery.

What are the fees for the treatment programs?

The fees for treatment programs vary depending on the specific program and services provided. The facility offers different programs and services, each with its pricing structure. To learn more about fees and payment options, it is best to contact the admissions team at the center directly.

How is confidentiality maintained at Transcend Rehab?

At Transcend Living, confidentiality is a top priority. They adhere to strict confidentiality policies and procedures to keep all client information confidential and secure. All staff members are trained in confidentiality procedures and are committed to protecting client privacy.

How long is the program at the rehab?

The length of the program at the center varies depending on the specific program and individual needs. Supportive living programs typically range from a few months to a year or more, depending on the individual’s progress and goals. The facility offers individualized treatment plans tailored to each client’s unique needs, and the length of the program is determined on a case-by-case basis.

What are mentoring and companioning at the center?

 Mentoring and companioning at Transcend Recovery are services provided by trained professionals who work closely with clients to provide ongoing support, guidance, and encouragement throughout recovery. They offer a non-judgmental and compassionate approach to recovery and are committed to helping clients achieve their personal recovery goals.

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