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Substance abuse refers to the excessive and harmful use of drugs or alcohol that leads to physical, psychological, and social impairments. It is a complex condition that requires a holistic approach for successful recovery. Recognizing the problem and the need for assistance is the first step toward healing. Seeking professional help at a reputable facility like Woods at Parkside ensures access to evidence-based treatments and expert guidance.

The Woods at Parkside is a renowned treatment center that provides a supportive and therapeutic environment for individuals struggling with substance abuse and mental health disorders. With a team of experienced professionals, including physicians, therapists, and counselors, the rehab offers various specialized programs to address addiction comprehensively. These programs promote lasting recovery by incorporating medical, psychological, and social interventions.

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One of the notable features of Parkside Recovery is its multidisciplinary approach to treatment. The center employs scientifically backed therapies. Therapy helps individuals understand the underlying causes of their addiction, develop coping mechanisms, and acquire the necessary skills to maintain sobriety in the long term.

Additionally, the rehab offers a comprehensive continuum of care, starting from detoxification and inpatient rehabilitation to outpatient services and aftercare support. This ensures a smooth transition through different stages of recovery, providing ongoing support and guidance as individuals progress toward a drug-free life.

Treatment Approach And Therapy At the Woods At Parkside Rehab

Parkside Rehab’s treatment approach combines various therapies and programs to address substance abuse effectively, such as the following:

12-Step Programming

The Woods at Parkside incorporates the principles of the renowned 12-Step program. This approach provides individuals with a structured framework for self-reflection, accountability, and support through group meetings and working the steps.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling plays a crucial role in the treatment process at the Parkside Treatment Center. Through one-on-one sessions with qualified counselors or therapists, individuals can explore their struggles, address underlying issues that contribute to their addiction, and develop personalized strategies for recovery.

Psychotherapy Groups

Group therapy is a vital component of treatment at the Woods at Parkside. Psychotherapy groups create a supportive platform where individuals can share their experiences, gain insights from others, and learn valuable coping skills. These groups are facilitated by experienced therapists who guide discussions and encourage interpersonal growth.

Recreational Therapies

 The Woods at Parkside recognizes the significance of incorporating recreational activities into treatment. Recreational therapies, such as yoga, equine therapy, adventure therapy, and physical fitness programs, provide individuals with opportunities for self-expression, stress reduction, and personal growth outside traditional therapy settings.

Gender Groups

Men and women may have different requirements and experiences in addiction and recovery. Gender-specific therapy at Parkside Rehab groups allows individuals to explore gender-related issues and receive support from peers who can relate to their experiences. Gender-specific therapy may help create a safe and empowering space for growth and healing.

Art & Music Therapy

Expressive art therapies, such as art therapy and music therapy, are integrated into the treatment approach at The Woods at Parkside. These creative modalities provide individuals with alternative means of self-expression, emotional release, and self-discovery. Art or music therapy can foster healing, increase self-awareness, and enhance well-being.

Family Education

Recognizing the impact addiction has on the entire family, Woods at Parkside offers family education programs. These programs educate family members about addiction, teach healthy communication and coping strategies, and provide a platform for open dialogue and healing within the family unit. Involving loved ones in treatment can strengthen the support system and promote long-term recovery.

By combining these various treatment approaches and therapies, Parkside Rehab creates a comprehensive and individualized treatment experience. In addition to the primary therapies and treatment approaches, the center provides amenities to enhance the recovery experience and promote overall well-being. These amenities include:

  • Nature Trail
  • Gardens
  • Yoga
  • Life Skills Training
  • Group Fitness
  • Sports and Games (including basketball, volleyball, ping pong, and corn hole)
  • Group Fitness

These additional features allow patients to explore nature, acquire practical life skills, engage in physical activity, and experience moments of joy and connection, all contributing to a well-rounded and holistic recovery.

Convincing a Loved One To Join Parkside Recovery

Convincing a loved one to seek treatment for substance abuse can be challenging. However, with empathy, understanding, and effective communication, you can increase the likelihood of persuading your loved one to join The Woods at Parkside for treatment. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Educate yourself: Before approaching your loved one, gather information about The Woods at Parkside and its treatment programs. Understand the facility’s reputation, success rates, and the therapies offered. Knowledge of the treatment center will give you credibility and help address any concerns or questions your loved one may have.
  • Express your concerns: Begin the conversation by expressing genuine concerns and love for your loved one. Use “I” statements to avoid sounding accusatory.
  • Be compassionate and non-judgmental: Approach the conversation with empathy, understanding, and a non-judgmental attitude. Demonstrate that you care about their struggles and that seeking treatment is a positive step towards a healthier and happier life.
  • Share the benefits of treatment: Explain the benefits and advantages of joining The Woods at Parkside. Highlight the comprehensive approach, evidence-based therapies, and supportive environment that can provide your loved one with the tools to overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery.
  • Offer support: Assure your loved one they are not alone. Let them know that you will support them every step of the way. Reiterate that seeking help is a sign of strength and that they are not alone in their struggle.
  • Involve a professional interventionist: If your loved one is resistant to treatment, consider involving a professional interventionist. An interventionist can facilitate a structured conversation, provide guidance, and help your loved one understand the gravity of the situation.
  • Provide options: If your loved one hesitates to join residential treatment, explore the options available at The Woods at Parkside. They offer a continuum of care, including outpatient programs, which may be more suitable initially.
  • Share success stories: Share stories of individuals who have completed treatment at The Woods at Parkside. Hearing about others who have overcome similar challenges can provide inspiration and hope.
  • Set boundaries: While being supportive, it is essential to establish boundaries and communicate the consequences of not seeking treatment. Let your loved one know their destructive behavior may impact your relationship or other aspects of their life.

Remember, ultimately, the decision to seek treatment lies with your loved one. Be patient, persistent, and understanding throughout the process.


Where can I find the Woods at Parkside Reviews?

Reviews of The Woods at Parkside can be found on various platforms. You can start by visiting their official website, as they may have testimonials or reviews from previous patients. Additionally, you can search online review websites where individuals often share their experiences with treatment facilities.

Is The Woods at Parkside accredited?

Treatment facilities often seek accreditation from reputable organizations to ensure they meet specific standards of quality and care. Parkside Recovery is accredited by organizations such as The Joint Commission, CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities), or other recognized accrediting bodies. You can inquire directly with the facility or visit their website to learn more about their accreditations.

Can I join The Woods at Parkside Rehab without a referral?

You can join The Woods at Parkside Center without a referral. While some treatment centers may require a referral from a healthcare professional or a primary care provider, Parkside Recovery may accept self-referrals. You can contact their admissions department directly to inquire about their intake process and discuss your situation. They will guide you through the necessary steps to join their treatment program.

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