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For decades, the Haven has stood as a beacon of hope and healing in Tucson, Arizona, offering women a haven for recovery from addiction and substance abuse with dignity and inclusivity. Established in 1970, the rehab emerged in response to a void in addiction recovery services specifically tailored for women and their children. At its core, the Haven is more than just a recovery center. It is a testament to the profound understanding that relationships, particularly with family and children, are integral to the treatment of women battling substance use disorders.

Dedicated to bridging the gap in care, the Haven holds a unique position as a non-profit addiction recovery facility exclusively for women. In recognizing the pivotal role that familial connections play in women’s substance use, treatment, and prevention of relapse, the Haven has become a lifeline for countless individuals seeking a path to recovery. With a foundation built on respect, safety, and inclusiveness, The Haven continues to be a steadfast ally for women navigating the challenge of addiction, creating a community where healing is not only possible but celebrated.

Harmony In Healing – The Core Values of Recovery At The Haven Rehab Tucson

At the Haven in Tucson, Arizona, recovery is guided by a set of values that shape the programs and create an environment where women can reclaim their lives with dignity and strength. These values are:

Recovery with Respect

Central to the Haven’s philosophy is the principle of “Recovery with Respect.” The ethos stands as a resolute commitment to providing a judgment-free, shame-free, and punishment-free space for women on their path to recovery. Here, every woman is met with empathy and understanding, fostering an atmosphere of acceptance that recognizes the inherent worth and potential of each individual.

Affordability and Accessibility

The belief that substance use recovery should be accessible to all highlights the Haven’s dedication to affordability. The center strives to eliminate barriers that often hinder access to quality care. By making recovery services financially feasible, the Haven ensures that every woman, regardless of economic background, has the opportunity to recover and live a healthier, addiction-free life.

Holistic Recovery

The vision of recovery at the Haven extends beyond the conventional to embrace a holistic approach. The belief is that true recovery involves healing on multiple fronts—physical, mental, emotional, environmental, and spiritual. The programs at the Haven are meticulously crafted to address the diverse facets of an individual, ensuring that the recovery is comprehensive and enduring.

Unwavering Support

One of the defining values at the Haven is the unwavering support provided to women throughout their recovery. The commitment goes beyond professional duty. It is a testament to the belief that no woman should face the challenges of recovery alone. Whether in moments of triumph or setbacks, The Haven stands as a constant ally, demonstrating resilience and reinforcing the idea that every woman is deserving of support and encouragement.

Empowering Recovery – The Multifaceted Programs at The Haven Tucson AZ

At the Haven Tucson, Arizona, various programs are offered to meet the diverse needs of women and children. Some of these programs at the facility include the following:

Residential Program

The most popular program at the Haven is the residential program that provides a supportive and structured environment for women seeking an immersive recovery experience. With a focus on safety and personalized care, the program becomes a temporary home where individuals can rebuild their lives under the guidance of dedicated professionals.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

Recognizing that the path to recovery is not a one-size-fits-all process, the Haven extends its support through the intensive outpatient program. The flexible program allows women to receive comprehensive treatment while maintaining their daily responsibilities. It creates a sense of community and accountability, emphasizing the importance of balancing recovery with everyday life.

Outpatient Program

For those who require a more flexible approach, the Haven’s outpatient program offers structured therapy and support on a part-time basis. The program enables women to integrate their recovery into their daily routines, empowering them to navigate the challenges of sobriety in their own time and space.

Native Ways Program

Acknowledging the importance of cultural sensitivity in the recovery, the Haven takes pride in its native ways program. Developed by and staffed with professionals rooted in the local indigenous cultures, the initiative combines evidence-based practices with the teachings of the White Bison Wellbriety Movement. By honoring cultural identity and incorporating native wisdom, the Haven strives to create a space where Indigenous women can connect with their roots while embarking on the path to sobriety.

Alumni Program

Recovery is not a destination but a lifelong process, and the Haven recognizes the importance of continued support post-treatment. The alumni program serves as a bridge between past and present residents, fostering a sense of community and ongoing connection. Through regular events, support networks, and mentorship opportunities, the Alumni Program ensures that the recovery is a collective effort.

Preparing For Transformation – What to Bring For Treatment At The Haven Recovery Center

Joining a treatment program at the Haven in Tucson requires thoughtful preparation to ensure a smooth and focused process. Whether opting for the residential intensity of inpatient programs or the flexibility of outpatient sessions, a well-packed bag can contribute to a more comfortable and successful recovery experience. Consider the following items before beginning your treatment at the Haven rehab center:

For Inpatient Treatment

  • Comfortable Clothing: Pack a selection of comfortable and weather-appropriate clothing. The focus should be on ease and relaxation, creating a stress-free environment conducive to recovery.
  • Personal Hygiene Items: Maintain a sense of familiarity by bringing personal hygiene items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, and other toiletries. These daily rituals can provide a comforting routine during the recovery process.
  • Medications: If on any prescribed medications, ensure an ample supply for the duration of the inpatient program. Clearly communicate your medication needs with the staff to facilitate proper management.
  • Notepads and Journals: Documenting thoughts and reflections can be a valuable part of the recovery journey. Bring along notepads or journals to capture insights and progress throughout the program.
  • Comfort Items: Consider bringing a comforting item from home, such as a favorite blanket or a cherished book. These familiar touches can provide a sense of security and ease during the initial phases of treatment.

For Outpatient Treatment

  • Calendar or Planner: Keep track of outpatient sessions and appointments with a calendar or planner. It helps in maintaining a structured approach to recovery while managing daily commitments.
  • Water Bottle and Snacks: Stay hydrated and nourished during outpatient sessions by bringing a reusable water bottle and some nutritious snacks. These small provisions can contribute to sustained focus and energy.
  • Comfortable Attire: Wear comfortable clothing suitable for the activities and therapies involved in the outpatient program. Prioritize ease of movement and a relaxed demeanor to enhance the overall experience.
  • Notebook and Pen: Bring a notebook and pen to jot down insights, goals, and any key takeaways from the outpatient sessions. It can serve as a valuable tool for self-reflection and goal-setting.
  • Supportive Resources: Carry any recommended reading materials or resources provided by The Haven for additional support between outpatient sessions.


Does The Haven accept walk-ins for treatment?

The Haven does not accept walk-ins for treatment. To ensure the best possible care and personalized attention, it is recommended to contact the Haven in advance to schedule an appointment and discuss the most suitable program options.

Are daycare services available for women with children at The Haven?

The Haven recognizes the importance of family and offers daycare services for women with children. It ensures that mothers can focus on their treatment and recovery with the peace of mind that their children are well-cared for in a supportive environment.

How long are the treatment programs at The Haven?

The duration of treatment programs at the Haven varies based on individual needs and the specific program selected. The Residential Program typically involves a more immersive experience, while the Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Programs offer flexibility. The length of the Native Ways Program may also differ. For precise details, it is recommended to consult with The Haven’s staff during the initial assessment.

  • Address 1107 E Adelaide Dr, Tucson, AZ 85719, United States.