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The Grove Rehabilitation Center

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The Grove Rehabilitation center is an exclusive treatment facility catering to the needs of addicts. With an emphasis on co-occurring disorders, the rehab aims to provide comprehensive treatment with heightened chances of complete recovery. Its three-phased treatment process ensures that patients get what they need to fight their issues and develop skills to lead a sober, healthy life.

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The family-focused approach also provides recovery services to loved ones and helps them set up an environment conducive to sobriety for years to come. The rehab center currently has two campuses, one in Baton Rouge and the other in Sorrento, to easily cater to local communities.

Three-Phased Recovery Process at The Grove Recovery Center

The three steps of recovery offered at The Grove Rehab Baton Rouge and Sorrento are explained below.

Detox and Residential Care

This comprises the first treatment step and aims to set a solid foundation upon which patients can base their recovery struggles. This step is exclusively offered at The Grove Recovery Center Sorrento in Louisiana under medical supervision. The length of detox is usually between 3 to 7 days, and the process allows clients to safely and comfortably withdraw from drugs or alcohol under professional care. The top-notch treatment team includes medical professionals that monitor patient health and process while encouraging them to adopt a new way of life. Each patient also gets counselors to guide them through the new lifestyle and help them succeed in this empowering journey.

Intensive Outpatient & Sober Living

The second recovery phase involves intensive outpatient and sober living available at The Grove Baton Rouge and Sorrento campuses. As a part of this program, clients return to their homes or join a sober living house while continuing intensive therapy onsite. This intensive therapy is less-structured than residential care and is available outpatient. It empowers patients with the right tools and skills to steer through personal and professional responsibilities while maintaining sobriety.

The IOP program at The Grove Rehab Baton Rouge typically lasts 12 weeks, with 3 sessions per week. In addition to participating in therapy, patients can attend educational programs, learn more about their addictions, and develop coping mechanisms to enhance recovery.

Outpatient and Aftercare

To ensure continued growth, The Grove Recovery Center Sorrento offers outpatient and aftercare services as the third phase of its recovery program. Clients continue to receive long-term help and support while attending to their daily life matters for six months after discharge.

The Grove Recovery Housing & Sober Living: What It Includes

The Recovery Housing Center at The Grove provides patients with an abstinence-based environment to heal without distractions. These residences are best suited to those who have finished residential care but do not have supportive home environments. The recovery residences help such people establish a strong base for successful sobriety for years. Each home has dedicated client rooms and plenty of opportunities to participate in self-reflection and group activities. Separate houses are allocated based on gender and the treatment phase a client is currently in.

Following are some key highlights and features of The Grove Recovery Housing Center:


The Grove pays special emphasis to accountability as a critical standard of treatment. Most people addicted to drugs and alcohol have had little to no accountability, eventually fueling their addictions and leading them to poor decisions. The Grove aims to change these circumstances by incorporating supervision and structure into each sober residence. Each sober living arrangement has house managers with enough experience and training to understand the needs of patients.

Structured Environment

The treatment team at The Grove aims to help clients learn how to live with structure. It believes that following a daily schedule keeps a person from deviating from recovery and helps them maintain sobriety. Hence, the rehab pays attention to planning all days for each client and maximizing the utilization of time in the best way possible through beneficial and recovery-supporting therapies.

Job Preparedness

Many people fighting addiction may feel intimidated entering uncharted territory, such as a workplace. To tackle this issue, The Grove starts working on their job preparedness the minute they set foot in the rehab. The house manager collaborates with every client and begins counseling in job placement, resume building, interviewing skills, and other aspects of employment. The ultimate goal is to push a patient to achieve more than what others expect from a person in the early phases of recovery.

Family Dinners

Companionship and fellowships are extremely important parts of recovery at The Grove. All programs offered here are family-oriented and focus on helping all clients’ loved ones whenever possible. These activities continue for those living in sober homes and involve a family day on the first Friday of every month. This day involves dinner, a BBQ party, and a platform for people to connect, share stories, and establish meaningful connections.


What is the process of admission like at The Grove?

The admission process at The Grove is fairly simple and begins when an individual calls the rehab. The initial call begins the conversations between patients and a rehab representative, in which the latter is happy to answer any queries regarding addiction treatment. The staff team, including physicians, social workers, counselors, and nurses, work together to create an individualized yet comprehensive plan for every patient based on their needs. Lastly, the admission process also involves managing the finances and verifying insurance.

Why should I Choose The Grove?

One of the most compelling reasons someone may consider joining The Grove is its three-phase individualized treatment program. The rehab sincerely believes in the importance of individualized treatment, and its clinical team works efficiently with each client to form a recovery plan based on their requirements. The Grove hosts a good team of experts with enough training and experience in their relevant fields of expertise and is committed to providing first-class treatment and care to each client. The treatment atmosphere at The Grove is serene, calm, and conducive to healing and recovery. The campus is set away from daily distractions and provides a good opportunity for self-reflection and focusing exclusively on treatment.

What services are available at The Grove Recovery Center?

The Grove Recovery Center Sorrento provides dual diagnosis and residential care, medically-supervised detox, and intensive outpatient services. The Grove rehab Baton Rouge, on the other hand, deals with intensive outpatient services and standard outpatient services along with structured sober living.

What services are available for the families at The Grove Rehabilitation Center?

The Grove Rehabilitation Center offers a family program to the loved ones of those under treatment. This program commences only if a patient consents to it and involves their loved ones to heal and recover side by side. The rehab also celebrates a family day every month, inviting these family members to attend an all-day event involving small and large group therapy and educational sessions regarding addiction. The day concluded with a dinner comprising all new and old clients and their loved ones.

What is the cost of treatment?

The cost of treatment varies from one person to another depending on the length of their duration and the treatment program they require. Moreover, the presence of an acceptable insurance policy can also vary the treatment cost as it can cover a significant portion of the fee.