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The Basin Rehab

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The Basin Rehab Center is an inpatient recovery and rehabilitation program targeting adult individuals fighting drug and alcohol addictions. The program is currently taking place in a rural setting present at the foot of the famous Mount Dandenong and is supervised by The Salvation Army. A professional team overlooks the program and makes sure that it keeps running while holding the values and ideals of the Salvation Army intact.

At The Basin Center, clients can take part in a therapeutic program that adopts a holistic approach to help people recover from alcohol or drug addictions. The program caters to both men and women and can accommodate up to 36 people at once, 11 of which are females. At this rehab, individuals can get a chance to live in a clean environment away from alcohol and drugs for 16 weeks under the support of highly-skilled staff.

The dedicated team at The Basin Center comprises case managers, counselors, and post-residential support workers who assist clients in developing unique recovery plans according to their needs. The aim is to support all clients in becoming agents of change in the recovery and self-healing process.

Key Features of Treatment at The Basin Rehab Victoria

The Basin Rehab Center provides the following two types of program to its clients, regardless of what their condition is:

Group Program

Group programs at the Basin take around 50 minutes or so and provide clients with a safe space to talk to other people about common issues. These sessions also allow them to develop bonding with other people in recovery and explore various addiction-related topics through experiential exercises, virtual presentations, and oral discussions. The rehab currently has eight members of staff all of which have enough training and high levels of dedication to help the groups they serve and take care of.

Mentioned below are some of the common topics that everyone discusses as a part of the group program at The Basin Center:

  • Stress management
  • Self-care
  • Self-awareness
  • Exercise and nutrition
  • Living a balanced life
  • Loss and grief
  • Anger management
  • Relapse prevention skills
  • Assertiveness
  • Spiritual beliefs
  • Conflict resolution

Group programs take place in the form of three different stages. Every stage has been clearly and carefully designed to maximize and facilitate a participant’s entry and engagement in the program. Moreover, each stage has its set of goals and expectations clearly outlined and defined. 

  • Stage One: This goes on from the first to fourth week of admission and includes orientation and induction
  • Stage Two: The second stage commences at the beginning of the fifth week and lasts until the twelfth week. During this stage, clients acquire new skills while discovering more about their underlying issues
  • Stage Three: The third and last stage begins in the thirteenth week and remains enacted for the following three weeks. During this stage, clients focus on transitioning to independence while learning how to take on roles and responsibilities

Post-Residential Program

This program has been designed to support clients who are leaving the facility to establish appropriate links in the community. It also supports residents to smoothly transition from the rehab to an external world. To achieve this program goal, the treatment team focuses on the following goals:

  • Weekly meetings with peers at support groups
  • Continuous links with clients who are leaving the facility after six weeks of treatment
  • Referrals to appropriate agencies
  • Outreach support for up to 6 months after discharge
  • Phone support with clients who live far away and may not have an internet connection


Who is eligible to join The Basin Center?

The services available at The Basin Center are available to people over the age of 18 years who wish to enroll in a rehabilitation program for drug or alcohol abuse.

What is the admission process like at The Basin rehabilitation center?

The first step of joining the treatment program at The Basin Rehab Victoria is getting an appointment for assessments. These appointments typically last for an hour and focus on understanding a client’s strengths and weaknesses, identifying their recovery goals, and supporting any barriers to treatment. Following this, experts use the results of the assessments to collaborate with each client to come up with a plan. Each plan is designed while keeping the client’s unique needs in mind. Following this, clients enter treatment during which substance abuse specialists meet with clients every week either through video conferencing or phone calls. In most cases, clients get a placement with a therapist within 30 days after completing the assessment so that they can quickly begin therapy and treatment.

What can I bring with me to the residential program at The Basin?

Most people who come to the rehab to seek inpatient treatment or residential care only need to bring clothes along with personal items, such as medications and toiletries. Any pieces of clothing, such as caps, shirts, and hoodies with labels or logos of drug and alcohol use are not permissible on the premises. Moreover, the rehab also does not permit clients to bring their cars as The Basin Center has limited car parking space. Clients are not allowed to carry any electronic devices with them, such as iPads, computers, and mobile phones. They also cannot bring any pornographic, violent, or offensive materials in the form of books, magazines, and DVDs. If the staff members find anything not available on the premises, they hold the right to confiscate it from clients.

How is a day treatment program different than residential care at The Basin drug rehab?

The day program at The Basin Rehab Victoria is suitable for individuals who are living in supportive home environments among people who support them in their recovery journey. Such people usually suffer from mild forms of addiction which are easily manageable through outpatient therapy that does not require them to live onsite. The residential program, on the other hand, is suitable for those who suffer from more intense forms of addiction and have no support at home. For such people, a residential rehab offers a place to live trigger-free while entirely focusing on recovering and healing from a bad habit.

How much will treatment cost here?

Most of the programs that take place under The Salvation Army, such as this one, are usually free of cost. However, clients may have to provide a deposit to enter into treatment. The best way to confirm how much a treatment program is going to cost an individual at The Basin Rehab is by directly contacting the rehab team and enquiring about this aspect.

Why should I choose The Basin drug rehab?

Among the multiple detox centers in Victoria, The Basin remains at the top, not only because it offers evidence-based treatments, but also because of the extras I provide. Some facilities available at this drug rehab include the following:

  • Peaceful surroundings
  • A chance to heal in a serene environment
  • Self-acceptance without any harsh comments
  • Very high-quality food
  • Quality accommodation
  • A sense of belonging
  • Laughter